Today I Give Up Trying 1471

 Dragon's Teeth!

        One of China's special military corps!

        The sergeants in it, all the elite of the elite, are known as the sharpest war spears in China, hence the name Dragon's Teeth!

        The sharpest weapon in China, used to tear the enemy apart!

        And this old man in front of him is the existence that single-handedly created Xu Longxiang, and that is a highly respected existence in the entire Chinese military community.

        Although his status was not as high as the four military leaders, in terms of seniority, the four military leaders had to call him Elder Xu.

        However, no one had expected that even the Dragon's Teeth would come to today's conference!

        What's more!

        This was so incredible that the crowd felt as if they were dreaming, not daring to believe it!

        Even Lin Chentao's face instantly turned gloomy after seeing Xu Longxiang's arrival.

        His heart was shocked and disturbed!

        At this time, however, Long Jiu had already known what was going on and greeted him with a smile.

        "Elder Xu, I didn't expect you to be here too, please come in quickly!"

        This ninety year old man then smiled nervously, but did not move, instead he said.

        "I, Dragon's Tooth, have been invited by Lin Zuo to attend the launch of the new Bai!"


        With a single sentence, the whole room completely trembled!

        "Elder Xu, have you made a mistake? Who did you just say that you were invited by?"

        Dong Mingfeng asked in fear and trepidation, his voice mute with nervousness.

        Could it be that this launch event was really arranged by the Lin Zuo?

        How could an existence as powerful as the Lin Zuo care about a small New Bai Clan?

        He had even gathered all the bigwigs together for them to attend the launch event?

        This was an illusion!

        Not only him!

        Zhu Zhide's family was also completely confused at this time, and their eyes were filled with a dense sense of shock.

        This launch event today was really arranged by Lin Zuo?

        At this time, they were about to piss themselves in fear.

        "Zhu Zhide, did you hear what they said? They said that this launch was organised by Seat Lin, and if you guys insulted him like that just now, wouldn't that be..."

        Shen Yuzhi was horrified to death and said in a panic.

        On the other hand, Zhu Zhide was equally petrified, his gaze frozen, unable to utter a single word.


        At this moment, Zhu Zhide's family was completely scared silly!

        Xu Longxiang had already come, so was this conference really held by Lin Zuo?

        Then they had made a fuss about this conference!

        They had even sent a coffin, if this was known to Lin Zuo, then they...

        When they thought of this, Zhu Ru's family was about to be paralysed with fear, their faces flushed with panic as they stared deadly at Xu Longxiang.

        At this time, they were all extremely uneasy, and a terrifying suspicion suddenly surfaced in their hearts!

        And at this time, Xu Longxiang was smiling and said.

        "I have not come to the wrong place, it was indeed Lin Zuo who invited me to attend the launch of the new Bai!"


        These words were like an explosion, directly in the minds of the crowd, exploding wildly!

        It was really an order from the Lin Zuo!

        Hearing these words, Zhu Zhide's family, Lin Chentao and Dong Mingfeng, as if they had been struck by electricity, fell to the ground with a poof.

        There was a look of disbelief in their eyes!

        Bai Yi, actually knew Lin Zuo?

        How could this be possible?

        Even the Lin family had approached Lin Zuo several times, trying to reach a partnership, but Lin Zuo had ignored them.

        But now, Lin Zha had gone out of his way to use his energy for a small new Bai Clan?

        Now, the words Lin Fan had just said to Lin Chentao were echoing in everyone's mind.

        "Lin Chentao, you'll regret it!"

        Not a single person took Lin Fan's words to heart just now, and even thought that Lin Fan was mouthing off to seek his own death.

        But now, everyone realised why Lin Fan was so confident, because behind him stood the great and famous Lin Zhaoge.

        Even Lin Chentao would have to bow down and address him as Lin Zuo when he met such an existence!

        If he were to protect the New Bai Clan, even the Lin Family would not dare to act rashly.

        At this moment, everyone was completely dumbfounded!

        Their eyes were filled with a dense sense of dismay, unable to accept the scene before them.

        "It's over... It's over! This launch event was actually convened by Lin Zuo?"

        Zhu Zhide's legs shivered uncontrollably, his face ashen.

        "How dare we disrupt Seat Lin's launch, we're looking for death!"