Today I Give Up Trying 1415-1416

 Chapter 1415

And after that!

        Lin Fan was right behind him, following Li Xiu Yun into the Li family.

        "Lin Fan?"

        The people in the house, upon seeing Lin Fan, were all startled.

        After all, they hadn't seen Lin Fan for ten years since they parted ways back then, and they didn't expect him to appear today.

        "Aunt Li, Li Xian, it's been a long time!"

        Lin Fan smiled faintly and nodded to Li Xiuyun's wife and daughter.

        Very quickly!

        Li Xian was the one who came back to her senses from that surprise, and a trace of displeasure immediately surfaced on her face, hence her tone was indifferent as she said.

        "Well, it's been a long time."

        It was an indifference that turned people away, clearly telling Lin Fan that you were not welcome.

        After all!

        Who in the whole hutong didn't know that her father was bent on betrothing her to Lin Fan?

        And today, she had brought her fiancĂ© here to discuss the wedding and prepare for the wedding in a few days' time... Wasn't it deliberately disgusting for Li Xiu Yun to bring Lin Fan here at this time?


        After she saw Lin Fan's shabby disguise, the contempt and indifference in her eyes could not help but thicken a few points.

        In her heart, she was glad that she hadn't looked at Lin Fan, a poor man, on the spot!

        She is now a university student from a famous university, with white skin and beauty, and a wealth of talent.

        He was a loser!

        A loser in life!

        How could such a loser be worthy of herself?

        Her father must have been crazy!

        It wasn't just her!

        Even Wang Yanli, who was at the side, yanked Li Xiu Yun aside as soon as she could and shouted down in anger.

        "Are you crazy? Today is your daughter's big day, how dare you bring him here, with the intention of embarrassing your daughter?"

        Clearly, she didn't welcome Lin Fan either!

        After all, that poor look was so eye-catching!

        She didn't want people to know that their family had such a poor relative.

        As soon as she heard that!

        Li Xiu Yun was instantly enraged and said angrily.

        "I'm bringing my own son home, do I have to look at the day and see people's faces?"

        In his eyes, Lin Fan was not an outsider, this was Lin Fan's home!


        Wang Yanli was disliked to the point of blushing, and immediately looked at Lin Fan with some embarrassment.

        "Little Fan, you know that's not what I meant, it's mainly because we're really too busy to entertain guests today!"

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Li Xian and the others laughed contemptuously and looked at Lin Fan with a contemptuous look.

        How could Lin Fan not hear that repellent intention, he immediately got up and said.

        "Good, since you guys have things to do, I'll pay a visit some other time!"

        "Uncle Li, I'll go first!"


        Before Lin Fan could even take a step, Li Xiu Yun roughly dragged him back and angrily said.

        "You haven't even had your wine yet, why are you leaving? I'm telling you, today the heavens and the earth are the biggest, but Lao Zi's son is the biggest!"

        "Whoever dares to drive you away is not in agreement with me, Li Xiu Yun!"

        With that, Li Xiu Yun was looking at Wang Yan Li with a fierce face!

        "You dead old man!"

        Wang Yanli's face turned green with anger, and she angrily rebuked.

        She was afraid that her golden tortoise son-in-law would mistake Li Xian for this poor man, and if he ran away, their family's fantasy of soaring to greatness would be completely ruined.

        Sure enough!

        At this time, a man came out and looked at Lin Fan in a condescending manner.

        "Li Xian, is this your ex-boyfriend? Your eyesight is a bit too bad, isn't it?"

        One word!

        The atmosphere in the room immediately became extremely odd!

        This was clearly a humiliation!

        The man, with a cold smile at the corner of his mouth, looked at Lin Fan with disdain, while showing off the extremely luxurious Patek Philippe on his wrist!

        He was Li Xian's fiancĂ©, the young proprietor of a group in Jiangcheng, Zhou Peize!

        And at that moment!

        Li Xian's face suddenly appeared thick with shame and anger as she said.

        "Zhou Peize, what do you mean? I've never been in love with him! Do you think I'm casual? Do you think I'm casual?

        Li Xian was so angry that her body trembled and her face turned blue.

        As if, Zhou Peize's words were a great insult to her!

        She didn't want to get involved with a hanger-on like Lin Fan!

        The two lovers, one by one, humiliated Lin Fan viciously without any mercy.


        Their words and actions completely enraged Li Xiu Yun, causing him to sharpen his eyes and roar in a frenzy of rage.

