Today I Give Up Trying 1463-1464

 Chapter 1463

And to Lin Fan's borderline words, Bai Yi just shook her head and didn't give it a second thought.

        She had also gotten used to the fact that Lin Fan often blurted out wild words.

        At that moment, a Mercedes-Benz car slowly drove into the venue.

        This instantly made Bai Yi's eyes light up with surprise as she said.

        "A guest has arrived!"

        Lin Fan also smiled and said.

        "I told you they wouldn't dare, right?"


        The next thing they saw was the high-flying Zhu Zhide family, walking down from the car.

        At that moment, both Lin Fan and Bai Yi's faces didn't look too good, they hadn't expected that the first guests to come, since they were the family of their sister-in-law who didn't treat them well.

        "Aiya, it's just as I expected, there's not a single person, tsk! How shabby!"

        As soon as they got out of the car, Zhu Ru started to make a demon out of it, sarcastic in a sinister way.

        And with those words, it directly made Bai Yi's face turn iron blue.

        And Zhang Kaiming also sneered.

        "How dare you ask the host family to personally welcome the guests, are you New Bai's so poor? If you don't have such a big head, then don't wear such a big hat, and even hold a launch party, isn't this a disgrace?"

        "All right, you guys cut the crap!"

        Shen Yuzhi scolded with an ugly face.

        "Little aunt, little aunt's husband!"

        Bai Yi forced himself to hold back his anger and shouted.

        But Zhu Zhide didn't even look at her, as if he hadn't heard her.

        On the contrary, Shen Yuzhi, worried, went forward and took Bai Yi's hand.

        "Bai Yi, tell my sister-in-law the truth, did you get into trouble?"


        Bai Yi froze, she still didn't know that Lin Chen Tao had struck out at her, so she felt baffled.

        "Little Aunt, what are you talking about? How did I get into trouble?"

        "You're still lying to me? Little Aunt knows all about it, you..."

        Shen Yuzhi wanted to say something else, but Zhu Zhide scolded in no good mood, saying.

        "Shut up if it's your turn to say something that you shouldn't!"

        Shen Yuzhi then sighed and dared not speak up again.

        She was also worried that this might anger Lin Chentao and cause their family to suffer.

        Bai Yi, on the other hand, felt even stranger.

        "Cousin, today is your launch and celebration party, so I've specially prepared a generous gift for you!"

        Zhu Ru said with a sinister smile, staring at Bai Yi as if she was looking at a person who was about to die.

        And Bai Yi couldn't help but freeze:.

        "What kind of generous gift?"

        "Don't worry, it's behind us, we'll be there in a moment! This generous gift, you guys can definitely use it when you wait!"

        Zhu Ru laughed loudly, but with a strong sarcasm in his voice.

        In a short time, a small van drove into the car park, and then a few workers brought down a huge object directly.

        Upon seeing the object, Bai Yi's expression completely distorted, and a strong look of anger appeared in his eyes.

        Because it was a coffin!

        Today, at her new Bai's celebration party, Zhu Ru had actually given her a coffin?

        This was simply a curse on her to die early!

        Immediately, Bai Yi was furious and said angrily.

        "Zhu Ru, what do you mean?"

        Shen Yuzhi, who was at the side, didn't expect her daughter to go so far and was furious:

        "Zhu Ru, what the hell is going on here!"

        Zhu Ru, however, laughed loudly and said.

        "I see that my cousin is going to be dead soon, right? So what's wrong with sending a coffin?"

        "Cousin, I am afraid that you will die without a burial place and wish you a quick death!"

        Bai Yi was so angry that her body shivered.

        This was outrageous!

        She had kindly invited their family, to the launch, and even tried to introduce them to some bigwigs.

        But they, in return, treated her like this?

        They wanted her to die early?

        Immediately, Bai Yi wanted to get angry and drive all these people away.


        Lin Fan grabbed her, and a cold smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

        "This gift is very chic! But I hope you won't regret it later!"


        Zhu Ru and the others instantly looked disdainful and sneered in their hearts.

        "I'm afraid you'll be the ones who regret it later, right?"

        On the other hand, Shen Yuzhi sighed, feeling that she had lost all her face to Zhu Ru.

        However, at that very moment!

        Lin Fan's next words caused them all to fall into dismay.

        Only to see Lin Fan, with a smile on his face, faintly said.

        "Take that coffin and place it in the most conspicuous place in the hall to ensure that everyone can see it!"

Chapter 1464


        All of them had a change of expression, was this guy crazy?

