Today I Give Up Trying 1427-1428

 Chapter 1427

Cuiping instantly smiled resentfully and said

        "Eunuch, I heard that Bai Yi's doggy couple wants to invite the Bai family to their wedding banquet, we can pretend to bring them to the Lin Zuo's wedding banquet, and then bring Bai Yi, who is wearing a wedding dress, to the main venue!"

        "Hey, hey, what do you think the Lin Zuo and his wife would do if they knew that an outsider had stolen their thunder?"


        The entire Shen family was then completely shocked.

        If that was really the case, the Lin Zuo couple must have been furious.

        The two of them had planned the wedding of the century, but it turned out that Bai Yi, a strange woman, had taken the limelight, and if they didn't know, they would think she was the bride.

        Lin Fan and Bai Yi, they would definitely die!

        "Good! Bravo! My wife is just smart, this move is simply brilliant!"

        Shen Jian burst into laughter, and was ecstatic at this point.

        "Good! Cui Ping, your idea is good, let's do as you say!"

        Elder Shen said with a fierce smile on his face.

        "This time, I want Lin Fan and Bai Yi, to die without a burial place!"

        They were both planning to frame Lin Fan and Bai Yi!

        And not long after, Lin Fan and Bai Yi, walked in, and as always, invited them to the wedding without any condescension.

        Seeing Shen Jian and Cui Ping, Lin Fan instantly sneered and

        "Uncle, aunt, what a long time no see! I really didn't expect to see you guys in the Shen family again!"


        As soon as these words were spoken, Shen Jian and Cui Ping's lungs directly exploded with anger.

        Immediately, Cui Ping looked at Lin Fan angrily and viciously chided him, saying.

        "Lin Fan, you killed my daughter, and you still dare to talk nonsense? I will never let you go!



        Lin Fan laughed coldly.

        "Are you the ones who won't let me go, or am I the one who won't let you go? I still haven't settled the score with you for what you did to my parents back then!"

        At those words!

        Shen Jian and his wife both laughed hideously, glaring at Lin Fan with a malicious face.

        "That's right, we're the ones who did it! We just want to get your family killed! What can you do to us?"


        Their Shen family was highly valued by the Lin seat, and even Bai Yi, the common lord of Jiangnan, could not do anything to them.

        Therefore, they were extraordinarily arrogant!

        In this instant, Bai Yi's face was gloomy to the extreme, the other party had almost killed her parents, but in the end, they had no trace of guilt, and instead, they were still talking nonsense?

        What kind of conscience is this?

        Bai Yi regretted coming to invite these people from the Bai and Shen families, these relatives of hers were simply worse than dogs and pigs!

        "All right!"

        Elder Shen waved his hand to interrupt the crowd, and then it was time to stare at Lin Fan and the two of them in an unkind manner.

        "It's fine to let us participate! However, there is a condition!"

        "What condition?"

        Bai Yi frowned.

        "That is, the venue where the wedding will be held must be chosen by us!"

        After saying this, Elder Shen was already rubbing his hands a little excitedly, as if at this moment, Lin Fan and Bai Yi were a dead man in his eyes.

        He was already determined to have Lin Fan and the two of them killed!

        The Shen family members present also laughed coldly, with a sinister look in their eyes, looking forward to seeing how Lin Fan would be unlucky.

        Bai Yi was also a little suspicious and asked.

        "Where do you think it should be held?"

        "Of course it's the best hotel in the entire Jiangnan Province, the Tianjiu Hua House!"


        At these words, both Lin Fan and Bai Yi were stunned, wasn't the venue where this would be held, the site where their wedding would be held?

        "Yes, it's fine!"

        Bai Yi directly agreed in one breath.


        A promise?

        Elder Shen and the others hadn't expected Bai Yi to be so crisp!

        At that moment!

        All of the Shen family members laughed heartily, staring at Lin Fan and Bai Yi with ill intentions.

        This idiot, he didn't even know that he was in trouble.

        And Elder Shen also laughed out loud.

        "What a good niece of mine, don't worry! We will attend your wedding!"

Chapter 1428

Coming out of Shen's house, Bai Yi always felt that something was not right.

