Today I Give Up Trying 1431-1432

 Chapter 1431

It's coming!

        It's finally coming!

        The crowd in the room was filled with excitement!

        They were all holding their breath, staring at the deepest part of the passage!

        And at that moment!

        The Shen Clan looked at each other, all smiling wistfully.

        It was indeed coming!

        Bai Yi, was going to die soon!

        "Bai Yi, what are you waiting for, go now!"

        At the other end of the passage, Shen Jian and his wife also egged Bai Yi on.

        Looking at the overwhelming crowd, Bai Yi, however, said uneasily.

        "Is this really for me? I don't think it's possible! Maybe they are really mistaken?"

        At those words!

        Cui Ping and Shen Jian instantly changed their expressions, before laughing badly and saying.

        "How could it be fake? Look, isn't it written there congratulating Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin on their wedding?"

        "That must be you!"

        Said the man!

        Without any further ado, he pushed Bai Yi out fiercely!

        Bai Yi stumbled and almost fell to the ground, and at that moment was exposed to the eyes of everyone.

        "Bai Yi? How is that possible?"

        After the Bai family saw Bai Yi, their expressions were filled with horror!

        The First Lady, was actually Bai Yi?

        Wouldn't that make Lin Fan, the Lin Seat?


        An illusion!

        This must be an illusion!

        At this instant, the Bai family was already about to explode!

        Why would Bai Yi appear here?

        Why would Bai Yi appear here? And why would she walk out of the passage in a wedding dress?

        The First Lady?

        How could this be possible!

        "Master, tell me! I'm dreaming! This is not real!"

        A junior, at once, cried out hysterically!

        They, how dare they insult the First Lady?

        Insulting Lin Zuo's wife?

        Damn it!

        They simply deserved to die!

        "Why is this happening?"

        Elder Bai was also trembling all over, he finally knew why Lin Zuo would issue an invitation to their tiny Bai family.

        It was all because Lin Zuo was Lin Fan!

        At this time, his gaze was dull, and his eyes were flooded with a dense sense of shock and disbelief.

        Lin Fan!

        This trash door-to-door son-in-law was actually Lin Zha?

        They couldn't believe their eyes!

        Bai Yi, the First Lady!

        Lin Fan, even more so, was the Military Commander of China!

        Especially Bai Yifan!

        At this moment, his expression was completely distorted and his eyes were covered in bloodshot horror!

        Lin Fan, is he the Lin Zuo?

        And he wanted to kill the Lin Zuo?


        This was the height of idiocy!

        At that moment, he fell to his knees with a loud thud, grabbed Elder Bai's trouser legs with both hands, and begged in desperation.

        Grandpa, save me! Save me! I don't want to die!

        He remembered what he had done to Lin Fan and his wife in the past, and now he realised that there was no way he could die.

        He regretted it!

        And completely terrified!


        Old Master Bai's face was also thick with bitterness as he said.

        Now that our Bai family is already in a difficult position to protect itself, what can we do to save you?

        They refused Lin Zuo's banquet invitation and insulted him.

        Now their downfall is already comparable to Bai Yifan's.

        It wasn't just him!

        At this time, the faces of all the members of the Bai family were also as thick with despair as they could be, they were really going mad!

        Because they had once again rejected a great opportunity!


        And it was the Lin Za who had refused it!


        The moment they saw Bai Yi appear, the guests in the audience completely exploded.

        And then one by one, they all quickly knelt down, their faces all appearing thick with shock as they shouted in unison.

        "Greetings to the First Lady! Congratulations, madam, on your wedding!"

        At this moment!

        Bai Yi only felt every pore in her body tremble with madness.

        But that was not all!

        The screen opened up to a helicopter broadcasting live from high above, overlooking the entire city!

        Everywhere the helicopter passed, a chant resounded!

        "Dragon City, congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Lin, on their happy wedding!

Chapter 1432

Congratulations from the whole city!

        What a shock!

        Li Xian and the rest of the women's family, their eyes were all glazed over!

        I'm afraid that even superstars don't have such an honour, right?

        And then, the scene changed again!

        "Yunlan City, congratulations to Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin on their wedding!"

        "Qingzhou City, congratulations to Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin on their wedding!"

        "Xiushan City, congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Lin, on their wedding!"

        All the cities in Jiangnan, all the residents congratulated each other!


        A live broadcast was presented before her eyes, all congratulating her on her new marriage.

        Bai Yi's scalp tingled and she couldn't believe her eyes.

        Is this really herself?

        She was qualified to have the whole of Jiangnan congratulate her on her wedding?

        The whole province, congratulating her on her wedding!

        How shocking and unbelievable was this?

        Even a woman would go crazy over it!

        She even thought that she was dreaming.

        But when she saw the champagne roses all over the venue, she burst into tears.

        It was Lin Fan!

        It was really Lin Fan!

        He was the only one who knew that her favourite thing was champagne roses.

        She had waited too long for this belated wedding, so long that she had stopped hoping for it.

        But today, at last, it had come.

        And it came beyond her expectations!

        She couldn't believe that all the bigwigs from across Jiangnan were gathered here to congratulate her on her wedding.

        Even more, she did not expect that everyone in Jiangnan would come together to congratulate her, as if she was a superstar in the limelight.

        At this time, she finally understood what it meant to have come to the end of her suffering.

        Lin Fan's promise had been fulfilled!

        She had now become the happiest woman in the world, and the shock of happiness almost made her faint!

        Even if she were to die on the spot right now, she would have no more regrets!

        And below!

        Bai Shan and Shen Yumei were also wiping tears from their eyes, happy for their daughter at this moment!


        This happiness didn't last long!

        Elder Shen smiled wickedly and gave a wink to Shen Jian and Cui Ping.

        The couple immediately laughed wickedly!

        And then!

        Shen Jian then stepped forward and shouted a loud rebuke, saying.

        "Bai Yi, how dare you! How dare you impersonate the First Lady! Do you think that the Lin Zuo and Madam Lin are dead?"


        These simple words instantly shook the entire crowd, completely!

        Impersonating... Impersonate?

        When Shen Jian's words rang out, everyone was dumbfounded on the spot, and a pair of eyes were flooded with a thick sense of disbelief.

        Could it be that this woman in front of them was not Lin Zuo's original spouse?

        In an instant, they were stunned, daring to impersonate Lin Zhaoge's original spouse, wasn't that seeking death?


        Lin Zha had gone to the trouble of organising such a century-old wedding for his wife, and had even had the whole of Jiangnan congratulate her, only to have a strange woman enjoy it?

        How would Lin Zuo feel?

        How would the First Lady be furious?

        They couldn't believe it!

        At that moment, all of them stood up in unison, their faces sunken, their eyes staring coldly at Bai Yi.

        And at that moment!

        The three members of Bai Yi's family also felt a cold stream of coldness surge through their heavenly spirits.

        Bai Yi was even more frightened, saying.

        "This wedding, it's not for me?"

        But Long Jiu had clearly said that this was Lin Fan's wedding for her, so was there really a mistake?

        Is this, Lin Zuo's wedding?

        "Joke! What kind of a thing are you? Have you forgotten what a loser your husband is? How can he be qualified to make the whole of Jiangnan congratulate him?"

        Cuiping laughed wildly and stared at Bai Yi with a spiteful face, saying.

        "This is a wedding specially planned for the First Lady by Lord Lin, and you dare to impersonate her? Bai Yi, you are completely finished! Hahahaha!"