Today I Give Up Trying 1439-1440

 Chapter 1439

All eyes are on me, I am Lin Zuo!

        At this instant, everyone had been shocked by Lin Fan, and that excitement could not be calmed down for a long time.

        And the people of the Shen family were completely desperate at this time!

        Elder Shen leapt like a thunderstorm and roared in anger, saying.

        "Where are Shen Jian and Cui Ping? Where are they?"

        Those two calamities, trying to frame Lin Fan and Bai Yi, turned out to be the real deal, the Lin Block and First Lady.

        Wasn't this an attempt to screw their Shen family?

        Right then and there!

        Elder Shen then planned to hand those two over to redeem themselves and try to appease the Seat of Lin's anger.


        Instead, each member of the Shen family cried out and said.

        "Family Head, they had already absconded in fear of their crimes long ago, I see that they had already known Lin Fan and Bai Yi's identities!"


        Elder Shen finally understood why Shen Jian and his wife had left the scene early, and why he had just said that something big was wrong.

        That couple, who had stirred up such a big mess for their Shen family, had ended up bugging out themselves, and now they were asking their Shen family to take the blame.

        He was so dizzy that he almost fainted on the spot. If he hadn't been helped up, he would have landed on the back of his head.

        When he was helped up, Master Shen burst into tears, and his face was filled with remorse.

        "Family misfortune! The family's misfortune!"

        "Quick! Quickly help me to apologise to Lin Zuo!"


        Before they could even get close, Lin Fan had already spoken.

        "Shen family, each of you can live if you leave one hand behind!"


        The moment they heard these words, all the people of the Shen Clan completely changed colour, their expressions terrified to the core!


        Immediately afterwards, they sat down on the ground one after another, their faces completely white!

        It was over!

        The Shen family was finished!

        Lin Fan didn't want to listen to their explanations, he simply wanted to cripple their entire family!

        Master Shen looked at Shen Yumei with a sobbing face.

        "Yumei, please spare me! I'm your own father!"


        Without waiting for Shen Yumei to say anything, Lin Fan's face showed his killing intent.

        "No more nonsense! I want your entire Shen family to die here!"


        At this instant, everyone could feel the terrifying killing intent on Lin Fan's body!

        He knew that Lin Fan must be true to his word!

        After all, he was the Lin Zuo, and it would only take a snap of his fingers to eradicate a small family in China.

        With these words, Elder Shen and the others all looked desperate!

        They had realised that the Shen family was completely finished!

        And at the same time!

        After hearing Lin Fan's words, all the people of the Bai family instantly tensed up and became nervous.

        They were afraid that they would end up like the Shen Family!

        However, Lin Fan didn't even give them a glance and left towards the door with Bai Yi in his arms.

        Seeing this!

        Long Jiu and the others instantly knelt down respectfully and shouted in unison.

        "Greetings to Lin Zuo!"

        Seeing this, for some reason, Elder Bai and the others felt their hearts twisting like knives.

        It was excruciating!

        They would rather Lin Fan beat them up and scold them, than to have Lin Fan ignore them so coldly.

        Such a gesture was a clear attempt to clear relations with their Bai family!

        To clear relations with Lin Zuo, this was like cutting off a great opportunity, how could they accept this?

        "Clan Master, we can't let them go! Lin Fan is the Lin Seat, our Bai Family's soaring fortunes depend on him!"

        "Yes family head, he's your grandson-in-law, he'll definitely forgive you!"

        At that moment, Elder Bai also nodded his head repeatedly, and then he was striding towards Lin Fan with his head held high.

        "What for?"


        Before they could even get close, they were stopped by Long Jiu and the others!

        But Elder Bai, who had learned that his granddaughter's son-in-law was Lin Zuo, had no regard for them at this moment: "Get lost, punk!

        "Get lost trash! I'm Lin Zha's grandfather, you dare to stop me? Are you looking for death?"

        But as soon as his words left his mouth, Lin Fan turned his head and said with a seeming smile.

