Today I Give Up Trying 1417-1418

 Chapter 1417

She was deliberately warning Lin Fan that she had already found a rich second generation and would never look at a poor man like Lin Fan.

        Lin Fan didn't need to waste his time anymore!

        No matter how much her father valued Lin Fan, in her eyes, Lin Fan was not even worthy to carry Zhou Peize's shoes!

        At least!

        Zhou Peize could, at his leisure, get an invitation to the Lin Block.

        But what about Lin Fan?

        He probably didn't even know who the Lin Block was, right?

        That was the difference!

        She and Lin Fan were destined to be people of two worlds!

        "Old Li, this son-in-law of yours is really something, to get an invitation to the Lin Throne, I've heard that it's hard to find for ten thousand gold!"

        "I've heard that all those who can get an invitation from the Lin Tower are famous and powerful people! Your son-in-law is no ordinary person!"

        "How envious! With such a golden son-in-law, why wouldn't your Li family worry about soaring to greatness?"

        The neighbours, relatives and friends present were all full of envy!

        Obviously by this time, they had been completely blown away!


        Li Xiu Yun, however, grunted unconvincingly.

        "Isn't it just Lin Zuo's entrance qualification? What's the big deal, Lin Fan arranged it for me a long time ago!"


        In an instant, the entire room was dead silent!

        Everyone's smiles froze completely upon hearing Li Xiu Yun's words.

        Lin Fan, he had arranged it?

        Just this guy, he could get the entrance to the Lin Seat?

        Are you kidding?

        How could he just get the entrance qualification?

        If it had been Zhou Peize, they would have believed that there was a slight possibility!

        As for Lin Fan...

        As for Lin Fan... everyone gave him a contemptuous glance, just like this poor man, it was not too much to say that he was a scavenger on the roadside.

        Not to mention helping Li Xiu Yun and the others to gain entry!

        It was simply ridiculous!

        Therefore, after hearing Li Xiu Yun's words, Li Xian's pretty face immediately emerged in disdain.

        "Dad, he's the only one who can get admission to Lin Zuo's wedding banquet? Don't make me laugh!"

        At the same time, Zhou Peize's face was also covered in ridicule.

        "Yes, Uncle, even I had to work very hard to get this entrance, what kind of status does he have to have been personally invited by Mr. Lin?"

        "You should know that you don't want to be fooled by someone with a heart of gold!"

        At that moment!

        Everyone was staring at Lin Fan with a sarcastic look, as if they were watching a joke.


        They all felt that Lin Fan was lying too!

        Wang Yanli couldn't help but shake her head, how could her husband still fall for such a lie that he could see through at a glance?

        How naive!

        Immediately afterwards, she looked at Lin Fan with a little more hostility.

        In her opinion, Lin Fan would fabricate such a lie, he must have had plans for their family.

        After all, Lin Fan had also been separated from them for so many years, and they didn't know anything about what kind of person Lin Fan was today!

        "You fart!"

        Li Xiu Yun was so angry that his face turned red and he roared.

        "My son would never lie to me! Lin Fan, tell them, what is your identity?"

        He didn't believe that Lin Fan would lie to him!

        Or rather, he believed that Lin Fan must not be an idle person!

        He must have an extraordinary background to have gained admission to the Lin Zuo's wedding banquet!


        Lin Fan gave a bitter smile and said.

        "Actually, I'm not working at home!"


        The audience was in an uproar!

        Staying at home?

        Wouldn't that be, jobless?

        Ha ha ha!

        The room erupted in a neat burst of laughter, all of them laughing out loud and being thoroughly amused.


        Lin Fan was even worse off than they had imagined, not even having a decent job?

        How can he be so useless?

        A loser like that could get an invitation from the Lin seat?

        Don't laugh your ass off!

        On the other hand, Li Xian also shook her head with a sarcastic expression, and the contempt and disgust in her eyes became a little stronger.


        She felt even more disgusted when she thought of her own father, who had tried so hard to set her up with Lin Fan on the spot!

        At this moment, she didn't even want to look at Lin Fan anymore!

        It was as if one more look would stain her eyes.

        At the same time!

        Zhou Peize was also visibly stunned, followed closely by a loud laugh as well.

        "A punk who doesn't even have a job can get admission to a wedding banquet? Do you think that Lin Zuo is blind?"

        "You are, indeed, a liar!"

