Today I Give Up Trying 1445-1446

 Chapter 1445


        Dong Qianqiu, completely exploded!

        Eyes rounded, every pore of his body, trembling madly!

        Global Group!

        The world's top three super plutocrats!

        It is said that the financial power of the Global Group is enough to influence the economy of a country!

        It is even enough to buy a small country!

        The wealth is so strong that it's terrifying!

        Not to mention one Dong Group, even if ten, a hundred! It's not even a matter of words!

        "No... Impossible!"

        Dong Qianqiu immediately shivered, looking like his parents had died.

        A single phone call would allow this super plutocrat to lay hands on their Dong Group, so Lin Fan's identity...

        "You think well!"

        Mike sneered, and then stared playfully at Dong Qianqiu:.

        "That punk you're talking about, the journeyman you despise, is the big BOSS of the Global Group!"


        Hearing these words, Dong Qianqiu almost fainted, Doctor Lin was the big boss of Universal Group?

        He even wanted to acquire his company?

        Thinking of this, he had the heart to die!

        This is a death wish!

        At this moment, he felt that his worldview had been turned upside down!

        There was a strong look of fear in his eyes!

        "Dr. Mike, are you sure you're not joking? He, really, is the BOSS of Universal Group?"

        The head of the plutocracy behind a super plutocracy was a young man in his early twenties?

        How could he believe this!

        "To use your Chinese words, you're really an old fool!"

        Seeing that the other party was still undeterred, Mike snorted coldly.

        "I tell you, he is the boss behind the Global Group! In addition, he has another identity, one that is a hundred times more prestigious than mine!"

        There is another identity?

        Dong Qianqiu and Dong Huayu, they simply wanted to die!

        Did Mike think they weren't scared enough?

        How could he even plan to tell them about Lin Fan's other identity?

        But Mike didn't care about that, he just wanted to make these two guys who didn't know what the sky was like, completely desperate!

        At that moment, he said with a fierce smile on his face.

        "You, have you heard of the White Bone Sacred Hand?"


        The shocking power of these words was as if they were going to rip apart Dong Qianqiu's grandfather and grandson!

        They only felt that their brains went blank, as if they had fallen into a short period of brain death!

        White Bone Holy Hand!

        If there is anyone in this world who can be called a divine doctor, then it is him!

        Divine Doctor Lin, the White Bone Sage?

        And, the one they were threatening?



        Endless madness!

        "Your Dong's Medicine is really something! Daring to rob the formula personally developed by the White Bone Sage, and daring to compete with the Global BOSS for financial power! Bull!"

        Mike gave them a thumbs up, and then laughed loudly as he left towards the outside.

        Because in his eyes, this pair of grandfather and grandson, is not far from death!

        "Grandpa, we're in big trouble! We're dead!"

        Dong Huayu had already cried into a fool, wailing hysterically.

        "Hahahaha, making a fool of yourself! Seeking death at your own peril!"

        Dong Qianqiu, however, laughed wildly, as if he had gone insane:.

        "I dare to provoke the world's number one divine doctor, such an existence, others can't even afford to suck up to me, I'm so great!"

        "If a fool like me doesn't die, it's all because God is not open-minded!"

        At this time, even Mo Qianqiu himself, felt that he deserved to die!

        Ding ding ding!

        At that moment, a text message sound, came one after another!

        A news SMS, popping out continuously!

        "Dong's Pharmaceutical Dragon City branch, due to suspected tax evasion, was temporarily shut down and under investigation!"

        "Huaxing Pharmaceutical, incomplete documents and violation of labor laws, the person in charge was forced to accept the investigation! It is rumored that Huaxing Pharmaceutical is a subsidiary of Dong's medicine!"

        "In just one hour, Dong's pharmaceutical stock plunged ten percent for no reason!"


        News like this and this kept coming!

        The Dong Qianqiu grandfather and grandson, life is worse than death!

Chapter 1446


        Dong's medicine is about to collapse news, just within half an hour, completely sensationalized the country!

