Today I Give Up Trying 1433-1434

 Chapter 1433


        Baiy's face went white and she fell to the ground with a plop, already sobbing: "No!

        "No! I didn't mean to do it, I didn't impersonate you! I... I just didn't know..."

        So, this was arranged for the First Lady by the Lin Block!

        So it was all a dream she was having!

        How could she, Bai Yi, be so lucky as to have the whole of Jiangnan congratulating her on her new birthday?

        She was just too naive!

        That's why she thought that Lin Fan was capable of organising such a top-notch luxury wedding banquet!

        "It's you guys! It's you guys who are deliberately harming me!"

        Bai Yi cried out, accusing Shen Jian and his wife.

        She understood everything, no wonder the Shen family had to arrange the venue for her wedding banquet, and why the Shen Jian couple had been so eager to bring her here.

        It turned out that they all wanted to use the hand of Lin Zuo to put her to death!

        At this time, she was indeed in a state of defeat too!


        Shen Jian and his wife, at that moment, smiled sinisterly, and naturally would not admit it at this time.

        At that moment, it was in a deep voice that they said.

        "Bai Yi, you've been exposed for impersonating the First Lady, so you're annoyed and want to drag us into trouble?"

        "It's just a pity that the eyes of the masses are discerning, it's clear to everyone what's really going on."

        As soon as they heard these words!

        On the faces of the bigwigs, the anger grew even more!

        And the Bai family members also snapped out of that panic, their faces flooded with a thick, sardonic smile.

        "Grandpa, did you hear that? This bitch Bai Yi isn't the First Lady at all, she's an impostor!"

        Bai Yifan laughed out loud, his face flushed with a strong glee: "I told you!

        "I told you! That trash Lin Fan, how could he be the Lin seat?"


        Elder Bai also snorted coldly, his face instantly clouding over:

        "How dare you impersonate the First Lady, this bitch really doesn't know what she's doing!"

        All the Bai family members breathed a long sigh of relief at this time.

        Following that, a strong look of contempt and ferocity surfaced on their faces.

        They also felt that this must be a mistake!

        That trash Lin Fan had been like a dog in their Bai family for three years, how could such a fellow be Lin Zuo?

        And to the side, Zhou Peize also laughed out loud.

        "Who is this idiot woman? How dare she ruin Lin Zuo's wedding, she doesn't want to live, does she?"

        "That's right! Don't you think you're worthy of marrying Lin? Lin Zuo's wife must be a wonder woman on earth!"

        Li Xian also snorted coldly, looking at Bai Yi with a look of intense disgust.

        And at that moment!

        Even Li Xiu Yun shook his head, this girl in front of him looked quite nice, but she was just too presumptuous, was this First Lady something that could be impersonated just because she wanted to?

        Lin Zuo was not an idiot, how could he not recognize his own wife?

        At that moment!

        Everyone was vocal about Bai Yi, and that piercing insult, in this instant, pierced fiercely into Bai Yi's heart.

        It made her pretty face, completely white!

        "I didn't, I really didn't! I was framed!"

        Bai Yi was already crying uncontrollably, tears painting her make-up as she collapsed helplessly on the ground, facing that cold gaze in front of her, so desperate and helpless was she.

        "Bai Yi, stop acting! The jig is up, you're dead!"

        Cui Ping laughed uproariously, that eyes were filled with thick hatred.

        Shen Ling, did you see that?

        Mother has taken revenge for you!

        Today, Bai Yi's family must all die!

        "Someone! Arrest this bitch who is pretending to be the First Lady!"

        Elder Shen also yelled in anger, staring Bai Yi down wistfully.


        At that instant!

        A group of Shen's family members were walking towards Bai Yi with fierce smiles on their faces.

        "I'll see who dares to hurt my daughter?"

        Bai Shan let out a roar and directly copied a dinner knife, stopping in front of Bai Yi, his eyes bloodshot as he glared at the people present.

        He looked as if he was going to fight for his life!

        "Bai Shan! I'm telling you, Bai Yi has already caused a huge disaster, if you dare to meddle, even you will be involved in the destruction of your family!"

        Master Bai roared angrily, his face gloomy to the core.


        "I believe in my daughter, she was framed! She would never do such a thing!"

        Bai Shan gritted his teeth, this was all the Shen family's doing!

        The Shen family wanted to harm them, to destroy their family!

        He, Bai Shan, would never agree to this!

        Even if he had to risk his bones, he would never let them touch his daughter!

        At this moment!

        Shen Yumei's body was trembling, but she was still holding a fork and standing stubbornly in front of Bai Yi.

        "Dad! Mum! You guys go away! I'm the one who's stupid, I can't blame anyone else!"

        Bai Yi sobbed uncontrollably, she had resigned herself to her fate.

        Impersonating the First Lady, the Lin Block and Madam Lin must be furious, she was already dead.