Chapter 1418


        In an instant!

        Everyone was on alert and their eyes were filled with hostility when they looked at Lin Fan.

        Obviously, they all felt that Lin Fan had no good intentions!

        Even Li Xiu Yun himself was confused on the spot!

        He knew that Lin Fan was not a fraud, but what he did not expect was that Lin Fan was actually a hobo?

        Could it be that he had really looked away?

        And at that moment!

        Li Xian was even staring at Lin Fan with a deadly stare, looking as if he wanted to eat someone:.

        "Lin Fan, say! Why did you lie, did you want to cheat my father out of his money?"

        She knew that Li Xiuyun's greatest love was Lin Fan, and it was very likely that Lin Fan would use this to cheat money.

        But without waiting for Lin Fan to speak, Li Xiu Yun impatiently said.

        "Don't be ridiculous! Jobless is jobless, that's still my son!"

        "Lin Fan, if you don't have money, ask your Uncle Li for it, we're all family!"


        Li Xian's expression instantly changed wildly, looking at Li Xiu Yun in disbelief.

        "Dad, you!"

        Lin Fan, he was clearly a fraud!

        But Li Xiu Yun knew about it and still defended him at every turn? He was even going to offer him money?

        This is simply insane!

        On the side, Lin Fan's heart was already thick with warmth, he could clearly feel that Li Xiu Yun's love for him was from his heart, from his bones.

        Others, fear him!

        Fear him!

        But Li Xiu Yun loved him!

        He really treated him like his own child!

        Seeing this, a strong hatred surfaced in Zhou Peize's eyes, and then he suddenly sneered and smiled.

        "Isn't it just money? Rubbish, at the entrance of my group, there happens to be a shortage of security guards!"

        "How about this, you go and watch the gate for me, for the sake of your acquaintance with the Li family, how about I give you 30,000 per month, hahaha!"

        Thirty thousand?

        The neighbours in the room were filled with envy!

        30,000 a month for just looking after the front door?

        Oh my God!

        That's too much money, isn't it?

        "Little Fan, why don't you thank Little Zhou, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, don't miss it!"

        Wang Yanli hurriedly urged.


        Lin Fan, however, smiled faintly and shook his head, saying.

        "No need Aunt Li, I'm fine now!"

        As soon as he heard that!

        The crowd laughed coldly, and they laughed out loud, not hiding their contempt and disdain in the slightest.


        Not working, being a loser waiting for death and still doing well?

        This kind of man, really trash!

        Wang Yanli's expression froze and a touch of displeasure appeared on her face.

        He didn't even want the 30,000 yuan he was offered, but preferred to wait for death, he was really unmotivated!

        If Li Xian really followed such a man, she wouldn't know how miserable she would be!


        Li Xiu Yun, however, was still boasting and angrily reprimanded, saying.

        "My son is going to be a big shot, and you want him to be a security guard? Who are you looking down on?"

        But instead of resonating, his words caused the crowd to grow more and more disgusted.

        They thought he was crazy to think that an unmotivated loser like Lin Fan could soar to greatness!


        Zhou Peize burst into laughter, laughing extremely wildly and unrestrainedly, while giving Lin Fan a thumbs up:.

        "Bull! I admire only you when it comes to shamelessness!"

        "Honey, as you can see, it's not that I won't help your brother, it's that he's just too rotten to hold up the wall!"


        At that, Li Xian also coldly hummed and angrily said.

        "Don't be ridiculous, he's not my brother! And what do you care about him, he'd rather be a loser for the rest of his life, what does it have to do with me?"

        "Lin Fan, you can go away! Don't come to my house and disgust us!"


        The moment these words came out, they directly made Li Xiuyun explode, he slammed the table, his eyes looked like they were about to burst as he angrily pointed at Li Xian.

        "Say it again for me?"

        Li Xian was first startled, but then directly pushed Zhou Peize out.

        Zhou Peize suddenly sneered.

        "Li Xian is right, this trash makes us feel sick, so I want him to get out!"

        "Otherwise, I'll have my bodyguards, break his legs!"


        Li Xiu Yun's face was suddenly ugly as he pointed his halberd at Li Xian.

        "Li Xian, you're good, you're hardened in your wings, aren't you? Thinking that because you married your husband, you can ignore me and let your man come and call my bluff?"

        Li Xian, on the other hand, had a cold face, which seemed to indicate her attitude!