Today I Give Up Trying 1475

 That's it!

        He was leaving in a negative manner without even looking back!

        Dong Mingfeng, who was at the side, also swept an extremely unwilling glance at Lin Fan and quickly followed Lin Chentao's footsteps.

        This scene!

        It caused Xu Longxiang to clap his hands, because he knew that Lin Fan, who heard this, would never let Lin Chentao come out on top at the competition in a month's time.

        And then, the launch continued!

        Those bigwigs, obviously a lot warmer than before, were all surrounding Bai Yi, like stars holding the moon.

        Everyone had a pleasing smile on their faces as they congratulated the launch of the new Bai vaccine.

        At this moment, however, Lin Fan was pulled to an unoccupied corner by Zheng Honglian.


        Without saying a word, Zheng Honglian knelt directly in front of Lin Fan and cried uncontrollably.

        "Please, Lin Zuo, save my life!"

        At this moment, both White Dust and White Tiger, too, knelt down in fear, their faces pleading.

        "Please, Lin, save the lives of my Bai family!"


        Lin Fan's brow furrowed as he asked in confusion.

        "Get up and speak!"

        But Zheng Honglian and the others shook their heads repeatedly.

        "If Seat Lin doesn't say yes, we won't get up!"


        Lin Fan's body instantly erupted with terrifying pressure as he stared coldly at them.

        "Are you threatening me?"

        Zheng Honglian's trio instantly shivered, their faces instantly turning white.

        "Honglian, if you have anything to say, just get up first, I believe that Lin Zuo will not sit back and do nothing, why do you guys have to be like this?"

        Sima Longming also advised.

        Zheng Honglian then wiped her tears, before standing up and saying.

        "Seat Lin, ten years ago, our Bai family offended an underground overlord at the time because of a power struggle, and it ended up costing more than twenty clan members their lives before he was finally driven out of Jiangnan."

        "And I've received word that he's ready to return home and has vowed to kill everyone in our Bai family!"

        "And with his ability today, eradicating our Bai family is as easy as a snap, even if our four families were to unite, they would simply be powerless to resist!"


        The other three family masters were all completely frozen in their tracks.

        Nowadays, Jiangnan could be said to be in the hands of their four families, but the person Zheng Honglian had mentioned was even unable to resist their four families?

        How could this be possible?


        Lin Fan's expression however remained calm, one might even say disdainful, as he indifferently asked.

        "Who is he?"

        And then, Zheng Honglian was spitting out a name that caused the other three family masters to completely panic: "His name is, Ning Changkong.

        "His name is, Ning Changkong!"


        At this moment, the atmosphere completely exploded!

        The Sima and Ye Clans, in particular, were sweating and scared at this moment!

        Obviously, they couldn't be more familiar with this name!

        Ning Changkong, the original ruler of Jiangnan!

        Originally, the four great families had ruled Jiangnan for a hundred years, but then suddenly a man came out of nowhere and used just ten years to establish his power in Jiangnan.

        The four great families could not even hold their heads up!

        This man was a brutal, ruthless man who would destroy people's families, even children, at the drop of a hat.

        At that time, the men of the four clans were killed, the women were raped and the children were split up.

        So the four great families had to join forces later to drive him out of Jiangnan!

        But to his surprise, he had returned again after so many years!

        Immediately, Sima Longming said with extreme trepidation.

        "Red Lotus, you... Are you telling the truth? Ning Changkong, he's really coming back to Jiangnan?"

        Ye Wu Ya also looked worried and instantly sat up in disbelief as he said.

        "Back then, when we united to drive this demon away, he has always harboured a grudge against us, and this time, apart from coming back to retake Jiangnan, he is definitely coming back to seek revenge against us."

        They could finally understand why Zheng Honglian had been so nervous just now.

        At this moment, they saw Zheng Honglian nodding bitterly.

        "Not only is he going to make a comeback, and be a hundred times more terrifying than before!"

        "Because the current Ning Changkong is already at the Patriarch realm!"