Today I Give Up Trying 1484

 Smell that!

        Chen Jinxing and the others instantly stiffened their expressions, embarrassed to the extreme.

        And aside, Ye Shihao even laughed coldly straight away.

        "You all are very forgetful, have you forgotten how you humiliated Sovereign Lin just now?"

        "It's already a great gift for Sovereign Lin not to kill you all, how dare you beg him to do so?"

        Chen Jinxing and the others were even redder in the face, their intestines were turning blue at this time and they wanted to smack themselves twice.

        And with a cold face, Lin Fan also said.

        "You guys are on your own!"

        With that, he was walking away without looking back.

        "Sovereign Lin stay, Sovereign Lin stay!"

        Chen Jinxing and the others were on the verge of tears of anxiety, this was the real big brother, only he was afraid that he was capable of fighting against Ning Changkong.

        If they missed Lin Fan, then they would be completely finished!

        "Master Zheng, we all know we're wrong, please help us plead with Sovereign Lin, do whatever you want us to do!"

        Chen Jinxing was in agony and grabbed Zheng Honglian's hand to death as if it was a straw to save his life.

        Unfortunately, Zheng Honglian only sighed and shook her head, saying

        "Sorry, I have already given you the opportunity, since you don't know how to cherish it, then you have to bear the consequences yourselves."

        After saying that!

        Zheng Honglian then shook off Chen Jinxing's hand and left together with the other three family masters.


        Seeing this, Chen Jinxing sat down helplessly on the ground, his face ashen.

        A strong sense of remorse and despair surfaced in his eyes!

        "Chairman Chen, we... what shall we do?"

        Those bigwigs were also at a loss for words by this time.

        "What should we do? What else can we do now but wait for death?"

        A bitter smile appeared on Chen Jinxing's face, as if he had instantly aged a few dozen years.

        The only savior had been driven away by them, this was a self-inflicted sin.


        And at this time, Lin Fan had already returned home.

        But he suddenly saw that Zhu Ru's family was also present, but compared to before, the attitude had changed drastically, everyone had a pleasing smile on their faces and were shushing Bai Yi.

        Obviously, they knew what Bai Yi was capable of after that day, and knew that the only way to recover from bankruptcy was to ask Bai Yi to talk.

        Therefore, at this time, they were all over Bai Yi to curry favour with him.

        "Little Fan, you're back?"

        Shen Yumei shouted, also causing Zhu Ru's family to look over.

        Only, when facing Lin Fan, Zhu Ru and Zhu Zhide still acted with contempt and disdain.

        This was because in their opinion, the reason why Lin Zuo cared about a small new Bai family must be because of Bai Yi and had nothing to do with Lin Fan, the trash.

        Therefore, Zhu Ru then started to act demonic, smiling badly and said.

        "Cousin, I'm really not saying anything about you, just where is this trash worthy of you?"

        "You might as well consider my suggestion, this deadbeat Zhang Kaiming is really powerful, at such a young age, he's already a two-star warlord in Dragon's Teeth with a heavy responsibility!"

        At those words!

        Only then did Lin Fan notice that there was a young man sitting beside Zhu Ru and the others.

        With a sturdy body and a straight back, he looked like he had come from the military!

        At this moment, he was staring at Lin Fan with a contemptuous and provocative look, as if he was laughing at Lin Fan's incompetence.

        He seemed to be mocking Lin Fan's incompetence because he was going to steal his woman in a moment!

        He was Zhang Kaiming's nemesis Qin Xianchong, a two-star war general of the Dragon's Teeth!

        Today, Zhu Ru's family had come, one purpose was to beg for forgiveness, and then again, to introduce Qin Xian Chong to Bai Yi.

        Qin Xian Chong came to Jiang City with the Dragon's Teeth, but after learning that even their Dragon's Teeth leader was attending Bai Yi's launch, he had his heart set on this woman, wanting to rely on Bai Yi's power to fulfil his dream of soaring to greatness!

        After seeing Bai Yi, he was completely blown away by her beauty!

        He had only wanted to use Bai Yi as a springboard, but now he was completely obsessed with her!

        So he has secretly vowed in his heart that he will get this woman no matter what!