        Dong's medicine all senior management and shareholders, simply about to go crazy, directly aboard their own private jet rushed to Jiang City, all want to find Dong Qianqiu to ask what is going on.

        And at this time!

        Inside the hotel!

        Everyone learned that the divine doctor Lin, is the white bone saint and the global group behind the scenes BOSS, forehead above is all over the cold hum, one at this time despair to the extreme.

        They never thought in their wildest dreams that the White Bone Sage was hiding in the city of Jiang!

        What's more, they Dong's medicine even intended to forcibly acquire his company, this time completely offended the other side, the acquisition failed to be acquired.

        This is to steal a chicken but lose the rice!

        This time, they really kicked the iron plate!

        At that moment, everyone looked at Dong Qianqiu in horror.

        "Chairman, what should we do now?"

        "At this rate, Dong's Medicine will only last a week at most!"

        At this moment!

        Dong Qianqiu's face was also gloomy to the extreme, and his heart was even more annoyed, and he was also very anxious at this time.

        Because he knows very well, if he can't make the divine doctor Lin rest his anger, then their Dong's medicine is doomed to escape!

        Long time!

        Dong Qianqiu then sighed and said.

        "Gentlemen, you all know what happened, our decision went seriously wrong, resulting in the anger of the White Bone Sage, and our Dong Medicine is already in danger!"

        Hearing this!

        The crowd in the room, are also pale, the face is written with a strong anxiety and fear!

        Forced acquisition of the new pneumonia formula, is their unanimous decision, now they are not good to blame Dong Qianqiu what.

        To blame, they blame their own greed snake swallowing an elephant!

        "In the eyes of the Global Group, even if we are an eight-generation family, we are just a mere ant, without the slightest room for resistance."

        Dong Qianqiu said with a bitter smile on his face.

        When these words came out, the senior executives present were about to kneel down!

        They naturally knew that the Global Group was a dragon in the global business circle.

        And in the eyes of the Global Group, they are the dregs that can be destroyed with a snap of the fingers!

        Not worth mentioning!

        "Chairman, when you say that, you must have an idea, right?"

        "Chairman, why don't we just go and apologize to the White Bone Sage and beg him to let us off the hook! Or else, just submit to him, at least we can still keep our industry!"

        All the top brass were completely flustered at this time.

        None of them had expected that the Dong family, a medical family that had practiced medicine for eight generations, would one day be in such a state of distress and despair.

        After only half an hour of work, they were already in a wretched state.

        Smell that!

        Dong Qianqiu also sighed deeply, nodded his head and said.

        "Just do as you guys said, now the only way to escape is to go and make amends to Divine Doctor Lin!"

        At this time, he was also afraid!

        Now that the Dong family was about to be doomed, it would be too late if they didn't beg for forgiveness at this time!

        After that, he stood up and faced the crowd.

        "All of you follow me to see Divine Doctor Lin and seek his forgiveness no matter what, even if it means paying for the entire Dong family's fortune!"


        Immediately, all the top brass instantly looked ecstatic and nodded their heads in agreement!

        And then!

        Dong Qianqiu then looked at Long Jiu with an embarrassed expression.

        "Brother Long, please lead the way for us! I also know that I must have dragged you into the last incident! But for the sake of our acquaintance, please save our family!"

        "As long as you are willing to help me, from now on you are our Dong family's benefactor, and our Dong family looks up to you!"

        Seeing this!

        Long Jiu also sighed and said.

        "No more about benefactors, as long as you sincerely repent, I believe that divine Doctor Lin will forgive you! I just hope that your Dong family, don't let me down again!"

        "Sure sure sure..."

        Dong Qianqiu and the others were overjoyed and kept nodding their heads.

        Long Jiu then nodded his head and reminded.

        "By the way! Divine Doctor Lin, his family members, don't know his identity, so how will Gai do in a moment, I don't need to tell you, right?"

        The people of the Dong family, once again, nodded their heads frantically!

        "We will definitely keep it a secret! Never divulge half a bit!"

        And then!

        A group of people, led by Dong Qianqiu, marched towards Lin Fan's residence in unison.