Today I Give Up Trying 1451-1452

  Chapter 1451

Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders and laughed.

        "I didn't do anything!"

        And then, it was at Dong Qianqiu and the others that he cast a threatening glance.

        Dong Qianqiu immediately shivered, and then weakly said.

        "It's Divine Doctor Lin, the news of our attempt to forcibly acquire the New Bai Clan made Divine Doctor Lin aware of it, and he warned us that if we couldn't appease Mr. Lin and Miss Bai Yi, we would let our Dong family lose all our money!"

        Dong Qianqiu's attitude was respectful to the extreme.

        And these words finally made Bai Yi react to the fact that it was Divine Doctor Lin who had struck.

        It was no wonder, after all, they, the New Bai Clan, had partnered with Divine Doctor Lin, and if Dong's Medicine wanted to acquire them, they naturally could not bypass Divine Doctor Lin.


        At this time, Bai Yi felt that he was too lucky to have one precious person after another.

        Now, Dong's Medicine, the behemoth of the pharmaceutical world, was kneeling before her, begging for her forgiveness, which was like a dream.

        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan was pointing at Dong Mingfeng and said.

        "This person I dislike very much, kick him out of Dong's Medicine and I will let Divine Doctor Lin spare you."


        Dong Mingfeng's expression changed wildly, this trash was actually planning to kick himself out of Dong's Medicine?

        This trash was just using the name of Divine Doctor Lin to pretend to be a tiger. Without the support of Divine Doctor Lin, the couple was nothing.

        How dare he incite the fire and make his father expel him from the family?

        Damn it!

        "Fine, I promise you!"

        Only, Dong Qianqiu did not even think about it and agreed in one breath.

        This was the only way to preserve their Dong family, and he had no choice!

        "Dad... You!"

        Dong Mingfeng's eyes were then filled with consternation, what had he just heard, his father had actually agreed to do so?

        He was really planning to expel himself from the family?

        He was not dreaming, was he?

        Dong Mingfeng was completely dumbfounded, he was the youngest master of the Dong family, the future heir, and he was going to be swept away just because Lin Fan didn't like him?

        No... Impossible!

        Instantly, Dong Mingfeng was saying with a resentful expression.

        "Is it just a divine Doctor Lin? What's there to be afraid of? Behind me stands an existence that is a hundred times more terrifying than him! I don't believe that a doctor like him would dare to do anything to me!"

        "Kid, don't think that because you have Dr. Lin backing you up, you're something! As long as I want to, one word and you won't see the sun tomorrow! I advise you better not be aggressive!"

        This time, he had concealed his family and quietly come to talk to Bai Yi about cooperation, also because of the instructions of the person behind him.

        The backer behind him had a background so strong that it was unimaginable, even Divine Doctor Lin could not match it.

        "Rebel son! How dare you talk nonsense? Apologise to me to Mr. Lin immediately!"

        Dong Qianqiu was going crazy with anger.

        The matter had come to this, and Dong Mingfeng was still stubborn, this was simply seeking death!

        Did he really think that this man in front of him wouldn't dare to kill him?


        At this time, Dong Mingfeng could not listen to anyone's words, and coldly snorted.

        "You are afraid of him, but I am not! I'm not afraid of him, but I'm not afraid of him!"

        With that!

        He stared at Lin Fan with arrogance.

        "Tell your Divine Doctor Lin that if he wants to die, then he can continue to meddle in his own affairs!"

        After saying that, he walked out of the Bai family without looking back, with an overbearing and superior appearance.

        Seeing this!

        Dong Qianqiu also smiled bitterly.

        "I'm sorry, Mr. Lin, my family is unfortunate to have produced such a madman and offended you!"


        Lin Fan, however, laughed coldly and looked deeply at Dong Qianqiu, saying.

        "Don't worry! Since you can't teach him, then I'm sure Divine Doctor Lin, will be happy to do it for him!"

Chapter 1452

By the next day, not surprisingly the thing Lin Fan feared had happened.

        Long Jiu called to tell Lin Fan that Zhang Yichen had been fired from his own agency.

        And the person who caused all this was Dong Mingfeng!

        "How dare you seek death."

