Today I Give Up Trying 1459-1460

 Chapter 1459


        Lin Fan then looked at Kou Jianghuai in confusion.

        "What makes you so sure?"

        He wanted to see how Kou Jianghuai was going to convince him.

        Kou Jianghuai then took a deep breath and said.

        "The leader of the lord now is Lin Chentao!"


        Three simple words brought back extremely painful memories for Lin Fan!

        It caused his eyes to completely fill with blood!

        Lin Chentao, the youngest of the Lin family!

        And he was also Lin Fan's mother's enemy!

        All the time, Lin Fan didn't want to break him into pieces, but after returning to China, he could never find him.

        It turned out that he had joined the army and hid in the Kingpin Legion.

        In this instant, all the members of the Dragon's Teeth tensed up, their faces flushed with dismay.

        They had been in the battlefield for a long time, but this was the first time they had felt such a strong murderous aura.

        It was as if that murderous aura had turned into substance, allowing them to smell a subtle hint of blood.

        Everyone looked at Lin Fan nervously, knowing that at this time, Lin Zuo was already out of control in full force, and it would not be surprising if he killed them at this time.

        After a long time, Lin Fan calmed down and said.

        "I, for one, promise to be your chief instructor!"


        This time, it was Kou Jianghuai's and the others' turn to boil over, as a thick ecstasy surfaced in those eyes!

        "You... Are you telling the truth?"

        With Lin Zuo as their instructor, they believed that in just a month's time, Dragon's Teeth could complete a qualitative transformation!


        Lin Fan, however, turned his words around and said.

        "But, there is one condition! I will help you Dragon Teeth win the championship, but I want to kill Lin Chen Tao on the spot!"


        The crowd's expressions were hesitant, wouldn't this be tying Dragon's Teeth, and Lin Fan together?

        One had to know that today's Lin Chen Tao's position in the Lords was by no means ordinary, if he was killed, it would be like declaring war with the Lords completely.

        From now on, the Kingpin and the Dragon's Teeth would never die!

        Seeing their hesitation, Lin Fan smiled.

        "It seems that you guys aren't as hardened as you thought, if you want an empty glove, then you've found the wrong person!"

        With that said!

        Lin Fan simply got up and intended to leave.

        "Lin Fan, stay!"

        Kou Jianghuai shouted Lin Fan to stop, and then gritted his teeth and said.

        "We, are willing to agree to your conditions and work together to eradicate Lin Chentao!"


        And just shortly after Lin Fan left, Li Quan received a call from Dong Mingfeng.

        Seeing his phone number, Li Quan hated it with a passion.

        If it wasn't for him, how could he have offended Lin Fan, and now a good money-spinner was forced to give it away.

        After picking up the phone, Dong Mingfeng's laughing voice came from the other end.

        "Dong Li, how did it go, when is that little starlet going to sleep with me?"

        "To bed? Get your mother to accompany you!"

        Li Quan's nose was almost crooked, and he cursed directly.

        I've lost my company, and you're still thinking of playing with women?


        Dong Mingfeng on the other end didn't seem to expect Li Quan to scold him, so he obviously froze for a moment.

        And then his face suddenly became not so good: "Dong Li, you're not thinking of playing with women.

        "Li Dong, what do you mean by that? You dare not do what I have explained?"

        The words were already carrying a threat in them.

        He also didn't expect that the other party would suddenly flip out, yesterday they had clearly had a good talk, but now Li Quan not only flipped out, he even dared to scold him?

        "Who are you, I'll do what you tell me to do? Do you know that because of you, you son of a bitch, I've been victimised by you!"

        Li Quan said furiously, he now had a belly full of evil anger and didn't dare to vent it on Lin Zuo, but naturally he wouldn't give Dong Mingfeng a good face.

        "In that case, you don't even have the big young man in your sights?"

        Dong Mingfeng at the other end was also getting more and more annoyed, this damn dog, how dare he be so arrogant?

        Had he eaten his heart and leopard's guts?

        How dare he even disobey the Eldest Young Master's orders?


        Li Quan, however, sneered.

        "I don't know anything about the youngest or the youngest, I only know that you're all going to die soon!"