        "Master of the Bai family, am I worthy of calling you grandfather?"

Chapter 1440

This sarcastic sneer instantly caused Elder Bai's expression to freeze.

        At this time, the look in his eyes towards Lin Fan was a complicated one.

        It was only then that he realised why the Bai family was heading towards the abyss step by step, and why those partners had terminated their contracts one after another, all because Lin Fan was Lin Zuo!

        But now he knew full well that Lin Fan was deliberately insulting him, yet he had to say with a face full of smiles.

        "Lin... Lin Fan, can you still forgive us? If you forgive us, I'll directly hand over the Bai family's headship to Bai Yi, do you think that's alright?"

        The words were thick with pleading!

        He was already old and knew he didn't have many days left to live, but he didn't want to see the Bai family he had built up destroyed before he died ah.

        Even more so, he didn't want to miss out on a great opportunity like Lin Fan!

        If they could gain Lin Fan's forgiveness, their Bai family would definitely soar.


        When Lin Fan heard these words, the smile on his face grew even stronger as he gave Elder Bai a deep look.

        "If just now, your Bai family had even begged for a word of mercy for us, even if it was just one! I would have forgiven you guys too!"

        "It's just a pity that you guys didn't!"


        These words instantly caused the hearts of the Bai family to turn to ashes, and a strong remorse surfaced on their faces.

        And then, Lin Fan was smiling lightly and said.

        "I have given you many chances, it is you who do not know how to cherish them, so you will have to bear the consequences yourselves."

        After he finished speaking!

        He then stopped paying attention to the stunned Bai family and led Bai Yi's family towards the helicopter parked outside, directly leaving the wedding banquet venue.

        "It's over, our Bai family is completely ruined!"

        Seeing this, Elder Bai sat on the ground with his face ashen, every single hair of sweat seeming to stand up.

        Their Bai family was so awesome that they couldn't even see Lin Zuo as their granddaughter-in-law!

        They were a big joke!

        In the next instant, he was staring at Bai Yifan, who was already completely dazed, with gritted teeth.


        A slap was fiercely thrown at his face, causing Bai Yifan to sit on the ground, blood dripping out of the corner of his mouth.

        Covering his face, Bai Yifan looked at Old Master Bai with a stunned expression.

        "Grandpa, you..."

        "Bastard! You beast! You're the one who got us into trouble!"

        Elder Bai was already furious, and the slap kept swinging towards Bai Yifan's cheek: "It's all because of you!

        "It's all because of you! You ruined the future of our Bai family! You drove away my good grandson-in-law, I'll kill you!"


        Just then, a group of bigwigs were sneering, slowly approaching towards the Bai and Shen families and surrounding them.

        Seeing this!

        The Bai and Shen families' expressions instantly changed!

        Their faces were flooded with unease!

        "You guys... What do you want?"

        They asked in a trembling voice, terrified.

        "What for? Do you know that I came all the way back from abroad just to see Lin Zhaoge? You all came up here and humiliated Lin Zha, causing him to leave, and I didn't even have the chance to speak to him, what do you think I want?"

        "Dogs, how dare you insult Lin? You simply don't know what you're doing!"

        "You think you can get away with ruining our good deed?"

        The group of bigwigs were leering at each other, and a strong hatred surfaced in their eyes, as if they wanted to cut these two families into pieces!


        And at this time!

        Bai Yi and the others had already boarded the helicopter and left the wedding banquet venue.

        At this moment, Bai Yi finally couldn't hold down the doubts in her heart and asked Lin Fan.

        "Lin Fan, what the hell is going on here? Why would Long Jiu call you Lin Zuo?"

        At these words!

        The Bai Shan couple also looked at Lin Fan with a terrified expression.

        What had happened today was simply too unbelievable.

        It made them all feel like they were dreaming!

        Lin Fan, to be the Lin Seat?

        Wasn't this a nightmare from heaven?

        At this moment, however, Lin Fan was smiling as he said.

        "Because I am the Lin Seat!"