Today I Give Up Trying 1435-1436

 Chapter 1435


        Hearing this familiar voice, everyone instantly looked back in unison!

        Then they saw Long Jiu, leading a group of senior members of the Dragon Family, quickly walking towards this side!

        Each and every one of them had a gloomy face and a murderous aura!

        They seemed to be furious!


        Their appearance directly caused the expressions of the people present to change wildly, and they all became uneasy in an instant.

        This was because they all knew that today's wedding banquet had been fully arranged by the Long family!

        It could be said that at this stage, Long Jiu represented Lin Zuo!

        It was over!

        Lin Fan's family was completely finished!

        At this point, everyone sensed that Long Jiu and the others were very angry, and they all made way for each other in fear.

        And the Shen and Bai families all laughed in glee!

        Followed closely!

        The heads of the two families then walked towards Long Jiu together, with flattering and ingratiating smiles on their faces:.

        "Mr. Long, you've come just in time! These two dog men and women, how dare they impersonate the Lin seat and Madam Lin, they deserve to die, you should not spare them lightly!"

        "Mr. Long, this matter has nothing to do with our Bai family! These two people are yours to kill or die, our White Family will not interfere!"

        It wasn't just them!

        The exuberant look on Zhou Peize's face grew stronger and stronger, and his heart burst with joy!

        That damned Lin Fan, who dared to make him lose face like that in the Li family, was finally getting his comeuppance!

        Stealing women from me?

        It's a pity you're a short-lived ghost!

        Since Dragon 9 had already arrived, could Lin Zuo be far behind?

        At this time, everyone felt that Long Jiu must have come here to find trouble with Lin Fan.

        The sound of their approaching footsteps was the death knell of hell!

        At that moment!

        Hearing the words of the two family heads, Long Jiu's face became more and more ugly!

        "Good! Very good!"

        He gritted his teeth and looked like he wanted to kill someone on the spot!

        His footsteps towards Lin Fan involuntarily quickened by a few degrees!

        He was furious!

        Really angry!

        The people of the two families were immediately overjoyed!

        They couldn't wait to hear the miserable wails of Bai Yi's family!


        Shen Jian and Cui Ping's expressions changed dramatically at this time, and they instantly recognised that the old man in front of them was the one who had led Bai Yi into the meeting!

        "Dad, he... Who is he?"

        Shen Jian asked uneasily, already having a slightly bad feeling in his heart.

        Elder Shen frowned at once, with a look of hatred and disdain.

        "He is the Jiangnan Chief Commander Long Jiu, he is the one who personally came to deliver the wedding invitation to our family, how dare you not even know him?"


        As soon as they heard these words!

        Shen Jian and Cui Ping, completely exploded!

        The uneasy feeling in their hearts was completely fulfilled!

        "Dad! It's not good! It's not good!"

        Cui Ping immediately burst into tears, her body trembling like chaff.

        Shen Jian even fell to the ground, his face already covered in deathly ash!

        Obviously, they had all realised what was going on!

        Long Jiu was the organiser of the wedding banquet of the century, yet he had brought Bai Yi in so intimately, so wouldn't Bai Yi...

        They had wanted to, on the charge that Bai Yi was impersonating the First Lady, have Lin Zuo kill her brutally!

        But now...

        Elder Shen's words had caused them to despair completely!

        For a very frightening thought had suddenly surfaced in their minds!

        Bai Yi... It really was the First Lady!

Chapter 1436


        Upon hearing these words, Elder Shen immediately frowned and said with an angry displeasure.

        "What nonsense are you talking about! Our Shen family's good fortune is coming, what's wrong with that?"

        All the Shen family members present were also furious!

        How dare Shen Jian and his wife say that something is wrong at Lin Zuo's wedding banquet?

        At this moment!

        Shen Jian was on the verge of tears, his voice trembling as he said.

        "Dad, what I said is true! Let's get out of here! Otherwise, it's going to be a disaster!"