        They thought that Lin Fan and Bai Yi would be completely furious and throw the coffin away, but this guy actually asked to display it?

        Was this not humiliating enough?

        Was this guy, already mad with anger?

        They all felt incredible at this moment!

        "Lin Fan, you..."

        Even Bai Yi couldn't help but freeze, wasn't Lin Fan embarrassing themselves by doing this?

        Once the guests arrived then, they would lose face.

        "Don't worry, I have my own plans! You need to know that those who insult others will always be insulted!"

        Lin Fan said coldly.

        Hearing these words, Zhu Zhide, however, snorted coldly and said unhappily.

        "Then I'd like to see how you can make me suffer humiliation!"

        A punk, how dare he threaten him?

        How dare he eat his heart and leopard's guts!

        With that said!

        Zhu Zhide ignored the two of them and led the crowd into the meeting hall with giant strides.

        There was a strong look of triumph on his face!

        When they arrived at the venue, they saw that the venue was empty, with only a few waiters scattered about.

        "Hahahaha, Bai Yi, it seems that we are your only guests today, you should really be grateful that we still look up to you."

        Zhu Zhi De said meanly, as if coming to this launch was a great gift to Bai Yi.

        And Zhu Ru, who was on the side, gloated and laughed.

        "I'm laughing my ass off, your new Bai's is too pathetic to have a launch party and no one comes."

        "I reckon it's because your cousin has a bad reputation, that's why people don't come."

        Bai Yi was shaking with anger and really wanted to kick this family all out.

        From the moment they appeared, they had insulted her again and again, did they really think she was easy to bully?

        But before Bai Yi could say anything, Lin Fan said in a cold voice.

        "Don't worry about it, all of the guests we invited, no less, will show up."


        Zhu Ru and the others were all stunned, and then a cold smile appeared at the corners of their mouths, as if they had heard a big joke.

        This idiot, probably still didn't know that he had offended Lin Chen Tao, right?

        How naive!

        It would be a hell of a thing if we really had guests!

        Those bigwigs, how could they possibly offend Lin Chen Tao for the sake of a small New Bai?

        "Joke, who are you to have the right to have those bigwigs there? What a lack of self-respect!"

        "Bai Yi, now you know what the sky is the limit, right? It's not that easy to run a company!"

        "If anyone from your new Bai's besides us comes to celebrate your success today, I'll write the three words Zhang Kaiming backwards!"

        All three of them were smug and extremely insulting to Bai Yi.

        Hearing these words, Bai Yi's face turned extremely ugly and she was on the verge of tears of aggression.

        It was already four o'clock and still no one had come to the meeting, so it seemed that just as Zhu Zhide and the others had said, no one would come today.

        But just then!

        A car roared and slammed through the door!

        "President, a guest has arrived!"

        The secretary came in a hurry to report.


        These words instantly caused Zhu Ru's family's expression to change drastically, all of them unable to believe their ears at this time.

        A guest had arrived?

        What a joke!

        Who was so bold as to risk offending Lin Chentao by coming to this bitch's celebration party?


        Bai Yi's eyes also lit up before she quickly walked out, ready to personally welcome the guests.

        In an instant, Zhu Ru and the others' faces turned not so nice, a touch of anger surfacing in their eyes.

        "Let's go, let's also go and see who it is that dares to seek death!"

        And then, a group of people arrived at the entrance!

        At once, they saw one Mercedes Maybach after another, driving into the entrance as far as they could, and then four people dressed in luxurious clothes came down from under the car.

        They were the four great family masters of Jiangnan!

        "So it's the four great family heads! They probably only gave Bai Yi three points of respect because of the face of the King of Blood Prison, and apart from them, no one else would come."

        Zhu Zhide dawned on him, and then said with a contemptuous face.

        "Bai Yi is so shameless, going to bed with men in the venue, and even hooking up with the King of Blood Prison."

        Zhu Ru coldly snorted, actually jealous in her heart, she also wanted to be the lover of the King of Blood Hell, but unfortunately didn't have that kind of life.


        As soon as their words left their mouths, a shocking scene happened!


        Under their incredulous gazes, a car continued to stream in from the end of the road.

        In an instant, the cold and quiet entrance of the hotel was instantly filled with people.

        Each and every one of them was a million-dollar luxury car!

        Some even came directly by private helicopter!

        Everyone's faces were filled with awe and anxiety as they surged towards the entrance of the hotel.

        Zhu Zhide was already dumbfounded and shouted in horror.

        "No way, this can't be!"