Today I Give Up Trying 1461-1462

 Three days later, it happened to be the day when the new Bai's new pneumonia vaccine was launched.

        For this reason, Bai Yi invited the dignified bigwigs throughout Jiangnan to come to this launch and incidentally to attend the dinner.

        And at this time, Lin Fan also received a report from Long Jiu that Lin Chen Tao was in Jiang City!

        And, has given an ultimatum, three days later, no Jiangnan any big brother, to participate in the new White's launch.

        Those who disobeyed the order, that was to be his enemy!

        "That's it?"

        Lin Fan smiled contemptuously and shook his head.

        "I thought that this Lin family's youngest, could have some remarkable tactics, but it turns out that they are all pedestrian."

        "It seems that I was underestimated!"

        Immediately, a murderous intent surfaced between Lin Fan's eyebrows:.

        "You also give me an order to pass down, after three days, the people on the invitation list must attend this launch!"

        "Those who disobey the order are also my enemies! I want to see if they are afraid of the Lin family youngest, or afraid of the Lin seat!"


        And at this time!

        Zhu family, also received the invitation!

        "Zhu Ru, your cousin has a launch party tomorrow and invited us, let's go together."

        Shen Yuzhi said with a face full of joy.

        "Her pneumonia vaccine will be launched soon, this is a good thing that will benefit the world, this girl is so brilliant, you have to learn more from her."


        Zhu Ru's face instantly turned ugly, her heart was going crazy with jealousy.

        She used to despise Bai Yi, thinking that she had married a loser, but now she was the president and the co-owner of Jiangnan, and she had developed a vaccine that would benefit all of humanity.

        Compared to her, she is not a dog's ass and is fiercely compared to her.

        This made her heart carry a strong resentment.

        "I'm not going! That bitch's current status was all earned by sleeping with men, it's disgusting! I'm not going to be in the same room with her."

        Zhu Ru said in disgust, deliberately using this to hide her jealousy.

        "You! What are you talking about! Bai Yi is not that kind of person, she is your cousin anyway, how can you say that about her?"

        Shen Yuzhi was so angry that her body was trembling, and she wanted to give Zhu Ru a few slaps.

        But Zhu Ru laughed coldly and said sarcastically.

        "Isn't it? Otherwise, how could she have made the entire Jiangnan bend her ear in just half a year's time?"

        "By the Bai family, by the Shen family?"


        Shen Yuzhi was at a loss for words, in fact, she also felt that Bai Yi's sudden change was a bit unbelievable.

        But she still felt that Bai Yi did not look like that kind of person.

        At that moment, Shen Yuzhi coldly ordered.

        "Anyway, you are not allowed to talk about your cousin like that in the future, don't forget the pain after the wound!"

        "Snort, make it seem like who likes to talk about her!" Zhu Ru returned with an impatient face.

        At this time, Zhu Zhide came back, and seeing the mother and daughter's red faces, he asked suspiciously.

        "What's wrong with you two mothers?"

        Seeing Zhu Zhide, Zhu Ru suddenly looked as if she had seen a mountain of support and smiled badly, saying.

        "Dad, mom asked me to go to Bai Yi's bitch's launch party, do you think we should go?"


        Unexpectedly, upon hearing this, Zhu Zhide's expression instantly changed wildly and looked at Shen Yuzhi angrily.

        "You're going to attend that bitch's launch, are you trying to get our family killed?"

        The look in his eyes was as if he was about to eat someone!


        Shen Yuzhi couldn't help but freeze as well, stammering and saying.

        "Isn't it just attending a launch party? It's not that serious, right?"

        Just attending a conference?


        Zhu Zhide roared like a madman.

        "Do you know that now Bai Yi is a plague, everyone respects and stays away!"

        "Just a moment ago, I just received the news that this time, a big shot ordered not to attend her launch, or else you are an enemy of that big shot!"

        "Do you know who that big shot is? He is the youngest of the Lin family, Lin Chentao!"

