Today I Give Up Trying 1453-1454

  Chapter 1453

Hearing this, Zhang Yichen's face was ugly, hitting her woman in front of her, it was no different from hitting her face in public.

        "Fay Wang, I don't want to argue with you, I'm here to find Li Quan, please move aside!"

        Zhang Yichen said with a cold face.


        "Arguing with me? Do you have the qualifications now?"

        Wang Fei Fei, however, still had a disdainful face.

        "The chairman is busy right now and doesn't want to see you, please hurry up and get lost!"


        Zhang Yichen's face turned green with anger, this feeling of being bitten by her own dog was really disgusting to her.

        She had single-handedly promoted Faye Wang, but once she lost her power, she not only stole all her advertisements and film contracts, but even hated to trample her under her feet in general.

        At this moment, Lin Fan swept a faint glance at Faye Wang.

        "You may not be clear, it's not up to him to decide whether to see or not, but right now, he has to see!"


        Faye Wang looked at Lin Fan in confusion, and when she saw Lin Fan's poor clothes, she immediately laughed.

        "Where did you come from, poor bastard, do you have the right to speak here?"

        Immediately afterwards, she looked at Zhang Yichen in a playful manner and sneered.

        "Zhang Yichen, is this the backer you've found? A stinking beggar? Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk."

        "Usually you look like an ice-crystal, but in private you are any kind of man? Do you fans know that you're actually a rotten piece of shit?"


        Zhang Yichen directly exploded and opened her teeth and claws to fight with the other party.

        Only, before she could make a move!


        A slap was then fiercely smacked on Faye Wang's face, causing her to fall to the ground with a miserable scream and lose a few of her incisors.

        Xiao Mei was stunned, thinking to herself that this guy was still a bit of a man, not as bad as the rumours said.

        "You... You dare to hit me?"

        Wang Fei Fei's eyes were filled with hatred, she was now a big celebrity in front of the chairman, who in the whole agency had to look at her face?

        But today she let a punk beat her up?

        "I still dare to kill you, do you believe me?"

        Lin Fan's eyes flashed with a steaming killing intent as he stared at Fay Wang with ill intent.

        Faye Wang was instantly startled, she could feel that this madman was not joking.

        "What's all this nonsense?"

        At this time, the door of the office was pushed open and an old man with a gloomy face walked out.

        He was Li Quan, the chairman of Hua Entertainment.

        Seeing that her saviour had come, Faye Wang immediately cried out and grabbed Li Quan's hand:.

        "Chairman, you have to do something for me, Zhang Yichen brought his wild man to beat me up, I still have to shoot commercials in the next few days, look at my current state, how can I still shoot?"


        Li Quan's face immediately turned gloomy and he looked at Zhang Yichen angrily.

        "Zhang Yichen, are you giving up your face? Do you really think that just because you're a diva, I can't do anything to you? Do you believe that one word from me will make you unable to stay in this circle?"

        At those words!

        Xiao Mei instantly looked nervous, while Fay Wang gloated and laughed, staring coldly at Zhang Yichen.

        Lin Fan stood out and looked at Li Quan coldly.

        "Don't believe me!"

        Li Quan, who already had a stomach full of fire, immediately burst into flames:.

        "Who are you?"

        "Lin Fan!"

        Hearing this name, Li Quan visibly froze before he laughed sarcastically :

        "So it's you punk, you've had enough of soft rice at President Bai's place and want to come to me this time to suffer?"

        Eating soft rice?

        Wang Fei Fei despised Zhang Yichen even more, so many bigwigs had shown their love to her, but she had found a soft rice eater, what kind of vision.

        But Lin Fan acted as if he hadn't heard the other party's insult and said with a calm expression.

        "I've come to ask you to retract the order to fire Zhang Yichen!"


        Li Quan immediately let out a loud laugh, as if he had heard a big joke: "You can take it back?

        "You can retract it when you say so? What kind of a person are you? Who are you to teach me how to do things?"


        Lin Fan's next words completely brought the atmosphere down to freezing point.

