Today I Give Up Trying 1472

 Not only Zhu Zhide, but even Zhu Ru, at this moment, was completely confused!

        Because this coffin was a gift from her!

        Once the matter was pursued, she could hardly escape death.

        She was in trouble, in big trouble!

        At this time, Zhu Ru was deeply aware of her complacency and forgetfulness.

        She had wanted to humiliate Bai Yi, but in the end, she was playing with fire.

        "Dad, Kai Ming, help me! I don't want to die!"

        Zhu Ru cried out for help.

        But Zhu Zhide's face was already ashen, unable to listen to her words, and Zhang Kaiming also had a hesitant expression, not speaking.

        For he too knew that once he had to save Zhu Ru he would be dragged into it, and he might not be able to do so either.

        However, that was not all!

        Under the horrified gaze of the crowd, Xu Longxiang then walked towards Bai Yi and took the initiative to extend his own hand.

        "Miss Bai Yi, you are really young and talented! The vaccine you have developed will save the whole of China from a catastrophe, I thank you on behalf of the Chinese government!"


        On behalf of Chinese officials?

        The crowd was completely shocked, but they also knew that Xu Longxiang did have the qualifications to do so.

        Bai Yi was also flattered and nervously shook Xu Longxiang's hand, saying nervously.

        "Elder Xu has spoken highly of you, as a Chinese, this is all what I should do."

        At this time, she only felt like she was dreaming, killing her to believe that the leader of Dragon's Teeth would come to her launch.

        But just then!

        Xu Longxiang noticed the huge coffin in the middle of the hall.

        At that moment, his expression changed wildly and he couldn't help but look at Lin Fan beside Bai Yi.

        At that moment, Lin Fan nodded his head without leaving a trace.


        Xu Longxiang was completely furious!

        A pair of eyes that were filled with monstrous rage!

        "This coffin, who gave it to you?"

        Everyone could feel, at this moment, the intense anger in Xu Longxiang's words.

        The same words, coming from different people, naturally had a different power!

        The whole room was silent, and even Lin Chentao did not dare to speak again.

        Even Lin Chentao did not dare to speak again. Zhu Zhide's family was suddenly struck by electricity, frozen in place, not daring to move, not daring to breathe.

        At this moment, it was as if they had lost their souls, their minds were blank and they did not know how to react.

        They understood everything, no wonder Lin Fan had asked them to put the coffin in the most conspicuous place in the hall, because he had anticipated this scene.

        He was trying to get their whole family killed!

        Thinking of this, the family instantly gnashed their teeth in hatred, wanting to cut Lin Fan into pieces.

        She was the only one who still had her sanity and conscience, thinking that she was the only one to blame for the family's current situation.

        They deserved what they got when they picked up the stone to smash their own feet!

        "How dare you come to mess up the Lin Zuo's launch? I think you've had the nerve!"

        "Who did this? Come out!"

        The whole room was silent, no one dared to squeal!

        Sensing that Xu Longxiang was furious, they were all disturbed to the extreme.

        "No one said anything? Then all of them will receive punishment!"

        Xu Longxiang sneered, and then his sharp eyes looked around.

        "Everyone, don't leave today!"


        Upon hearing these words, all the bigwigs present were about to be paralysed with fear, and immediately they all looked terrified.

        Immediately afterwards, they couldn't care less about offending Lin Chentao and spoke up one after another.

        "This is none of our business, it was all Zhu Zhide's doing!"

        "Yes, they were the ones who defied Lin Zuo and sent such a coffin, they simply deserve to die!"

        "Elder Xu, we don't know anything, we're just here for the launch. Zhu Zhide, why don't you quickly kneel down and admit your mistake?"

        These bigwigs were all afraid of being dragged down by Zhu Zhide, so they all spoke out to clarify.

        And at this moment, Zhu Zhide's family was the one who realised that a big disaster was coming and walked towards Xu Longxiang with a bitter smile on their faces.

        "Elder Xu, I'm sorry, we made a joke, we..."