        He was almost certain that Bai Yi was the First Lady!

        And Lin Fan, that's the mysterious Lin Zuo!

        And they had dared to count on Lin Zuo, and had even tried to get them killed?

        If they didn't leave now, then they would be completely finished!


        Instead, he shouted angrily.

        "We haven't even seen Lin Zuo yet, how can we leave at this time?"

        "Furthermore! With Seat Lin here, who dares to do anything to us? If you dare to make trouble again, get the hell out!"

        This was a blessing that their Shen family had cultivated in eight lifetimes, for the Lin Zuo to invite them!

        If they didn't say goodbye at this time, wouldn't they be out of their minds?


        How could Elder Shen and the others let go of this heavenly opportunity?

        They all turned on Mr. and Mrs. Shen Jian and spoke ill of each other.

        While Shen Jian was still trying to explain something, Cuiping interjected and said.

        "Dad, don't pay any attention to him! He's just talking nonsense, I'll take him away now!"

        And then, without any further ado, Cui Ping dragged Shen Jian away.

        "What are you stopping me for? If you don't stop them, our Shen family will be finished!"

        Shen Jian glared at Cui Ping in anger.

        But Cui Ping roared in a low voice.

        "You're such an idiot! Now that Lin Fan, it's very likely that he is the Lin Zuo! So after what we did like that, will he let us go?"

        "If you take everyone in the Shen family with you, Lin Fan will definitely stand in the way!"


        As soon as he heard those words!

        Shen Jian's scalp instantly tingled and he instantly came back to his senses, shocked, saying.

        "Then what do you mean?"

        Cui Ping then smiled ruthlessly and said in an extremely cold-blooded manner.

        "Let Shen's family give us cover! We'll take advantage of this opportunity to slip away!"

        It was their fault!

        Now that the situation was bad, Cui Ping planned to let the entire Shen family take the blame for them!

        "That's... It's not good, is it?"

        Shen Jian's expression was hesitant, after all, it was his father and his relatives, so it was inevitable that he was being a bit heartless in doing so.

        But Cui Ping didn't think so!

        She glared at Shen Jian and said viciously.

        "What's wrong with that? If you stay here, you'll be burying them with you!"

        "If you want to die, I won't stop you! Then I'll go first!"

        But at these words, Shen Jian panicked and hurriedly followed Cui Ping's footsteps: "Wait for me!

        "Wait for me! I've figured out that it's better to kill our family than to kill them! We can also find a way to avenge them later, right?"

        And then!

        The two couples walked out of the banquet hall one after another!

        "Why did Shen Jian and his wife leave?"

        At this moment, the Shen family also noticed, but they were all puzzled.

        This was a great opportunity to curry favour with Lin Zuo, and they were willing to give up?

        Had they been kicked in the head by a donkey?


        Hearing this, Elder Shen was frowning deeply, and his face instantly became not very nice.

        Hearing the words of Shen Jian and the two of them, coupled with their current actions, he also seemed to feel that something was not right.

        Could it be that there was really something bad that was about to happen?

        At that moment!

        He then looked in Lin Fan's direction with a tense expression.

        And at that moment!

        The Bai family saw that Lin Fan, after seeing Long Jiu and the others arrive, was still acting like he didn't care.

        Immediately, each one of them was on fire, and Bai Yifan even deliberately made a bad move by yelling.

        "Lin Fan, how dare you! How dare you impersonate the Lin Seat and the First Lady, and now that you see that Master Long has arrived, how dare you not kneel down?"

        A deliberate provocation!

        Bai Yifan couldn't wait to see the Lin Fan couple splattered in blood on the spot.

        Old Master Bai, on the other hand, didn't have any semblance of pity in his heart, as if he couldn't hide that gloating smile!


        The next scene!

        The next scene caused the cold smiles of the people present to freeze in an instant!



        Led by Long Jiu, all the members of the Dragon Family, at this moment, all knelt down towards Lin Fan!