        Lin Fan coldly snorted, and then he directly rode his own electric bike and headed towards Zhang Yichen's agency.

        When he arrived at the agency, Lin Fan saw Zhang Yichen packing up her things.

        "Brother Lin, what brings you here?"

        Seeing Lin Fan, Zhang Yichen asked with some surprise.

        Lin Fan frowned and said unhappily.

        "Why didn't you tell me when something so big happened?"

        Zhang Yichen just smiled and said.

        "It's not a big deal, so I can't keep bothering you, right? Besides, I was planning to jump ship, but it's just ahead of schedule."

        At these words, Lin Fan was inevitably a little heartbroken, how could he not see that Zhang Yichen didn't want him to blame himself, that's why he didn't tell him about it.

        "Surnamed Lin, you're a bad luck, after knowing you, Sister Yi Chen has been unlucky!"

        At this time, Zhang Yichen's assistant Xiao Mei jumped out to accuse Lin Fan.

        "It's all because of you that it's come to this now! You're such a scourge, it's not enough that you've wrecked President Bai, but you're also wrecking Sister Aichen, why don't you go to hell!"

        Xiao Mei hated Lin Fan to the core at this moment, those eyes were filled with tears of grief and anger.

        Being a diva and being swept off her feet was such a shame, yet Zhang Yichen didn't even tell him in order to keep Lin Fan from worrying?

        This trash, what qualifications did he have to make her sister Yichen so devoted to him?

        Upon hearing these words, Zhang Yichen's face instantly turned cold and she angrily rebuked him, saying.

        "Xiao Mei, don't talk nonsense!"

        But Xiao Mei no longer cared and said with hatred.

        "Sister Aichen, he's done this to you, and you're still speaking for him?"

        "Shut up! Or you'll get the hell out of here!"

        Zhang Yichen angrily scolded, before looking at Lin Fan with an apologetic expression.

        "Brother Lin, don't be normal with her, she's young and doesn't know any better."

        And Lin Fan only smiled bitterly and shook his head.

        "What she said is the truth isn't it? It was my fault in the first place..."


        Immediately, Zhang Yichen panicked and wanted to say something else, but Lin Fan waved his hand.

        "Don't worry, leave the rest to me out, you won't be expelled today!"

        "Just you?"

        Xiao Mei looked at Lin Fan angrily and snorted.

        "A door-to-door son-in-law, how dare you speak out, aren't you afraid that the wind will blow your tongue out?"

        It was the chairman's decision to fire Zhang Yichen, what could Lin Fan, a son-in-law, change?

        What could Lin Fan, a son-in-law, do to change anything?

        "If you go to him at this time, you won't just be fired, you'll probably be banned!"

        However, Zhang Yichen ignored her discouragement and looked at Lin Fan with a smile.

        "Brother Lin, I trust you!"

        And then, the two of them were heading towards the chairman's office together.

        Only, they had only reached the door when they were stopped by a woman.

        "Yo, isn't this our diva of Hwa Entertainment? Oh no, it should be the over-the-top diva."

        The woman, dressed in a flamboyant and heavily made-up manner, living like a third-party lady, with a hint of milky liquid hanging from her mouth, walked out of the chairman's office.

        At this moment, she was looking at Zhang Yichen with a taunting look.

        "Wang Fei Fei, do you have any conscience, when you were still a newcomer, who took care of you and introduced you to drama shoots? Now you're even falling on your sword?"

        Xiao Mei was instantly furious and scolded angrily at the other party.

        This Wang Fei Fei, who had been promoted by Zhang Yichen, had turned out to be ungrateful when Zhang Yichen was no longer in the limelight, and now she was even throwing stones at the well.

        She is simply worse than an animal.


        Wang Fei Fei immediately frowned, and then fiercely slapped Xiao Mei's face.

        This slap directly knocked Xiao Mei dumbfounded, and a slap mark was immediately added to her cheek.

        Xiao Mei's eyes were tearing up with aggression as she glared at Faye Wang and said.

        "Who are you to hit me?"

        Faye Wang sneered and said contemptuously.

        "A little assistant, how dare you tell me what to do? Do you really think your master is still the Queen of Heaven?"

        "I don't even care about your master, what are you?"