Today I Give Up Trying 1447-1448

 Chapter 1447

And at that moment!

        After Lin Fan left the hotel, he went straight back to his house.


        Just open the door, is to see a middle-aged man sitting in their living room, arrogant attitude, eyebrows lightly raised, a look like I "the world invincible".

        He was so arrogant that he was overbearing!

        "President Bai, you are simply a pig brain! Since you have already mastered the formula that can cure the new pneumonia, this time you should invite celebrities to promote it, and then stock up on it in large quantities, starve marketing to hype up its price!"

        "By then, a vaccine can be sold for ten thousand dollars, and various countries around the world still have to buy it, so how much money can be transferred by then!"

        Said, the other party also looked at Bai Yi with a playful face:.

        "I think, with your President Bai's means, it should not be difficult to break through the major sales channels, right?"

        Nowadays in Jiangnan, who didn't know that Bai Yi was a woman with means and had climbed into the beds of many bigwigs?

        At those words!

        A wave of anger rose in Bai Yi's heart at once:.

        "Mr. Dong Mingfeng, we, the New Bai's, are producing a new vaccine for pneumonia to save lives, not to make money!"

        Now the country is in crisis, it is the time when the vaccine is needed, but Dong Mingfeng is bent on using this opportunity to make money from the national disaster, it is simply worse than an animal!

        Dong Mingfeng, this person is the biological son of Dong Qianqiu, the youngest master of the Dong family!


        She is here to seek Bai Yi's cooperation!

        But, instead of cooperation, it's more like a plot to misbehave.

        Dong Qianqiu at least intended to buy the formula, while he Dong Mingfeng...

        The first thing you need to do is to go to the bathroom.

        At that moment, Dong Mingfeng was contemptuous smile.

        "Save people? Don't come! Selling medicine is not to make money, to earn a shout?"

        "All right, I'm not going to talk nonsense with you, tell the truth, our Dong's medicine has taken a fancy to your formula!"

        "I think you should know that our Dong's Medicine is a pharmaceutical family, and the Dong's Group even occupies fifty percent of the market of Chinese medicine, as long as you cooperate with us and develop this formula together, I guarantee that you will sweep the Chinese world and hit the international scene!"

        Dong Mingfeng's face with a strong pride!

        As if his Dong's medicine, is omnipotent.


        Bai Yi was impatient.

        "Then what?"

        Just from Dong Mingfeng's words and actions, she could already tell that this person was a treacherous businessman, so she was not willing to cooperate with Dong Mingfeng at all.

        She was not willing to cooperate with him and make a fortune together!


        Seeing Bai Yi so disdainful, Dong Mingfeng ton frowned, a trace of anger surfaced in his eyes.

        "It's very simple, you only need to pay for the technology, the rest will be left to us to take care of, when the time comes thirty-seven split, you just wait to collect the money! Of course, it's us seven you three!"

        Hearing this!

        Bai Yi just feel like laughing, the other party really treats her as a fledgling girl?

        After so many things, she was not the same Bai Yi long ago.

        The first to pull her into the game in the name of cooperation, followed by the technology sharing as a reason to share the formula, followed by the formula and then kicked her out of the game, the formula name changed to become their Dong family's things.

        When the time comes, not to mention the 30%, a dime she do not want to get!

        So at once, Bai Yi face like frost, coldly under the expulsion order said.

        "Mr. Dong, please!"

Chapter 1448


        Dong Mingfeng's expression instantly changed wildly, as if he didn't expect Bai Yi to refuse!

        To receive money without doing anything, who could refuse such a good thing that fell from the sky?

        It seems!

        He had underestimated this girl!

        At that moment, he changed his tone.

        "President Bai Yi, do you think the price is too low?"

        "Then how about this, how about a 40/60 split? This is the last concession I can make, after all, when the time comes, development, sales, advertising and so on will have to be responsible for us, this is a considerable investment!"

        Immediately after!

        He made an extremely painful appearance!

        "If President Bai is not willing to agree to this, then I will have to say goodbye!"

        This move to retreat as an advance, he is considered to have played extremely pure, he believes that this time Bai Yi has no reason to refuse.

        Bai Yi just wanted to dare to refuse, but not wait for her to open her mouth, a cold voice, is resounding!

        "I don't think it's good!"


        The two people in the room looked towards the place where the voice came from!

        When he saw Lin Fan, Dong Mingfeng was obviously stunned, and then a touch of contempt appeared on his face.

        He could tell at a glance that the man in front of him was Bai Yi's wasteful son-in-law!

        "Bai Yi, this is that wasteful son-in-law of your family, right? Your Bai family is so uncultured, allowing a dog to casually interrupt!"

        His expression was one of contempt to the extreme.

        It was obvious that he didn't even put Lin Fan in his eyes.

        Upon hearing these words, Bai Yi burst into flames and roared.

        "Dong Mingfeng, keep your mouth clean! Lin Fan is my husband, if you dare to insult him, get out of my house right now!"

        At this moment, Lin Fan, however, also smiled contemptuously.

        "Your Dong's Medicine, is it very impressive?"


        Dong Mingfeng obviously froze, and then he said with an arrogant face.

        "You punk, you don't even know about my Dong's Medicine?"

        "I, Dong's Medicine, have been number one in medicine sales for thirty years in a row, and have developed over a hundred kinds of medicines, and control several listed companies under it.

        At that moment, he thought that Lin Fan did not know about their Dong's Medicine, so he asked this question.

        But he didn't know that Lin Fan was mocking!

        Lin Fan, however, had an indifferent expression and asked with a smile.

        "Then, how does it compare to Pill Elder?"


        Dong Mingfeng's face instantly became extremely ugly, even if their Dong's Medicine was amazing, they wouldn't dare to compare with Medicine Elder!

        Lin Fan, was he deliberately slapping him in the face?

        "Pill Elder, for the Chinese divine doctor, virtuous and respected, peach and plum all over the world! Who can be compared to him in the whole of China, except for the White Bone Sage? This question of yours is simply ridiculous!"

        Their Dong family and Medicine Master, that's not even on the same level!

        Lin Fan comparing the Dong Family was simply humiliating the Dong Family.

        "Fine! Then, instead of mentioning the Medicine Elder, we'll mention your Dong Family!"

        Lin Fan smiled faintly and asked.

        "What rank are you in the Dong Family, the oldest?"

        Right away!

        Dong Mingfeng was full of pride and said.

        "I am the eldest son of the Dong family, the son of the Dong family head, besides him, of course I am number one!"


        Lin Fan, who heard this, said with a disdainful expression.

        "So, only ranked second! But your Dong family, the one who is ranked number one would have to kneel down and bow when he sees me!"

        "What are you, worthy of talking to me about a thirty-seventh share?"


        The atmosphere exploded when these words were spoken!

        Bai Yi and Dong Minghua, completely dumbfounded!

        The Dong family's senior had to kneel and salute when he saw Lin Fan?

        What kind of crazy talk is this kid talking about?

        Even Bai Yi felt that Lin Fan had blown it out of proportion!

        He was a son-in-law, what qualifications did he have to make the Dong family's highly respected old man kneel and bow down?

        It was ridiculous!

        At that moment, Dong Mingfeng was completely furious, and his eyes were filled with resentment as he stared at Lin Feng: "President Bai, I'm so kind.

        "President Bai, I came here with good intentions to seek your cooperation! Even if you don't appreciate it, you still dare to insult our Dong's Medicine, you are too arrogant!"

        "Since you are determined to seek death, then don't blame me for being ruthless!"

        "Dong's takeover of New Bai's will start tomorrow! You guys, prepare to lose all your money!"