Today I Give Up Trying 1483

 However, that wasn't all!

        After lightly blocking Liu Biao's killing move, Lin Fan even gasped back with the words

        "Is that all?"


        Liu Biao was completely furious!

        A connoisseur's strike would tell the difference.

        Two fingers blocked his sharp blade, such a monster could only be capable of killing only if his master had come.

        He had originally thought that the strong people brought by Chen Jinxing and the others were all a bunch of trash.

        But he had not expected that there was a strong dragon hidden among this group of trash!

        This, simply made him despair!

        At that moment!

        Liu Biao realised that there was no way he could be a match for this guy, so he abandoned his sword and retreated!

        His body turned around and darted towards the window!

        His forehead was already covered in cold sweat, he was scared out of his wits by Lin Fan's move.

        Now, all he wanted to do was to escape from here and this devil as fast as he could!


        Just then, the voice that made him desperate rang out.

        "It's too late to escape, isn't it? I remember that I have already given you a chance!"

        With that!

        Lin Fan grabbed the armour-breaking war hammer with one hand and fiercely smashed it down towards Liu Biao in front of him!


        Everyone was shocked to see Liu Biao's head burst open like a watermelon!

        The blood and meat paste instantly sprayed all over the room!

        A lot of it even splashed on the faces of Chen Jinxing and the others!

        One move to defeat the enemy, one move to wipe out the enemy!

        Everyone was completely scared out of their wits by this shocking scene.

        They had never dreamed that the trash they despised the most would be the most terrifying great god!

        But they had, just now, dared to insult Lin Fan?

        If Lin Fan had been shaken with rage just now, what would have happened?

        When they thought of this, Chen Jinxing and the others felt their sweat standing on end and wanted to smack themselves twice!

        Lin Fan was not looking for death!

        They were!

        For a moment, everyone felt like they were dreaming, that Liu Biao who had killed Li Qiankun in one move, like a demon god descending.

        How could he be killed by Lin Fan in such a light manner?

        However, before they could regain their senses, an even more frightening scene took place.

        He saw Lin Fan weighing the armour-breaking war hammer in his hand, and a disdainful smile spread across the corners of his mouth.

        "Eight hundred pounds, it's really light."


        Chen Jinxing and the others' eyes were about to glaze over, a hammer of eight hundred pounds, and this was called light?

        Did they hear it wrong?

        At that very moment, they saw Lin Fan holding the hammer with one hand and firmly grasping the head with the other!

        Immediately afterwards, that numbing scene happened!


        The hammer head, which weighed 800 pounds and was harder than a diamond, was crushed by Lin Fan with one hand!


        At this instant, everyone was completely furious!

        Crushing the treasure of the Hundred Weapons Pavilion with one hand?

        This guy's hand was even harder than steel?

        How could this be possible!

        "Grand Master, you must be a Grand Master!"

        Chen Jinxing lost his voice and shrieked miserably, completely reacting at this time that anyone who could be so capable must be a Grand Master!


        A Grand Master?

        A Grand Master in his early twenties?

        It was as if their eyes were about to burst open!

        At that moment, one of the bigwigs thought of something and said in horror.

        "The surname Lin, could he be that mysterious... Patriarch Lin!"


        Hearing these words, everyone looked at Lin Fan as if they were possessed, and they all cast shocked glances at him.

        Grand Master, and surnamed Lin, then who else could there be other than Patriarch Lin, who had been a sensation in Jiangnan some time ago?

        If it was Grandmaster Lin, then killing Ning Changkong would be as easy as a slap on the wrist!

        At this moment, everyone's eyes no longer looked at Lin Fan with contempt, but with a strong desire.

        However, Lin Fan ignored them in the slightest and directly said to Zheng Honglian and the others.

        "Let's go!"


        Seeing that Lin Fan wanted to leave, Chen Jinxing and the others completely panicked and hurriedly knelt down in front of Lin Fan, begging and saying.

        "I implore Patriarch Lin to save my life!"


        Lin Fan, however, swept a contemptuous glance at him.

        "Save you? Are you worthy?"