Today I Give Up Trying 1421-1422

 Chapter 1421

Who are you?

        The moment they heard these words, everyone was completely dumbfounded as if they had been struck by electricity!

        A pair of eyes were filled with shock!

        The White Tiger Warlord didn't know Zhou Peize?

        He wasn't here to find Zhou Peize?

        In an instant!

        Everyone was completely frozen, unable to believe their ears.

        "White Tiger Warlord, you didn't come to look for me?"

        Zhou Peize was also completely dumbfounded, his eyes were round and full of disbelief.

        At those words!

        The White Tiger's face instantly turned gloomy as he angrily rebuked.

        "Looking for you? What are you, worthy of my White Tiger's personal invitation?"


        A slap in the face!

        A fierce slap in the face!

        Zhou Peize had made a mistake!

        At this time, Zhou Peize was so ashamed that he was red in the face and wanted to find a hole in the ground.

        It was so humiliating!

        Just now, he had made a show of authority in front of Li Xian and the others, only to have Bai Hu slap him in the face as soon as he turned his head.

        Now he felt the questioning gaze of the crowd, he felt that he had lost all his face, and he was frozen in place in shame, neither leaving nor not leaving.

        What everyone didn't understand was that since he hadn't come to see Zhou Peize, who else among them was worthy of a visit from Bai Hu?

        Just then!

        The white tiger directly ignored Zhou Peize and walked towards Li Xiu Yun and the others.


        Seeing this, everyone was completely dumbfounded!

        Could it be that White Tiger, was here to invite Li Xiu Yun?

        When did Li Xiu Yun know such a person as Bai Hu?

        This was incredible!

        Everyone turned to Li Xiu Yun and looked at him in amazement, and although they couldn't believe it at this time, they thought that Bai Hu should have come to invite Li Xiu Yun!

        After all, Li Xiu Yun was the man of this family!

        Seeing this!

        Li Xiu Yun also got up excitedly and hurriedly extended his hand, saying anxiously.

        "White Tiger Warlord, sorry to welcome you..."


        Before he could finish!

        "Get lost!"

        The White Tiger, however, roared out in a mid-air, already upset in his heart.

        Where did so many flies come from here!


        The crowd was completely petrified!

        Surprisingly... It wasn't here to find Li Xiu Yun either?

        This... How could this be!

        If it was neither Zhou Peize nor Li Xiu Yun, who else could it be?

        Could it be that the White Tiger Warlord had gone to the wrong place?

        Li Xiu Yun's expression froze, and his old face was covered in embarrassment, completely frozen on the spot.

        At this moment, the atmosphere was oppressive to the extreme.

        All of them did not dare to breathe a single breath, obviously aware of the White Tiger Warlord's anger.


        At that moment, an unexpected voice rang out!

        "White Tiger, don't be rude!"


        These words completely caused the crowd to explode!

        How dare someone rebuke the White Tiger Warlord?

        Was this madness?

        Then, when everyone looked at the person who had spoken, they all froze in their tracks, the person who had spoken was actually Lin Fan?

        "Lin Fan, how dare you rebuke the White Tiger Warlord, don't harm me if you want to die!"

        Li Xian was so anxious that she was on the verge of tears, this trash didn't even look at his status, accusing the White Tiger Warlord, did he deserve it?

        Immediately, she looked at Bai Hu nervously and hurriedly cleared the relationship with him.

        "Battle General White Tiger, our family doesn't know him well, if you want to punish him, just punish him, don't take it out on us!"

        She was terrified at this time!

        Only wanting to sacrifice Lin Fan alone to save their family!

        "Little Fan, don't talk nonsense, we can't afford to offend the White Tiger Warlord!"

        Li Xiu Yun also chided nervously, fearing that Lin Fan might offend the White Tiger.

        "Kid, even the White Tiger War General dares to rebuke, I think you're looking for death!"

        Zhou Peize also laughed sorrowfully, looking at Lin Fan as if he was looking at a dead man.

        "Idiot! This brat is an idiot! Daring to be rude to the White Tiger Warlord? This is seeking death!"

        "I'm laughing, he's talking as if he's the White Tiger War General's top boss, is he used to pretending to be a pussy?"

        The neighbours in the neighbourhood were also all speaking viciously and sneeringly, looking as if they wanted to drown Lin Fan with spittle.

