Today I Give Up Trying 1441-1442

 Chapter 1441

As soon as I heard this!

        Bai Yi's face instantly sank and she said unhappily.

        "If you dare to talk nonsense again, I will be angry! Married to you for so many years, what kind of person are you, don't I know?"

        Although she didn't know why Long Jiu called Lin Fan Lin Zuo, but Lin Fan could never be Lin Zuo.

        If Lin Fan was Lin Zuo, what woman couldn't he find, why would he look at her Bai Yi?

        And why make a fool of yourself by becoming a son-in-law to their family?

        To put it bluntly, their family would be climbing up the ladder to find Lin Zuo as their son-in-law!

        They don't believe their own family can have real luck!

        Looking at Bai Yi angry, Lin Fan is also crying and laughing, originally wanted to tell them his true identity, but they still do not believe?

        It seems that now, we have to continue to conceal!

        At that moment, Lin Fan then laughed bitterly and said.

        "Alright! This is actually an arrangement by the Lin seat, the Lin seat has always hated people talking about his identity, so he just went along with it and let me take his place!"

        "So that in the future no one will dare to point their fingers at you, and it's also a big gift for our big wedding!"

        Again, Lin Zuo helped them?

        Bai Yi's face is suspicious: "This is not right.

        "That's not right, how could Lin Zuo help us one after another and yet not ask for anything in return?"

        At this time, Lin Fan could only play dumb :

        "I don't know, wait until the next time you have the chance to meet Lin Zhaoge, or you can ask him yourself!"

        Hearing that!

        Bai Yi said, "This is really true, with Lin Fan's ability as a son-in-law, how could he have the whole Jiangnan to congratulate her on her wedding?

        All of this is probably because of Lin Zuo!

        Thinking of this, her heart was inevitably a little lost.

        "No matter what, today you still gave me a wedding I will never forget! Lin Fan, today I am very happy!"

        Bai Yi said emotionally, she felt that she had never been so scenic today in her life.

        Although all this is not because of Lin Fan, but at least Lin Fan has such a heart, then she is very satisfied!

        Hearing these words, Lin Fan was suddenly full of doting eyes and secretly swore in his heart.

        Wait Bai Yi, in the future I will make you even happier!


        The news of Lin Zuo's marriage soon came to an end.

        The unexpected thing is that this time it was not Lin Fan who deliberately covered up the news dissemination, but someone from the capital city helped to cover it up.

        This immediately on Lin Fan felt puzzled, he did not know exactly which god would help him cover up his identity as Lin Zuo.

        Until, Dragon 9 came looking for him and told him that someone from Dragon's Teeth wanted to see him!

        Dragon's Teeth, the Chinese special military corps, is considered relatively well-known, sitting in the northwest zone, with strong soldiers and strong horses, and more than ten generals under their hands are grand masters!


        Lin Fan could not figure out, confident that his own Dragon Tiger Corps and Dragon's Teeth had never crossed paths, how could he take the initiative to wipe his ass for him?

        And at that moment!

        Long Jiu continued to say.

        "Seat Lin, the Dong family, the capital's pharmaceutical family, wants to see Divine Doctor Lin through me, do you see or not?"

        Dong family?

        Lin Fan frowned, this Dong family eight generations of medical practice, in China can be said to be a long-standing reputation, the pharmaceutical business monopolized nearly half of the market in China.

        Only Lin Fan couldn't figure out why they wanted to see him!

        "Okay, you can arrange a time today, let them come to see me!"

        Lin Fan said indifferently.


        However, Long Jiu looked like he wanted to say something but couldn't.


        Lin Fan instantly frowned.

        "Is there a problem?"

        "The Dong family means for you to go see them!"

        Long Jiu said with an awkward expression and trepidation.

        Because he knew that after these words, Lin Fan would definitely be furious!

        Sure enough!

        In the next instant, a thick coldness surfaced in Lin Fan's eyes.

        "They want to see me, but they want me to go to them, isn't that too high-minded?"

        It was no exaggeration to say that Lin Fan, as the titular Lin Zuo, was already giving the Dong family a great deal of face by being willing to meet them.

        But they didn't even know how to behave?

        Who in the whole of China had such a big mouth to ask for a personal audience?

        At hearing this!

        The moment he heard this, Long Jiu's sweat stood up and he fell to the ground with a poof of fear, shivering and saying.

        "My subordinate also thought so, but they said that if you do not go, you will definitely regret it!"

        "So subordinates feel that it is necessary to report to you!"


        The armrest of the seat under Lin Fan was instantly crushed into pieces by him.