Chapter 1462


        Upon hearing these words, everyone in the room, was completely scared silly!

        The Lin family's youngest, Lin Chentao?

        That was the most powerful person in the entire Lin family's young generation!

        He could have relied on his family, but he had to join the army, and relied on his own ability, step by step, to sit in the position of war general!

        Now, he is recognized as the most favorite successor of the Lin family!

        He is also the most valued by the Lin family's old man!

        He wants to make things difficult for Bai Yi?

        Shen Yuzhi was also stunned and said uneasily.

        "Did you hear wrong, that kind of existence, how could he make things difficult for a small person like Bai Yi?"

        This is too unbelievable!

        It made her feel unrealistic!


        Zhu Zhide, however, coldly snorted and angrily rebuked, saying.

        "Now that the whole Jiangnan has been rumored, how could it be false? If you let us attend that launch, you're pushing our family into the fire, do you want us to die?"


        The words were so sharp that Shen Yuzhi was speechless!

        And aside, Zhang Kaiming and Zhu Ru heard this news, their hearts went crazy with joy.

        That bitch, she finally got her comeuppance!

        She really deserved it!

        Even if she had nine lives, Bai Yi would have to die for offending Lin Chen Tao!

        At that moment, Zhu Ru gloated and said.

        "Dad, in my opinion, we have to attend this conference!"


        Zhu Zhide's face sank and he asked unhappily.


        "Of course I'm going to see their good show!"

        Zhu Ru laughed loudly and said.

        "Dad, have you forgotten how that bitch disgraced our family in the first place? How can we miss such a good opportunity to fall on the well?"

        And Zhang Kaiming, who was on the side, also made a bad move by saying.

        "Uncle, I also think Zhu Ru has a point, going to that launch party, maybe we can also have a chance to get to know that Younger Lin?"

        As soon as he heard this, Zhu Zhide was somewhat moved, he could see that Lin Chentao hated Bai Yi, otherwise he wouldn't have personally taught such a small person a lesson.

        When the time came, he also humiliated Bai Yi in public as a way to please Lin Chen Tao, maybe he could really get to know that top young man.

        "You guys... How can you guys do this?"

        Shen Yuzhi was so angry that her body trembled:.

        "Bai Yi has already been like this, even if you guys don't sympathize, you even fell on the well, I don't care about you guys!"

        With that, she was so angry that she went back to her room and viciously slammed the door behind her with a loud bang.

        "Don't mind her, old woman, her hair is long and her eyes are short."

        Zhu Zhide snorted coldly, and then looked at Zhu Ru with a smile.

        "Good daughter, you're right, this is a great opportunity to soar to greatness, we must not miss it!"

        Zhu Ru also smiled wistfully and said.

        "Dad, since we have to attend someone's launch, we have to prepare a generous gift!"

        "Or let Younger Lin, see the sincerity of our Zhu family!"


        Three days later, the conference went on as usual.

        But surprisingly, not even a single reporter appeared, let alone the bigwigs of Jiangnan.

        Bai Yi stood at the door, a look of hope, face can not hide that nervousness and anxiety.

        The time she set was 12:00 noon, but now it's already 3:00 p.m. and there's still no one there.

        "Lin Fan, do you think they will not come?"

        Bai Yi asked worriedly.

        On the other hand, Lin Fan was old and calm, smiling confidently and said.

        "Don't worry, they wouldn't dare?"

        Don't dare?

        Bai Yi froze, thinking that he had heard wrong.

        "You're just talking nonsense, what wouldn't they dare? Don't think I don't know anything, people also call me Jiangnan Co-Master because of the face of the King of Blood Prison, do you think they really consider me as Jiangnan Co-Master?"

        Bai Yi lost her voice, she also knew that her ability was not particularly outstanding, plus she did not have much background.

        How could those bigwigs really put her in their eyes?


        Lin Fan still had that careless look:.

        "If I say they wouldn't dare, they wouldn't dare!"