Today I Give Up Trying 1482

 Even an existence like Li Qiankun had been killed by Liu Biao in seconds, so even if they stepped in, they would only be sending themselves to their deaths.


        Behind Liu Biao stood Ning Changkong, who was a Grand Master!

        Even if they won against Liu Biao, they would not be able to deal with Ning Changkong.

        They all bowed their heads and were filled with bitterness, as if they had already realized the day when their family business would be annexed by Ning Changkong.

        Feeling bored, Liu Biao sneered and said.

        "What a bunch of trash, since you guys won't make a move, let's even settle the total score!"

        With that said!

        His ice-cold eyes then fixed Zheng Honglian and the others with a brutal smile on the corner of his mouth.

        "I have come back this time to kill you all on the order of my master to avenge that arrow back then!"

        "After killing you, your children and grandchildren will soon be reunited with you in the underworld, which one of you will die first?"

        This was not an ordinary arrogant statement, as if Zheng Honglian and the others only had the power to choose the order of death in his eyes.

        After seeing Liu Biao's ruthlessness, Zheng Honglian also became nervous, knowing that he would never be able to stop such a fierce man.

        One by one, they looked at Lin Fan as if pleading.

        "Please, Mr. Lin, save me!"


        Lin Fan, however, yawned, before he walked forward carelessly.

        "Kid, are you looking for death?"

        Noticing Lin Fan, Liu Biao, however, remained light-hearted and arrogant, with a strong disdain in his eyes.

        "I admire your courage, so I will let you die a painful death in a moment."

        But Lin Fan acted as if he hadn't heard his threat and said with a broad smile.

        "How about you leave now, and I'll consider not killing you?"


        An eerie silence fell over the entire room!

        It was as if everyone's breath had stopped as they stared at Lin Fan with a look of seeing a ghost.

        All they could feel was a blank mind!

        Considering not killing Liu Biao?

        Even Li Qiankun, the most powerful among them, had been killed by the other party in a single move, so they really couldn't figure out where Lin Fan got the confidence from.

        They had thought that Li Qiankun was already exaggerating enough, but now it seemed that Lin Fan was a hundred times more exaggerating than him!

        But the difference was that Lin Fan was foolishly exaggerating!

        Everyone stared in shock, even Liu Biao who was confused at this moment.

        Did this idiot think that he could scare off the murderous Liu Biao with just a few words of his own?


        Very quickly, Liu Biao sighed helplessly and said with a disappointed expression.

        "How come the ones you have found are all a bunch of mouth-breathers?"

        With that!

        He then took a step towards Lin Fan with his knife.

        "To be honest, I really don't want to kill you losers, because it's not interesting at all."

        Chen Jinxing all but laughed sarcastically, looking at Lin Fan as if he was looking at an idiot.

        Wasn't it good to be a waste honestly? Having to seek death?

        Now that you've angered Liu Biao, it's going to be hard for you not to die!

        Only, Lin Fan, however, also laughed coldly the moment he saw Liu Biao walking towards him.

        "I'll take that as a refusal!"


        Liu Biao's expression changed, as if he hadn't expected Lin Fan to still dare to be arrogant even after all this.

        Immediately, he laughed fiercely and stared at Lin Fan with eyes full of fierce light: "I've changed my mind.

        "I've changed my mind, next! I will make you die a horrible death!"

        With these words!

        His body swept out violently, and as he had done, he slashed Lin Fan's neck with both swords!

        "Mr. Lin, be careful!"

        Zheng Honglian shouted out in shock!

        Be careful?

        Chen Jinxing and the others only felt amused, Liu Biao's swords couldn't even stop Li Qiankun, so would it be useful for this punk to be careful?

        This idiot was dead!

        But just when everyone thought that Lin Fan was bound to die!

        Under the horrified eyes of the crowd, Lin Fan slowly extended his hand.


        Two fingers, just two fingers, blocked Liu Biao!

        Pinning his blade, firmly between his two fingers!


        Liu Biao, at this instant, viciously sucked in a cold breath!

        That face, which was covered in a fierce smile, was completely distorted in this instant out of shock.

        It wasn't just him!

        The moment they saw this scene, Chen Jinxing and the other bigwigs were also completely dumbfounded!

        This scene was a hundred times more shocking than Liu Biao killing Li Qiankun!

        Liu Biao had killed Li Qiankun in a single move, but here in Lin Fan's case, his move was blocked by Lin Fan in an almost humiliating manner?

        An illusion!

        This was a f*cking hallucination!