        Lin Fan was stunned, and then shook his head with a bitter smile.


        The white tiger that heard these abuses and insults was completely furious!

        Immediately, he roared.

        "Shut up, all of you!"

Chapter 1422

The sound was like a tiger roaring in the mountains, deafening!

        It sent a shiver down the spine of the crowd!

        The White Tiger Warlord was furious!

        They instantly cast a gloating look at Lin Fan.

        In their minds, it was Lin Fan's ungrateful words that had completely enraged the White Tiger.

        Then next, Lin Fan would not be far from death.

        Zhou Peize laughed sorrowfully and looked at Lin Fan as if he was looking at a clown.

        To pretend to be a clown when you're not capable is like looking for death!


        Li Xiu Yun knelt down straight away, trembling in fear as he begged with old tears.

        "White Tiger Warlord, my son is young and doesn't know any better, that's why he bumped into you.

        "If you have any complaints, just come at me! Please don't make things difficult for my son!"

        Seeing this!

        Lin Fan's heart sank so hard that he unexpectedly felt his nose turn a little sour.

        Li Xiu Yun had gone so far as to kneel in full view of everyone for his sake, and was even planning to suffer on his behalf?


        Just as the crowd was too nervous to speak, they saw Bai Hu kneel directly in front of Lin Fan and incomparably respectfully said.

        "Lin... God of War, the matter you explained me to do, I have already done it factor!"

        The white tiger originally wanted to say Lin Zuo, but was afraid of scaring the crowd, so he immediately changed his mouth to call out to the God of War.


        Even so, it was still deafening!

        It resounded wildly throughout the entire hall!

        These simple words caused the crowd to tremble like a bolt of lightning.


        War God?


        In an instant, Li Xian, Zhou Peize and the others were so scared that they were about to piss themselves.

        Lin Fan, a God of War?

        And at this time, they finally knew who exactly White Tiger was looking for when he personally came to the door this time!

        "He... He's actually one of the Eight Great War Gods of China? Impossible, that's impossible!"

        Li Xian's eyes were about to glaze over, the poor man she had despised since she was a child was now a prestigious War God of China?

        At this moment, she felt like her worldview was about to be turned upside down!

        Even after learning Lin Fan's true identity, her heart actually began to regret a little.

        The man she despised was now the one she could not afford.

        Although Zhou Peize was amazing, compared to the God of War, he was like an ant, not worth mentioning!

        She didn't even know how she should feel about facing Lin Fan now, her whole body was completely confused.

        The way she looked at Lin Fan was as if she had seen a ghost!

        Her whole face was already white as she looked at the shabbily dressed man in front of her, and she actually felt so strange.

        It wasn't just her!

        After hearing Bai Hu's words, all the neighbours present also covered their mouths one by one, their eyes rounded.

        This poor boy who had disappeared for more than ten years was already standing at the pinnacle of power when he returned?

        And they dared to insult Lin Fan?

        At that moment!

        All of them had their scalps tingling!

        Because they clearly remembered that one of the laws of China was that anyone who insulted a war general or above would be punished by death.

        Not to mention that Lin Fan was not a war general, but a war god who commanded war generals!

        Especially Zhou Peize!

        By this time, he was on the verge of pissing himself in fear!

        After all, of all the people in this group, he was the one who hated Lin Fan the most for insulting him!

        What if Lin Fan was furious and he was shot on the spot?

        Thinking of this, his legs went weak and cold sweat continued to trickle down from his forehead, his face completely distorted.

        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan was oblivious to the shock of the crowd.

        He directly stood up and walked towards Li Xiuyun!


        As he got up, everyone backed away in shock, looking at Lin Fan with a frightened gaze.

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, directly helped Li Xiu Yun up and said with a smile.

        "Uncle Li, you're the only one present who doesn't need to kneel down!"


        With a single word, it was the crowd present that was completely scared to death!



        The crowd instantly knelt down in panic, their eyes filled with fear and panic as they stared at Lin Fan incomparably nervous.

        Wasn't Lin Fan saying that they were going to kneel down?

        At this moment, they all felt that they were humble ants in front of Lin Fan, so they didn't even dare to breathe a breath.

        Fear to the extreme!

        Li Xiu Yun only felt like he was dreaming as he looked at Lin Fan in disbelief:.

        "Little Fan... You, you're a war god?"