Today I Give Up Trying 1478

 Hearing this, Chen Jinxing and the others all sighed with relief in their hearts, as long as Li Qiankun was willing to help, then they no longer needed to fear Ning Changkong.

        "Since you have found your own helpers, then we won't bother you anymore!"

        Zheng Honglian snorted coldly, since these guys were intent on going their own way, then she was too lazy to meddle in the matter.

        At that moment, it was her intention to take Lin Fan away!

        "Hurry up and get lost! Don't bring a piece of trash here to embarrass people!"

        Chen Jinxing coldly snorted, since the four great family masters couldn't even find a decent guy, they obviously didn't have much status in Blood Prison.

        Naturally, there was no need to give them face.

        And at this time, that Li Qiankun was the one who noticed Lin Fan and the others.

        In particular, when he saw Zheng Honglian, a dirty look surfaced in those eyes and asked.

        "Who are these people?"

        Li Qiankun was a man who loved beautiful mature women the most, especially mature women like Zheng Honglian, who was graceful and elegant with a great aura!

        Therefore, at this time, he had bad intentions!

        Hearing these words, Chen Jinxing suddenly looked contemptuous: "They are the forces from Jiangnan.

        "They are the forces from Jiangnan, they think they can deal with Ning Changkong just because they found a trash, how ridiculous!"


        Li Qiankun also laughed uncontrollably, then he stared at Lin Fan with utmost contempt:

        "This kid, his footsteps are frivolous and his breathing is rambling, if this kid were a sect master, I would be able to lift his shoes!"

        Even Li Qiankun said this, so the contempt in Chen Jinxing and the others' eyes became even stronger.

        Sure enough, this guy was a piece of shit!

        "Just this kind of goods, let alone Ning Changkong, I'm afraid that he can't even beat his disciples!"

        Li Qiankun sneered and said, looking at Lin Fan with a condescending look.

        "Such a trash is not even worthy to carry my shoes! Letting him deal with Ning Changkong is, in my opinion, letting him go to his death!"

        "[Nameless Novel] You!"

        These words immediately caused Zheng Honglian's face to change furiously, and at that moment, a thick anger surfaced in Zheng Honglian's eyes!

        These guys, insulting Lin Fan over and over again, this was simply seeking death, even they couldn't look at it anymore.

        And then, Li Qiankun was looking at Zheng Honglian with a dirty look on his face.

        "Beauty, you are too whimsical to want to rely on this trash to deal with Ning Changkong, aren't you?"

        "How about this, if you stay with me for one night, I will kill Ning Changkong for you and keep your Bai family free from worry, how about that?"

        The words were filled with extreme confidence!

        It was as if that Ning Changkong, was already his stack of fish and meat.

        "You... Shameless!"

        Zheng Honglian was shaking with anger, as the chief mother of the Bai family, she had never been insulted like this before.

        On the other hand, Ye Shihao and the others were also furious beyond measure, the four great family heads were now of one mind, one insult for all.

        If they insulted Zheng Honglian, they would be insulting all four of them at the same time!

        But at this time, Chen Jinxing and the others all laughed badly and encouraged each other wickedly, saying.

        "Zheng Honglian, it's rare that Patriarch Li is interested in you, you can sacrifice a little to save the lives of the entire Bai family, why not do so?"

        "Yes, Patriarch Li is also a famous hero and heroine, it's not condescending to you to accompany him for one night."

        "Don't you have any physical needs after so many years without a man? Maybe after one taste, you'll be hooked and never leave him again?"

        "Who will dare to bully your family if you become Master Li's woman? This is a heavenly gift, do you really intend to rely on this punk kid to create miracles?"

        All the bigwigs laughed loudly and looked at Zheng Honglian playfully.

        At this moment, Li Qiankun was also licking his tongue lewdly, already thinking about how he should play with this ripe peach tonight.

        "You guys..."

        Zheng Honglian gnashed her teeth in hatred, but she did not have the courage to make an enemy of these bigwigs, and could only look at Lin Fan as if for help.

        But Lin Fan, who was on the side, just smiled and rubbed his nose.

        "It's true that I'm not a clan master!"