Chapter 1460

The young master?

        He also knew that the backers behind Dong Mingfeng were not small, but how could they compare to Lin Zuo?

        In Li Quan's opinion, if Dong Mingfeng and the people behind him had offended Lin Zuo, it was hard to say whether they could get their lives back, so why should he be afraid of them?


        Hearing these words, Dong Mingfeng was completely enraged: "Good!

        "Good! Li Quan, you have the guts! How dare you insult the young master like that!"

        "I'd like to see how many lives you can have!"

        Li Quan laughed loudly and nodded on the other side of the phone.

        "Good, I'll be waiting for you!"


        Dong Mingfeng was completely dumbfounded when he heard these words.

        How was this possible?

        Li Quan was actually not afraid at all, and every single word was thick with taunting and smugness.

        This... How was this possible!

        At that moment, he also realised that something was wrong and said in a deep voice.

        "What the hell is going on?"

        Before, Li Quan had been as obsequious as a dog in front of them.

        But now, he was so arrogant and uncaring that he even dared to insult the eldest young man, this must be what had happened.


        Li Quan, however, only sneered.

        "You don't need to know so much, all you need to know is that you will soon be a dead man!"

        Li Quan was not going to tell them that Lin Fan was Lin Zha, he was going to make Li Quan and the others completely desperate.

        Having lost a company himself, he was going to make them both pay for their lives!


        The phone, was hung up straight away!

        And Dong Mingfeng, on the other end, was frozen like a wooden chicken, the expression on his face was like he had seen a ghost.

        Li Quan's performance was so perverse that he actually felt the slightest bit uneasy.

        At that moment!

        He then turned his head back and looked at the man sitting on the sofa!

        That man, with his handsome face and masculine temperament, had a number of scars on his face, which added a bit of ferocity to him!

        But even this could not conceal his innate majesty, which belonged to a man in authority.

        He was like a lord!

        His sinister gaze was so fierce that one dared not look straight at him!

        "Young master, Li Quan not only refused to do what we said, he even insulted that you were about to die!"

        This man in front of him was the backer behind Dong Mingfeng!

        It was also the man Lin Fan had dreamed of killing, Lin Chentao!


        Hearing these words, Lin Chen Tao's brow furrowed and a hostile aura wiped across his brow, but he forced down his anger and asked.

        "Did he say what the reason was?"

        Dong Mingfeng shook his head and said.

        "No, but from what he said, it means that he told us to wash our necks and wait for death."

        "Eldest young man, do you think this could be because of Lin Fan?"


        Lin Chen Tao instantly turned to Dong Mingfeng and cast a fierce, icy gaze.

        It seemed to be very jealous of the name!

        And when Dong Mingfeng saw this, he also sweatdropped and hurriedly lowered his head, shivering as he said.

        "I'm sorry, Eldest Young Master... I... I've lost my tongue! That trash, how could he possibly have finished you off, Eldest Young Master?"

        He must have gone mad to think that that trash, Lin Fan, could kill the young master?

        Lin Chentao was an emperor who reigned high above the rest, the existence most likely to inherit the Lin family business in the future, he was like a superstar.

        Lin Fan was just a punk who relied on women to eat soft food, what qualifications did he have to compare with the eldest young man?

        Only then did Lin Chen Tao's anger subside by a few points, while sneering.

        "Originally, I didn't want to personally take on a punk like that, because I was afraid of getting my hands dirty."

        "But now, it seems that I am forced to take action."

        At those words!

        Dong Mingfeng instantly showed a wildly joyful expression and said in shock.

        "Eldest Young Master, you are going to personally take action? If you were to really take action personally, then even if that trash Lin Fan had three heads and six arms, he would still be certain to die!"

        Who was Lin Chentao?

        The future heir of the Lin family, the youngest and most promising battle general of the Lords Legion.

        If he wanted to kill Lin Fan, it wouldn't be as easy as a snap?

        At that time, even that divine Doctor Lin would be no match for him!

        At that moment, Lin Chen Tao smiled wryly.

        "In three days, prepare a big gift for me to give to the New Bai!"