Today I Give Up Trying 1476


        The people of the Four Great Houses were suddenly numb with shock!


        Back then, when Ning Changkong was not yet a Grandmaster, he had already left the four great clans in a state of anxiety and helplessness.

        Now that he had reached the rank of Patriarch, what else could they do to resist such a monster?

        Lin Fan, too, could not help but frown, seemingly feeling a little surprised as well.

        Ning Changkong, a name he had heard of when he was overseas, it was said that this man had reached the rank of Grandmaster by fighting in the black market boxing ring, and was considered to be an anomaly.

        Since he reached the rank of Grandmaster, none of the fighters in the black market could last more than ten moves from him.

        As a result, he slowly became the master of the ring and gained a large following around him!

        It was said that there were as many as 30,000 followers alone!

        If he were to descend into Jiangnan, killing the four great clans would indeed be as easy as taking something out of a bag.



        Immediately afterwards, the people of the four great clans all knelt down towards Lin Fan and begged in unison, saying.

        "I implore you, Lin Fan, to save our lives!"

        Now, only Lin Fan could save them.

        The faces of all of them wore a strong sense of fear and anxiety, clearly on the verge of pissing themselves in fear.

        At this moment, however, Lin Fan acted calmly, sneering and saying.

        "Don't worry, he dares to come! I'll dare to bury it!"

        Kill the entire Bai family? That would include Bai Yi?

        Then how could Lin Fan not care?

        As soon as he heard these words!

        Only then did the four family masters feel as if they had taken a pill of reassurance, and were incomparably grateful that they had defected to Lin Fan.

        Otherwise, they would have been dead for sure!


        And it wasn't just the four great family lords, the bigwigs from several other provinces were also anxious.

        Because they knew that this time when Ning Changkong returned, he would definitely not be satisfied with just one Jiangnan, but several other provinces such as Jiangbei, they were only afraid that they would not be able to escape the clutches.


        They had joined together and held a gathering to discuss how to deal with Ning Changkong.

        At this time, these bigwigs were all surrounded by powerful people, each of whom was arrogant and overbearing!

        All of them were in a high profile!

        The initiator of this time, Chen Jinxing, however, was puffing on his cigarette with a worried look.

        "Why haven't the four great house masters of Jiangnan come yet? Could it be that they are afraid?"

        "It's the same with or without them, anyway, we have gathered so many men now, as long as Ning Changkong dares to come, we will let him have no return!"

        A fat man with a cross face snorted coldly, but he didn't care at all.

        "That Ning Changkong is a Grandmaster, but we have so many Grandmasters here, two fists can't defeat four hands, I don't believe he can still turn around!"

        "That's right, what's more, we have invited an invincible being under the Grand Master, Patriarch Li Qiankun Li, that Ning Changkong is just throwing himself into the net!"

        Several bigwigs, all full of confidence!

        And right at that moment, Lin Fan and the four great family masters, were walking into the room one after another.

        "Several family lords, where are the strong men you hired?"

        Chen Jinxing hurriedly got up and asked after them.

        Zheng Honglian then took the initiative to explain to them.

        "This is Mr. Lin, he is the strong man we have invited this time!"

        "With him here, Ning Changkong will definitely have no chance of dying!"

        Everyone instantly looked at Lin Fan in unison, and after just one look, their expressions turned playful.

        A contemptuous smile then surfaced at the corners of their mouths.

        Which of the strongest people in the room were not dragons and tigers, with an aura that showed off their mastery?

        But this guy right now, he was obviously a yellow-haired boy!

        Even his body made people wonder if he was malnourished.

        And at this time, Chen Jinxing is also a face of disappointment, he still thought the four [吾爱小说]大家主 leaned on the Blood Prison, that the strong man invited should be of extraordinary strength!

        What's more, he had the luxury of hoping that Jiangnan, on his side, would be able to invite the Blood Prison Mad God.

        If not, it should be a renowned existence in Blood Prison!

        Only now, his hopes were completely dashed, and this young man in front of him disappointed him to the core.

        At that moment, his attitude instantly changed from eager to cold, and he even made a sarcastic remark in a sinister manner.

        "It seems that the status of your four family masters in Blood Prison is not as high as we thought!"

        "Humph! Instead of bringing a trash, you might as well not come at all!"