Today I Give Up Trying 1419-1420

 Chapter 1419


        Li Xiu Yun's face swished horribly white as he was attacked by anxious fire, and his whole body fell back into his chair helplessly!

        "Old Li!"

        Everyone was suddenly shocked and shouted out!

        They all knew that Li Xiu Yun had high blood pressure, so they couldn't be angry!

        Li Xiu Yun pointed his finger at Li Xian, but he was so angry that he couldn't say a word.

        What kind of father would not be upset if his daughter, who had raised her so much, ended up having her own man come and fight against her own old father as soon as she found a man?

        What's even more outrageous!

        At this moment, Li Xian was still looking indifferent, not even looking at Li Xiu Yun, as if the one who was ill was not her own father.

        "Lin Fan, you can see that your uncle is not feeling well, you'd better leave today, don't cause any more trouble!"

        Wang Yanli said with an unhappy face, directly giving Lin Fan an expulsion order.

        "Yes Lin Fan, what are you, an outsider, getting involved in people's family affairs? Do you really consider yourself a member of the Li family?"

        "Oh, I could tell when I was a kid that this kid was no good, and sure enough! When he grows up, he will live by cheating and deception!"

        "Hurry up and go, you little sweeper, look how angry your Uncle Li has made you!"

        Those neighbours in the neighbourhood immediately counted off in no good humour, they were all bashing Lin Fan like crazy even now in order to flatter Zhou Peize.

        That look was as if they wanted to trample Lin Fan underfoot!


        Unexpectedly, Lin Fan smiled instead of being angry and looked at the crowd indifferently.

        "You guys, are you sure you want me to go?"


        After hearing these words, Zhou Peize and Li Xian and the others, as if they had heard the best joke, one by one, let out a loud laugh.

        On their faces, there was a strong look of contempt!

        "If you want to get lost, then get lost, don't pretend to be so arrogant! You're acting like you're a big shot!"

        Li Xian said in disgust, the contempt in his eyes then intensified into a sneer.

        Lin Fan sounded as if all of them would regret it if he left, what a joke!

        What a joke!

        At this moment Lin Fan was a big joke in the eyes of Li Xian and the others!

        A punk, just roll away, what's the big deal?

        How dare he pretend?

        Did he really think that anyone would retain him?

        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan also said nothing more and nodded with a smile on his face.

        "Good, then I'll leave first!"

        Since these people didn't know what they were doing, there was no need for him to stay here.

        At this time, Lin Fan didn't even bother to give an account of his identity, because in his eyes, these people were not qualified to know him at all.

        With that said!

        Lin Fan was getting up, intending to leave!

        And at that moment!

        All faces were full of contempt, no one took him seriously at all!

        But just then!

        A voice from outside the door shocked the crowd!

        "General White Tiger has arrived!"


        The crowd was in an uproar!

        A pair of eyes looked at the door in disbelief!

        General White Tiger, wasn't that the three-star war general of the White Tiger Army?

        Everyone knew that White Tiger was the beloved disciple of the Dragon Tiger War God and belonged to the Lin Zuo's command!

        How could such an existence come to a small Li family?

        At that moment!

        Everyone was flattered!

        They were completely shocked!

        The expressions of disbelief came to the faces of all of them.

        At that moment, Li Xian also looked at Zhou Peize in disbelief and exclaimed.

        "Pei Ze, the fierce general under Lin Zuo's command has come to see you personally?"


        All of them looked at Zhou Peize in astonishment, the White Tiger War General had come to see Zhou Peize?

        Not only had Zhou Peize gained entry to the Lin Zuo's wedding banquet, but he had even had the White Tiger Warlord personally come to invite him?

        This was too impressive, right?

        The atmosphere was completely silent at this instant!

        Everyone in the room was staring at Zhou Peize with a shocked gaze, which also carried a strong sense of admiration and envy.

        Even Wang Yanli and Li Xiuyun, upon hearing this, felt their hearts and livers rise to their throats.

        Words of astonishment could not even be uttered!

        That was a White Tiger War General!

        It was only a matter of time before they could get to know him, and then it would be a matter of time before they could compete with Lin.

        At this moment, Zhou Peize was in the limelight, and everyone was staring at him with reverence.

        Even Zhou Peize was confused!

        Could it be that the White Tiger Warlord was really here to find him?

        But he obviously didn't know him!