        So, he looked at Lin Fan in confusion.

        "Lin Fan, did you feel that they were too nice?"

        "According to reason, they killed Shen Ling and knocked the Shen family to the bottom, they shouldn't be so nice."

        What's more, she had already planned to leave today in defeat.

        But the Shen family had merely asked them to change the venue of the wedding banquet?


        Lin Fan smiled back.

        "In my opinion, they must not have good intentions, probably wanting to embarrass us at the wedding, right?"


        Bai Yi exploded straight away and said in horror.

        "Then why don't we reschedule the wedding, or not invite them."


        Lin Fan, however, smiled faintly and said with full concern.

        "Don't worry! If they behave themselves, then it's fine, but if they dare to act recklessly, then I'll make them eat their words."

        Lin Fan's words were dense with ruthlessness.


        Three days passed in a flash!

        On this day, Lin Zhaoge struck unconscious!

        The entire streets of Jiang City were lined with roses!

        All the major news media, in turn, broadcasted it!

        It was the sensation of the century, a magnificent spectacle!

        It was the only wedding in the history of China to make the official news, so to speak.

        And at that moment!

        Bai Yi was also at home, meticulously dressed, at this time she was wearing a pure and flawless wedding gown, falling gracefully, just like a beauty walking out of a painting.

        And Shen Yumei, who was at the side, was also wiping her tears.

        "Bai Yi, you are so beautiful today! Mum didn't expect that one day, you would be so beautiful!"

        "Look at you, why are you crying on this big day!"

        Bai Shan counted off without good humour.


        Now that he had spoken, Shen Yumei glared at him with no good grace.

        "How dare you talk about me? Did you just hide in the corner and secretly wipe your tears?"

        Upon hearing this, Bai Shan suddenly blushed and said slyly.

        "Nonsense! Then I got sand in my eyes!"

        Both of them were thrilled!

        Neither of them had expected to see Bai Yi have a decent wedding in their lifetimes.

        Although they had despised Lin Fan before, they had woken up through the time they had spent getting to know him.

        Although Lin Fan was not very capable, he was dedicated to this family.

        Several times, he had even risked his life for them and almost gotten killed!

        Even when they asked Lin Fan to leave, Lin Fan was unwilling to do so and was determined to live and die with them.

        At this time, as they watched Lin Fan and Bai Yi's upcoming wedding, both of them were moved and blessed from the bottom of their hearts.

        At the same time!

        The stone at the bottom of their hearts had finally fallen!

        In this way, Lin Fan would no longer be powerful!

        They, as a family, must have peace and happiness for the rest of their lives!

        From now on!

        No matter how much others said Lin Fan was useless, they no longer cared.

        And at that moment!

        Their family's nanny, however, stumbled in with a frightened face!

        "Master, Madam, Miss, something is wrong!"

        "What's wrong?"

        Bai Shan's expression changed greatly, could it be that something had happened?

        Even Bai Yi couldn't help but frown, it couldn't be that the Shen family was planning to make a mess, could it?

        "No, it's... It's... I can't tell, come out and see for yourselves!"

        That nanny was already incoherent, just shivering, unable to even speak fully, pointing at the door one after another.

        At that moment!

        Bai Yi's family, was full of nervousness and anxiety, and quickly walked towards the door.


        All the neighbours were watching nervously, with envy and shock in their eyes!

        When they saw Bai Yi's family coming out, they greeted them with a curt smile.

        "Yumei, you... Your family is about to soar to great heights, huh?"

        "Bai Shan, you're so ungrateful! Your family is so big and powerful, how dare you hide it from us?"

        "Bai Yi, we were wrong to look down on Lin Fan and your family in the past, we shouldn't have looked down on him. We apologize to you, don't hold a grudge against us!"

        Those neighbours said in a patronising manner, unable to hide the envy and excitement in their eyes.


        These words caused Bai Shan's family to completely freeze.

        "What are you guys talking about, why can't we understand?"

        The Bai Shan family, just felt confused, they couldn't understand at all!

        "Still pretending, people have come to the door to tie the knot, look!"

        At that moment!

        Bai Yi then looked in the direction they were pointing!


        In an instant, the three members of the family, were completely confused!