Today I Give Up Trying 1473

 Zhu Zhide was about to explain, but immediately afterwards he received a heavy slap on the face.

        A slap!

        Zhu Zhide stumbled and sat down on the ground, only to feel that his eyes were sparking and he couldn't come back to his senses for half a day.

        Seeing this, Zhu Ru and the others' expressions changed so much that they were almost crying with fear, staring incomparably at Xu Longxiang who was in full rage.

        "Joking? Then is it okay for me to say it was a joke even if I have someone shoot you now?"

        Xu Longxiang snorted coldly, and in an instant, all the Dragon's Teeth soldiers behind him turned their guns around and pointed at Zhu Zhide's family.



        Zhu Ru and the others then fell to the ground in fear, and with tears streaming down their faces, they said.

        "Elder Xu spare your life, spare your life!"

        Zhang Kaiming in particular, at this time, directly screamed miserably.

        "Elder Xu, I'm not a member of the Zhu family, this matter was arranged by Zhu Ru and the others, I had nothing to do with it.

        He didn't want to be buried with Zhu Ru and the others, so he cleared the air at this moment.

        "Zhang Kaiming, you..."

        Zhu Ru hadn't expected her boyfriend to be so realistic either, and seeing that the situation was not good, she simply abandoned them.

        "What do they do? Who invited them here?"

        Xu Longxiang said furiously, obviously extremely upset with the family now.

        Bai Yi sighed and explained.

        "Sorry Elder Xu, they are my sister-in-law and sister-in-law's family, I invited them here."


        Xu Longxiang's expression changed for a moment, and then he became even angrier.

        "As relatives, how dare you send a coffin to you? This is worse than animals!"

        "This matter should never be taken lightly!"


        As soon as they heard these words, Zhu Ru's family instantly fell into the ice cellar, each of their faces pale, already realizing what would happen to their family.

        "In my opinion, how about just shooting them?"

        Lin Fan said with a smirk, that look of indifference as simple as stepping on a bunch of ants.

        "Lin Fan, you son of a bitch! You shall not be allowed to die!"

        Zhu Ru was so angry that her face turned red, this hateful bastard, what right did he have to dictate at this time? ,

        "Don't you talk nonsense!"

        Bai Yi also glared at Lin Fan in a bad mood, she was really afraid that Xu Longxiang would listen to Lin Fan.

        As a result, Xu Longxiang actually nodded his head: "Then let's shoot it!

        "Then let's shoot it!"

        Click, click, click!

        All the guns were loaded and aimed at Zhu Ru's family!

        "Don't... No! Young Lin, save us, please save our family!"

        Zhu Ru immediately wailed at Lin Chen Tao, because she also knew that at this time, the only one who could save them was Lin Chen Tao.


        Lin Chen Tao's lungs were about to explode when he heard this!

        If he could save people, then he would have opened his mouth at the beginning, how could he be invisible all over the place?

        He didn't speak up because he knew he was in no position to interfere with Xu Longxiang's decision, but now Zhu Ru's words had pushed him into the limelight.

        He hated it, and now he wanted to kill this family!


        Xu Longxiang then looked at Lin Chentao with an unkind face and said in a threatening manner.

        "Lin Chentao, is this still about you? What, are you looking down on Lin Chen Tao? So you deliberately want to humiliate him?"

        Lin Chentao immediately shivered and said with a nervous expression.

        "Elder Xu, don't talk nonsense, I... How would I dare to insult Seat Lin? I don't know this family at all, and I don't know anything about what they've done!"

        Humiliate the Lin Za?

        How could he have the guts to do that?

        If the Lin family knew that he had done something like that, it would be strange if they didn't rip his head off.


        Xu Longxiang's eyes flinched and he gave a heavy grunt.

        "Forgive you, you wouldn't dare!"

        At that moment, the people of the Zhu family were completely desperate.

        Even Lin Chentao didn't care about them anymore, so who else could save them?

        Zhu Zhide's eyes went black and he almost passed out on the spot.


        But at that very moment, Shen Yuzhi knelt down for Bai Yi, crying and begging.

        "Bai Yi, it is my sister-in-law's incompetence in teaching my daughter that has led to this situation today, and it is only natural that you should do whatever you want to us.

        "But I hope you will spare Zhu Ru this time for the sake of us being family, if you are angry, just come at me!"