        He didn't think too much about it, after all, who else in this room was qualified to have the White Tiger Warlord pay a personal visit besides him?

        At that moment, he said smugly.

        "Calm down, it's just the White Tiger War General, what's all the fuss about, I guess he's here to invite me to the Lin Zuo's wedding banquet!"

        "Don't talk nonsense later, lest you lose my face!"

Chapter 1420


        At the sound of those words!

        The whole room was completely abuzz!

        Li Xian pounced on Zhou Peize, hugged his face and kissed him fiercely.

        "Darling, you're amazing! I'm so happy to be married to you!"

        "Oh my! Old Li, your son-in-law was even invited to a banquet by the White Tiger Warlord himself. Even provincial bigwigs don't have such an honour!"

        "Indeed, your family's son-in-law is not an idle person!"

        Everyone kept bending over too well at this time, their faces flattering to the extreme.

        It wasn't just them!

        Even Li Xiu Yun was surprised at this instant, a touch of shock in his eyes.

        This kid, he was so capable?

        He had originally thought that Zhou Peize was just a fop, nothing more than a better family and his tail was up in the air.

        But he hadn't expected that he was so capable that he could make the Lin Zuo order his own personal guards to invite him, had he really underestimated him?

        That's not all!

        When he heard that the White Tiger Warrior would come looking for him, Zhou Peize's tail was practically sticking up in the air.

        Right away, it was with a contemptuous face that he looked at Lin Fan and sneered.

        "Why don't you get lost, you punk?"

        On the side, Wang Yanli also chimed in and said.

        "Lin Fan, why don't you just go first, don't accidentally offend the White Tiger War General, that would be bad, that kind of existence is not something that ordinary people like us can offend."

        As soon as those words came out, everyone's eyes were looking at Lin Fan in unison, as if they were looking at a jumping clown, comically ridiculous.


        Lin Fan, however, looked calm, and while looking at Zhou Peize, he revealed a meaningful smile.

        "Are you sure that the White Tiger Warlord, is here to find you?"


        The crowd was frozen, what did this guy mean by that?

        Apart from Zhou Peize, who else here was qualified to have the White Tiger Warlord visit his door?

        "Little Fan, forget it! You should go first!"

        Li Xiu Yun also said with a frown, he had underestimated Zhou Peize's ability, if this were to hold a grudge against Lin Fan, then the rest of Lin Fan's life would be miserable.

        At that moment, he could only encourage Lin Fan to leave first.

        As soon as Zhou Peize heard Lin Fan's words, he laughed and said smugly.

        "If you're not here to find me, is it hard to find you?"

        As far as he was concerned, the White Tiger Warlord was here to invite him!

        There could never be any surprises!

        The crowd also looked at Lin Fan with contempt, looking for this punk? How could that be possible?

        This useless man had no qualifications to be personally invited by Lin Zuo?

        Unless Lin Zuo was blind!

        However, the crowd acted as if they hadn't heard the crowd's sneers, and said with a smirk.

        "And what if, what if, it's really to find me?"


        The moment they heard this, the crowd first froze.

        Immediately afterwards, they burst into wild laughter!


        "Did you guys hear that? This punk actually said that the White Tiger Warlord was coming for him?"

        "Lin Fan, can you show some face? You don't even take a piss and look at your own virtue, would the White Tiger General invite a scum like you?"

        Li Xian's eyes were flooded with disgust, being completely disgusted.

        Everyone else also had a look of contempt on their faces, their faces clouding over.

        "You backwoodsman, why are you full of nonsense? Is this nonsense treating us like idiots?"

        "You can't have such an unreliable man! It's a good thing Li Xian didn't choose him, Old Li is really blind to treat this brat like his own son!"

        This sharp sarcasm instantly made Li Xiu Yun's face red, and at this time he wanted to find a hole in the ground.

        It was so humiliating!

        He hadn't expected that Lin Fan would say such unrealistic words either.

        And just at that moment!


        A steady footstep sounded from outside the door.

        And then, a sturdy man walked in with giant strides!

        There was a majesty that was unique to a superior man!

        "White Tiger War General!"

        When he saw the other party, Zhou Peize was immediately overjoyed, and with a touch of flattery on his face, he quickly greeted him.

        And, of his own accord, he extended his hand!


        White Tiger, however, frowned and said with a disgusted look on his face.

        "Who are you?"


        At this moment, the atmosphere was completely frozen!