Today I Give Up Trying 1480

 The arrogance of this statement was unparalleled!

        It was as if Lin Fan was already a dead man!


        Lin Fan, however, remained indifferent, and instead, he smiled and asked.

        "Are you sure you want to fight me?"

        Zheng Honglian and the others, who knew him well, knew that Lin Fan was now completely furious.

        Then, Li Qiankun would pay the price for his arrogance!

        But to Li Qiankun's ears, this meant that Lin Fan was afraid.

        At that moment, he laughed contemptuously.

        "What, are you afraid? Today, I will make you taste my armour-breaking war hammer!"

        Chen Jinxing and the others also felt that Lin Fan was afraid and was trying to bluff again at this time.

        It was as if they had already predicted the scene where Lin Fan's mind exploded and he was treated as if he had been hammered to death.

        At that moment, Chen Jinxing was sneering.

        "Kid, you really have a lot of nerve! Even if you impersonate a patriarch, how dare you provoke Patriarch Li?"

        "He is an existence that can even kill Ning Changkong at will, who are you to insult him?"


        As soon as his words fell, before Lin Fan could retort, an eerie as hell laugh suddenly rang out from the field.

        "Jie Jie Jie, beating and killing my master at will? With just this trash?"


        The whole room was completely shocked!

        Everyone looked towards a corner in unison, only to find a young man sitting there at an unknown time.

        That young man was sipping his tea slowly and methodically, not even raising his eyes, arrogant to the extreme.

        It was as if he was the host of this party!

        At that moment, Chen Jinxing and the others' faces instantly turned gloomy as they asked in an unkind manner.

        "Who are you?"

        Upon hearing this, the young man then put down his cup of tea, looked up at Chen Jinxing, and smiled, saying.

        "Me? I am Ning Changkong's Chief Grand Disciple, Liu Biao!"


        The expressions of the people in the audience all changed wildly!

        Ning Changkong's chief disciple had come?

        Was Ning Changkong here as well?

        They instantly felt their scalps tingle and became extremely uneasy!

        In particular, they sensed a disturbing aura on Liu Biao's body, a murderous aura that could only be honed after years of battle and countless killings!

        At this time, even the arrogant Li Qiankun could not help but change his colour.

        As if seeing the fear of the crowd, Liu Biao suddenly smiled disdainfully.

        "Don't worry! My master hasn't returned to China yet, so I'm the only one here today!"

        "I, Liu Biao, originally wanted to try out your depths for my master today, but I have to say that I'm disappointed!"

        As soon as they heard that Ning Changkong hadn't come, the crowd breathed a sigh of relief!

        And Chen Jinxing instantly sneered.

        "So what if your master, Ning Changkong, is here? Do you know who this man is beside me? He is the most famous Grandmaster Li in China!"

        "Under the Grand Master, he is invincible! As long as your master is still a Grand Master, he is an ant in his eyes!"

        At that moment!

        Li Qiankun, who had been so praised, also straightened his back and stared at Liu Biao with disdain.

        "Get lost! You are not qualified to fight with me, let your master come!"

        The atmosphere, completely changed!

        It became tense, and the killing aura instantly filled the air at this time!

        Liu Biao stared intently at Li Qiankun, and a steaming murderous intent emerged in his eyes.

        "Is that so? Then I'll teach you a lesson for my master!"

        After saying that!

        His body instantly pounced out like a leopard, and his hands instantly had two sharp blades in them, directly stabbing towards Li Qiankun!

        "You want to die!"

        Li Qiankun was furious and raised the heavy hammer towards Liu Biao and smashed him fiercely!

        Seeing this!

        Chen Jinxing and the others burst into gleeful laughter, shouting in support of Li Qiankun.

        "Master Li, don't show any mercy! Teach this brat who knows no bounds a lesson!"

        "A mere disciple of Ning Changkong is not worth mentioning! With your skills, you will surely kill him like a slaughtered dog!"

        They all believed in Li Qiankun's strength, as they had just been completely convinced by Li Qiankun's tactic of lifting a heavy hammer with one hand.


        Just at that moment, an untimely voice rang out with.

        "Li Qiankun has lost!"