Today I Give Up Trying 1477

As soon as they heard that!

        The four great house masters were directly paralyzed with fear!

        Rubbish... Rubbish?

        This man in front of him could crush everyone here with just one finger, who are you, Chen Jinxing, to call him a waste?

        It was no exaggeration to say that Lin Fan's willingness to come here was already a sign of smoke in the ancestral graves of Chen Jinxing and the others, but they even looked down on Lin Fan?

        Although Zheng Honglian was angry, she could only explain on account of the fact that the other party did not know Lin Fan.

        "Chairman Chen, listen to me, this Mr. Lin is not an ordinary person, not to mention a Grandmaster, even a Grand Grandmaster can also fight!"


        Chen Jinxing laughed coldly and said.

        "Zheng Honglian, you're lying, right? Which one of those who can rival a Grand Master is not famous?"

        "A Grand Master in his twenties, how ridiculous!"

        The other bigwigs laughed sarcastically.

        "In my opinion, I can't blame the four family masters for this, I'm just afraid that they have also let some people with a heart deceive them."

        As the words fell, everyone instantly cast contemptuous glances at Lin Fan, obviously treating him as a fraud.

        Chen Jinxing directly gave a cold snort and said without giving a good face.

        "If you want to discuss cooperation, then bring a decent and strong person, you can take this punk away!"


        Zheng Honglian's face turned green with anger, they had invited a big backer, but it turned out that these guys wanted to drive them away as soon as they arrived?

        What a kind heart!

        The four of them had been kind enough to save these people, but these people had no eyes.

        Then it was a self-inflicted sin that could not be lived.

        And just as Zheng Honglian and the others were about to leave in anger, a man came out of the doorway.

        His body was covered in scars, and his body was extraordinarily large, just like a mountain, full of a majestic sense of oppression.

        This caused the expressions of the few strong men present to change dramatically!

        Because they too could smell an aura of danger from the other party's body, this man made them feel very uneasy.

        Even if they were both clan masters, there was still a distinction between strength and weakness, and this man in front of them was clearly too much stronger than them.

        There was no doubt that this man in front of them was the protagonist of the day... Li Qiankun!

        Seeing that Li Qiankun had arrived, Chen Jinxing was also overjoyed and greeted him directly with quick steps and a pleasing smile on his face:.

        "Master Li, we've been waiting for you for a long time! This time, we have to rely on your ability in several provinces!"

        All the bigwigs rose together and bowed respectfully towards Li Qiankun.

        "Greetings, Patriarch Li!"

        That respectful and humble gesture was simply akin to the two when facing Lin Fan.

        This scene only made Zheng Honglian and the others feel ridiculous.

        This Li Qiankun in front of them was indeed formidable, but at best, he was only a sect master.

        But Lin Fan was an existence that could make a Grand Master kneel down with a single word, and it was so comical that they didn't know how to curry favour with such an existence, but were instead so polite to a little Grand Master.

        This was truly an eye sore!

        And in the face of the great masters' ingratiation, Li Qiankun acted indifferently :

        "I'm not here to help you guys, I'm only here because I want to see how amazing that Ning Changkong is."

        "After all, the Patriarchs of China are all a bunch of incompetent trash in my eyes these days, they can be destroyed with the snap of a finger!"


        At these words, the whole room erupted!

        Those bigwigs looked embarrassed and did not dare to make a sound, while the Patriarchs they had brought along were all looking resentful, but at this time they also dared not speak out in anger.

        Chen Jinxing hurriedly made amends and said.

        "Yes, yes, Patriarch Li, your strength is evident to all of China, this time with your hand, that Ning Changkong is a dead end, not worth mentioning!"

        At those words!

        Ning Changkong also smiled smugly.

        "That's right! He may be strong, but when he meets me, Li Qiankun, he will only be able to drink hatred!"