        Only Lin Fan smiled faintly and said.

        "I'm not teaching you to do things, I'm ordering you to do things!"

Chapter 1454


        Everyone was completely dumbfounded at this point, and they all wondered if their ears were hallucinating.

        A trash, ordering Li Quan to do something?

        Wasn't that seeking death?

        Who was Li Quan? He was a well-known entrepreneur, who had come to Jiangnan with a hundred dollars in his pocket and was now worth over a hundred billion dollars.

        His industries are all over the world, and his entertainment company is just one of his many subsidiaries.

        Lin Fan, a son-in-law, ordering him to do things?

        Not to mention Wang Fei Fei, even Xiao Mei thought that Lin Fan was crazy.

        "Zhang Yichen, where did you find that comedian? He dares to order the chairman of the board, he doesn't even take a piss and look at himself!"

        Wang Fei Fei laughed with extreme sarcasm.

        "Rubbish, now not only is Zhang Yichen going to be finished, you are also dead!"

        With Li Quan's character, he would never let Lin Fan go.

        "Dog, you want to die?"

        Li Quan's eyes were filled with hatred, no one had ever dared to speak to him like that before.

        Immediately, he was completely enraged and roared.

        "Security guards, where the hell are they? Beat this scum into a cripple!"

        A piece of shit, pretending to be in front of him?

        You're looking for death!

        At these words, Faye Wang laughed extremely happily, her eyes glaring at Lin Fan with resentment.

        "Yes, yes, Chairman, this kind of brat who doesn't know the limits of heaven should definitely not be spared lightly! He must be crippled!"


        Zhang Yichen, however, frowned and stepped forward, saying.

        "Li Quan, I advise you not to do that."

        After all, she had worked with Li Quan for so many years, there was still some benevolence and she didn't want to see Li Quan seeking his own death.

        However, Li Quan did not think so, and he looked at Zhang Yichen with a cold smile.

        "Zhang Yichen, it's a pity that you only know you're wrong now, but it's too late!"

        "But Dong Mingfeng has also said that as long as you, the diva, are willing to accompany him for one night, he can let you off without any blame!"


        Zhang Yichen's face suddenly turned gloomy, asking her to sleep with him?

        What did these people take her for?

        "You don't need to dream, I won't submit to you even if I die."

        Zhang Yichen's voice instantly turned cold and stern.

        She had been kind enough to save Li Quan's life, but Li Quan thought that they were afraid of him?

        Even using Lin Fan as blackmail!


        Hearing these words, Li Quan then snorted coldly.

        "If you give me face, then you can watch your concubine being crippled by me!"

        "Do it!"

        A group of security guards came over with batons, intending to take care of Lin Fan.


        But at that moment, the lift doors suddenly rang, and a group of people dressed in Zhongshan uniforms walked out with big strides.

        From the stance and footsteps, one could tell that these people were from the military!

        They didn't even look at Li Quan and the others, their eyes just rested on Lin Fan's body.

        It was as if Lin Fan was the only one in their eyes!

        Lin Fan couldn't help but frown as well, his gaze falling on the badges on their chests.

        People from the Dragon's Teeth, had they arrived so soon?

        And then, a group of elites from the Dragon's Teeth walked towards Lin Fan in large strides, all of them half-kneeling in front of him.

        "We, the people, see Seat Lin!"


        The entire scene was instantly plunged into an eerie silence.

        This instant, it was as if even the air had become harsh.

        Seeing this, Li Quan and the others all froze, those pairs of eyes were as if they had seen a ghost, carrying a thick sense of disbelief.

        Who the hell were these people, and why were they kneeling in front of Lin Fan as soon as he arrived?

        They weren't dreaming, were they?

        This trash was worthy of such respectful treatment?

        Especially, when they saw these people's expressions of awe to the extreme, it was almost as if they were looking at a god.

        This was too unbelievable!

        However, facing these members of the Dragon's Teeth, Lin Fan was indifferent to the extreme and gently nodded his head.