        "Don't you see Little Fan? I'm telling you, Li Xian, that's because you have no eyes!"

Chapter 1416


        When this statement was made, the crowd was first stunned, and then contemptuous smiles appeared on their faces one after another.

        Not looking at Lin Fan meant that he was blind?

        I'm afraid it was only because they saw this trash that they had no eyes, right?

        Li Xian was also furious, she didn't know what had possessed her father, he had always doted on Lin Fan since she was a child, sometimes even better than her own daughter.

        Even when he had found a golden son-in-law, he didn't even give him a good face.

        But when Lin Fan came, he was as happy as if he had seen his own son, even though Lin Fan was now muddling along like a dog.

        At that moment!

        In order to lighten the atmosphere, Lin Fan smiled and said to Zhou Peize.

        "You might have misunderstood, I have only treated Li Xian as my sister since I was a child, and have never had any wrong thoughts about her!"


        His explanation, in Zhou Peize's opinion, was a sign of weakness!


        The smugness on Zhou Peize's face grew stronger and stronger, and in his heart he cursed Lin Fan for being a gutless bandit who had been intimidated like that!

        And then, he snorted coldly.

        "Brother? That poor smell on you is almost making me faint! How can you be Li Xian's brother?"

        "Don't think I don't know that you, Lin Fan, have only lived in Li Xian's house for three years, and you dare to put gold on your face like that? I've seen a lot of poor bastards like you, and now that Li Xian has married well, you want to curry favour with your relatives?"

        These words instantly caused Lin Fan to frown!

        He had already decided to put things to rest, but the other party was repeatedly aggressive!

        Wasn't he too pleased with himself?

        "That's enough! Surnamed Zhou, just because you have a few stinkin' dollars, you're something, aren't you?"

        Li Xiu Yun was furious and shouted at Zhou Peize.

        "Since you look down on our family's children, then get lost! Our Li family, you are not welcome!"


        The whole audience was shocked!

        All the guests in the audience were completely dumbfounded!

        There was a strong sense of disbelief in their eyes, and they couldn't believe their eyes.

        Li Xiu Yun was going to sweep Zhou Peize, the golden turtle son-in-law, out of the house for such a trash?

        This was insane!

        At that moment, Zhou Peize's face, too, was gloomy to the extreme!

        The old bastard!

        He was the young proprietor of a group, but in Li Xiu Yun's eyes, he was still not as good as this trash Lin Fan?

        "Alright, alright, one less sentence, today is Li Xian and Xiao Zhou's big wedding day, what are you doing old man?"

        Wang Yanli was afraid that Zhou Peize would get angry and hurriedly stepped forward to speak, while glaring at Li Xiu Yun as if threatening.

        Li Xiu Yun gave a cold snort, and only then did he shut his mouth with an unhappy face, sipping his own sullen wine.

        At that moment!

        Wang Yanli then cast a glance at Zhou Peize:.

        "Little Zhou, don't you have good news to tell your uncle?


        At these words!

        Zhou Peize instantly reacted, and a strong look of triumph surfaced on his face.

        "Uncle Li, I have successfully obtained the qualification to enter the Lin Zuo Banquet!"


        The whole room was shocked at these words!

        Everyone instantly looked at Zhou Peize in shock, each one simply unable to believe their ears.

        They hadn't heard wrong, had they?

        Zhou Peize was actually able to enter the Lin Seat's banquet and meet the Lin Seat?

        Oh my God!

        What kind of honour was this?

        It was unbelievable!

        They had heard that the people invited to the banquet by the Lin Zuo were all the top dignitaries and lords of China.

        The whole of China's powerful and wealthy people were fighting tooth and nail to grab an invitation from the Lin Zuo.

        It is said!

        Even the top brass at the provincial level couldn't get into the banquet venue and couldn't get the favour of the Lin seat!

        And now, Zhou Peize was saying that he had gained entry?

        To them, this was like the odds of winning the Mark Six lottery, it was unbelievable!

        They couldn't even dream of it!

        And at that moment!

        Li Xian was looking at Zhou Peize with an adoring expression.

        "Honey, you're so good! Much better than some people's trash!"

        "If it was someone else, I'm afraid they wouldn't be qualified to meet Lin Zuo in this lifetime, right?"

        After saying that!

        She even gave an extremely humiliating, glance towards Lin Fan!