Today I Give Up Trying 1467-1468

 Chapter 1467



      This questioning sounded directly across the room, causing the crowd present, to be shocked beyond measure!


      Originally, they had noticed the coffin when they arrived, but after all, the host family hadn't even said anything, so they were too embarrassed to ask.


      They thought it was a quirk or custom of the owner's family, but now it seemed that this was not the case.


      As soon as they heard this, Zhu Ru's family's legs went weak and they almost gave in to their knees.


      They didn't even have the courage to admit it at this time, their faces were white and they were shivering uncontrollably.


      They had come to see Bai Yi's joke, but they hadn't thought that in the end, they would pick up a stone and smash their own feet.


      They didn't know how to reply to such a rage of Long Jiu.


      The whole room was silent, not a single person dared to squeak!


      But Long Jiu was not willing to let go easily and continued to roar.


      "Speak! Are you all dumb? On President Bai's big day, who dares to send a coffin and humiliate the host family?"




      Bai Yi was ultimately soft-hearted and didn't stand up and accuse Zhu Ru's family at first, because she knew that once Long Jiu pursued the matter, it was definitely not something Zhu Ru's family could afford.




      Just because she was soft-hearted, it didn't mean that Lin Fan was the same.


      At this time, Lin Fan was smiling as he looked at Zhu Ru.


      "Yes, who sent this coffin? My good cousin?"


      "Lin Fan, you!"


      Zhu Ru's family's eyes were about to crack, and they looked like they wanted to eat Lin Fan.


      If you don't speak, no one will treat you like a mute!


      They all knew that this dog, Lin Fan, was deliberately trying to harm them!




      Long Jiu then looked intently at Zhu Ru's family, that fierce and brutal gaze directly causing their hearts to jump and nearly causing them to become incontinent.


      "This coffin, did you guys prepare it?"




      Zhu Zhide felt like his scalp was about to explode, he really felt like strangling Zhu Ru, this is really drawing a blank, now it's over!


      "Where's the question for you guys? Are you dumb?"


      Long Qianxi also said in a vicious voice, ever since he had seen Lin Fan's supreme imperial posture, he was convinced of him and regarded him as his idol.


      Now that it seemed that someone dared to insult his idol, he could not tolerate it at once.


      "I... I..."


      Zhu Zhide me for half a day, but still could not say anything.


      And yet!


      Just when Zhu Ru's family was in despair, a frivolous and arrogant voice violently cut through the entire venue!


      "It's from me, how about that?"




      Everyone was in a complete uproar, and then they all looked towards the door.


      And there they were!


      A man, walking with a tiger's stride, striding in this way!


      He was dressed in military attire and had a majestic aura, like a vicious tiger coming out of its cage, his aura was full of arrogance, every step seemed to be a parade around the world!


      Lin... Lin Chentao?


      The moment they saw this youngest member of the Lin family, everyone felt their scalps tingling, not even daring to breathe a breath.


      For they all knew that this man before them was a born king!


      A true powerhouse!


      An existence that could influence the whole of China with a single move.


      In Lin Chen Tao's eyes, they were just like ants!


      Even Long Jiu's face had a gloomy look on it the moment he saw Lin Chen Tao.


      In Jiangnan, he had no say in the matter, but at best he could only be considered a local snake!


      But this man in front of him was the true son of the dragon!


      The atmosphere immediately became extremely oppressive!


      The bigwigs in the room all looked anxious, as if they had made a mistake, and all lowered their heads, not daring to look at Lin Chentao.


      They were afraid that they would be remembered by Lin Chen Tao and then settle their scores afterwards.


      When they saw Lin Chentao appear, Zhu Ru's family went crazy with joy, feeling that their saviour had come.


      The way they looked at Bai Yi and Lin Fan was with a strong sense of resentment and ridicule.


      It was as if they were looking at a dead man!


Chapter 1468

And the moment he saw Lin Chen Tao!


      Lin Fan's eyes contracted wildly!


      The inside was already bloodshot!


      He could never forget the sight of this man, beating his mother with one stick after another back then!


      His mother had torn her heart out, begging Lin Chentao to let her ten-year-old self go, but all she got in response were Lin Chentao's vicious curses and cruel laughter.


      After that!