        Immediately after that, a cold murderous look surfaced on his face.

        "No one has dared to threaten me like that for many years, since that's the case then you can lead the way, I also want to know just how unbeatable that Dong family is!"

Chapter 1442

Half an hour later, Lin Fan arrived at the appointed place, within a hotel's senior box.

        Inside, an old man and a young man were sipping tea, and when they saw Lin Fan arrive, they ignored him, with an extremely arrogant look.

        Seeing this!

        Long Jiu was immediately on fire and looked angrily at the old man.

        "Dong Qianqiu, I've already brought the person, now what do you mean by that?"

        Hearing that!

        Only then did that old man carelessly raise his head and looked at Lin Fan and sneered.

        "You are the divine doctor Lin?"

        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth tugged, revealing a smile.

        "I am! What do you guys want from me?"


        Without waiting for Dong Qianqiu to answer, the young man beside him, coldly rebuked and said.

        "Our Dong family has been practicing medicine for eight generations, but we don't dare to call ourselves divine doctors, who are you to carry this name?"

        "From tomorrow, you will hold a press conference and declare to the public that you are not a divine doctor at all, or else our Dong family will make you suffer!"

        In the words, there is a strong threat!


        Lin Fan immediately frowned deeply, the other party is planning to give him a threat as soon as he arrives!

        That's not all!

        At this time, Dong Qianqiu also gave a cold snort, looking at Lin Fan from a high position.

        "When you see your elders, you don't know how to salute, haven't your elders taught you what is meant by politeness?"

        Hearing these words, Lin Fan directly laughed:.

        "Elders? Are you sure your seniority is as high as mine?"

        He was the White Bone Saint, even when Pill Elder met him, he was still an equal, how dare Dong Qianqiu rely on his seniority in front of him?


        Lin Fan's words had just left his mouth, instantly causing Dong Qianqiu and his eldest grandson, Dong Huayu, to be completely stunned.

        They both wondered if they had heard wrong.

        What did Lin Fan mean by these words, could it be that he thought his seniority was even higher than Dong Qianqiu's?

        This was simply insane!

        Immediately, Dong Qianqiu's grandfather and grandson were furious and their faces were gloomy to the extreme!

        "Lin, are you talking nonsense? Our Dong family is a medical family in China, and has a significant status in the entire Chinese medical community.

        Dong Huayu directly jumped like a thunderstorm, coldly and angrily looking at Lin Fan: "And you?

        "And you? A journeyman doctor who got lucky, is also worthy of being compared to my grandfather?"

        And Dong Qianqiu also looked at Lin Fan with a disgusted look:.

        "Forget it, I'm too lazy to talk nonsense with you, I came to you today because there's something I want to talk to you about!"

        "I want to buy the formula for your new pneumonia, make a price!"

        At that moment!

        Lin Fan then laughed, so this was the other party's true purpose.

        Also as a healer, the Dong family naturally knew very well the value of that formula, if the formula could be successfully developed and directly marketed.

        The Dong family will be able to earn a lot of money, and can also create influence in the world.

        On the side, Dong Huayu sneered.

        "This kind of formula, you wastes have no way to carry forward, instead of being wasted by you, why not sell it to our Dong family!"

        Only, Lin Fan smiled contemptuously.

        "Sorry, I'm not short of money!"

        With that, he simply got up and prepared to leave!


        Hearing these words, Dong Qianqiu and Dong Huayu's faces were completely gloomy.

        At this time, both were furious beyond measure!

        "Lin, don't give up your face! We are looking for you to acquire the formula, that is to give you face!"

        "If you don't know how to behave, don't blame us for being ruthless and acquiring New Bai's in bad faith!"


        Lin Fan's footsteps, instantly for a beat, and then killed back:

        "You guys, are you threatening me?"


        Dong Qianqiu suddenly laughed and said contemptuously.

        "So what if you are? Do you think that you alone can compete with my medical family? We can kill you as easily as stepping on an ant!"

        "As for the New White's... Their president is just a bitch who sleeps with men, we don't care about her even more?"


        Lin Fan was completely enraged, and his eyes were filled with a strong murderous spirit!


        Sleeping with men?

        They, how dare they insult their own wives?

        In the next instant, a fierce hostility was wiped across Lin Fan's brow, and he stared at the two of them with a deadly stare: "Since you want to die, then I'll do it.

        "Since you guys are looking for death, then I'll make it happen for you!"

        "Don't you want to acquire our New White Clan? Then I will take the lead in acquiring your Dong family!"