        But she didn't want to drag her parents down!

        "Obstinate, since you want to seek death, then do as you please!"

        Elder Bai said in disgust, and paid no more attention.

        "What are you still standing there for? Do something! Let them, family and son, be reunited in the Yellow Springs!"


        The moment these words were spoken!

        A voice that was so furious that it rang out from the deepest part of the passage!

        "Whoever dares to touch a hair on their heads, I will let them die a horrible death!"

Chapter 1434


        The crowd was startled!

        They all looked towards the deepest part of the passage!

        They saw a man with a gloomy face come out, his body dripping with an aura of fierce hostility, and an overbearing and cold aura that looked out of the world!

        "Little Fan?"

        The moment he saw Lin Fan, Li Xiu Yun instantly froze.

        Immediately after!

        A bad feeling came over him... Lin Fan knew this unlucky family?

        And he was going to stand up for them?

        This would never do!

        Even if he was a war god, if he offended Lin Zuo, he would still be dead!

        "Little Fan, don't mind your own business!"

        Li Xiu Yun hurriedly and anxiously shouted to Lin Fan, fearing that Lin Fan would mess up and risk his great future.


        Lin Fan, however, gave him a faint look and said in a deep voice.

        "That's my wife! My mother-in-law! My father-in-law! I... How can I not care?"


        Lin Fan's words directly caused Li Xiu Yun and the others, to completely explode!

        This woman, was Lin Fan's wife?

        "Hahahaha! Uncle Li, this is the man you have your eye on? How dare he impersonate Seat Lin and Madam Lin, this time he definitely won't be able to keep his position as War God!"

        "If Li Xian really marries him, your family will all be dragged to death by him!"

        Zhou Peize laughed out wildly, so excited that he wanted to clap his hands and shout in approval.


        He didn't need to do anything, Lin Fan himself had played himself to death!

        His wife had caused a huge disaster, he would have to be implicated as well, and he would definitely not be able to keep his position as War God!

        "God of War? I think he's going to be a dead man soon!"

        Li Xian also gloated and laughed.

        As far as she was concerned, Lin Fan was already a dead man!

        "Lin Fan, you trash is finally here? I was afraid you'd run away! Now it's good, you and your family, you can all go to the Yellow Springs together!"

        Cui Ping said with a fierce face, her eyes flooded with hatred, as if she could not wait to break Lin Fan into pieces.

        It wasn't just her!

        The Shen and Bai families, at this time, were also laughing coldly with contempt!

        Lin Fan had come, but what could this trash do?

        He was just here to be buried with them!

        At that moment, the people of the two families were staring deadly at Lin Fan, their eyes filled with malice and gloating.

        And seeing Lin Fan arrive, instead of being half happy, Bai Yi cried out.

        "Lin Fan, go away! Hurry up and go!"


        Lin Fan didn't move a muscle, instead he squatted down, took her in his arms and said with a smile.

        "Today, it's our wedding, where can I walk to?"


        As soon as they heard those words!

        The crowd was completely frozen!

        At this time, they all wondered if they had heard wrong.

        Originally, even if Bai Yi was looking for death, how dare she even say that her husband, too, was so ungrateful?

        How dare he say that this wedding was his?

        Bai Yifan immediately burst into wild laughter, he was on the verge of going crazy with excitement: "Lin Fan, you dare to say that this wedding is his?

        "Lin Fan, how dare you say that Lin Zuo's wedding is yours? You really don't know what you're doing!"

        "I'll see how you'll die as soon as the Lin Zuo arrives! Hahahaha!"

        And at that moment!

        Li Xiu Yun also fell to the ground with a poof, his entire body felt like it had instantly aged by ten years, as he shook his head with tears streaming down his face.

        "It's over! It's all over!"

        When Lin Fan said this, it was truly beyond the salvation of a god!

        If Lin Zuo knew he was so arrogant, he would definitely not spare him lightly!

        At that moment!

        Bai Yi was also sobbing uncontrollably and blamed himself incomparably, saying.

        "It's all my fault! It's all my fault! I've dragged you all down!"

        Now, she also felt that the reason Lin Fan had said that was that he intended to die with their family!

        The guests in the audience also shook their heads with sneers on their faces.

        This family really didn't know what they were doing, first impersonating the First Lady, and then impersonating Lin Zuo?

        They are simply impatient to live!

        And Elder Shen also smiled resentfully, staring at Lin Fan's family with a deadly stare.

        "Today is not your wedding, but your funeral!"

        "Arrest them for me! Wait for the Lin seat to be sentenced!"

        This time!

        It wasn't just the Shen family!

        The Bai family, Zhou Peize, all the bigwigs present, all ordered their bodyguards to arrest Lin Fan's family!

        This was a great opportunity to claim credit from Lin!

        How could they miss it?

        But at that very moment!

        "I see who dares?"

        A furious voice rang out violently!