      This pain, this resentment, was like a curse that haunted Lin Fan.


      Lin Fan knew that the only way he could get rid of this pain was to kill Lin Chen Tao!


      Lin Chentao, deserve to die!


      Sensing Lin Fan's emotions at this moment, Bai Yi was also holding his hand tightly, looking at her husband with heartache.


      This was the first time she had ever seen Lin Fan show such an appalling expression.


      One could imagine that Lin Chentao must have done something unforgivable to him.


      With Lin Chentao's entrance, the whole room was silent as if a mute switch had been flicked on.


      Not a single person, dared to say anything.




      Lin Chen Tao walked in slowly with gentle steps as if he was the king of the world.


      Each of those footsteps caused the crowd to be terrified.


      It was as if a fierce tiger had intruded into a flock of sheep!


      Immediately afterwards, he stood in front of Zhu Ru's family and said with a smile on his face.


      "This coffin, is it from you?"


      At these words!


      Zhu Zhide was immediately excited and his legs went weak, he couldn't believe that Lin Chentao would take the initiative to talk to them, this was simply flattering.


      They were so excited!


      At that moment, Zhu Zhide nodded his head repeatedly.


      "Yes, yes! Damn Bai Yi, how dare she offend you, Young Master, we are deliberately sending this coffin to warn her!"


      He knew that this was a great opportunity to curry favour with Lin Chen Tao!


      At that moment, Lin Chen Tao smiled approvingly and nodded his head as if he was satisfied.


      "Well done!"




      Zhu Zhide's family was going crazy with joy!


      Their faces were filled with ecstasy!


      They were so excited!


      They knew that their family had bet on the right thing this time!


      With this, Young Master Lin would definitely take a liking to their family, and when the time came, with a casual mention, their Zhu family would definitely soar to great heights.


      "No, no, it's an honour for the Zhu family to share your worries, we dare not claim credit!"


      Zhu Zhide said with a flattering face, even the palms of his hands were seeping with sweat.


      And at that moment, Zhu Ru also pretended to shout angrily at Bai Yi, saying.


      "Bai Yi, Lin Fan! You dare to offend Young Lin, now why don't you kowtow and forgive yourselves, do you really want to die?"


      As soon as the words left his mouth!


      Lin Chen Tao then looked at Lin Fan, and after seeing his still ordinary image, he shook his head.


      In his eyes, there was also a hint of contempt!


      "You're still the same as you were back then, a punk!"


      At these words, everyone was stunned.


      Lin Chentao, actually knew the son-in-law of the Bai family?


      Lin Chentao, Lin Fan?


      Does that mean...


      The crowd suddenly remembered that back then, there was an outcast from the Lin family who was swept away, and it seemed that his name was also Lin Fan!


      In a flash!


      They finally understood why Lin Chen Tao wanted to deal with Lin Fan!


      The Zhu Ru family, who had reacted, first stared blankly, then burst into laughter.


      It turned out that Lin Fan was the disgrace of the Lin family, that wasteful outcast!


      A family disgrace that had killed the successor, how could the Lin family tolerate him this time?


      Lin Fan would definitely die!




      When everyone thought Lin Fan would piss himself in fear, he sneered out.


      "You're just as repulsive as you were back then!"




      The entire metropolitan area was in an uproar!


      Everyone couldn't help but freeze, this guy was actually insulting Lin Chen Tao?


      A punk who had killed the third youngest of the Lin family, and now he dared to insult Lin Chen Tao in public?


      This was like seeking death!


      Everyone laughed in contempt and shook their heads in utter disdain, as they thought that Lin Fan was taking his own life.


      To make an enemy of Lin Chen Tao, he didn't even look at his own status.


      In their opinion, if Lin Fan was smart at this time, he should immediately kneel down and apologise to Lin Chen Tao, maybe he could even spare his dog's life in consideration of his family's feelings.


      "You want to kill me badly?"


      Lin Chen Tao could clearly feel Lin Fan's hatred for him, only he didn't care at all.


      Because if you were a loser, even if you had a sharp blade in your hand and a face full of grimace, it all looked ridiculous to others.


      And Lin Fan didn't hide his heart in the slightest as he said sorrowfully.


      "Every moment and every moment, I want to!"