Today I Give Up Trying 1413-1414

 Chapter 1413

And because this wedding of the century was so grand, not only Jiang City but also the whole of China was completely stirred by it.

        All at once!

        All walks of life were rushing to Jiang City to congratulate Lin on his wedding.

        So much so that Long Jiu had to give orders to seal off the city and block all news to prevent anyone from entering Jiangcheng!

        And at that moment!

        Bai Yi's home!

        "You are planning to hold a new wedding?"

        Shen Yumei said in surprise, already smiling from ear to ear.

        Because she knew that since Lin Fan was already planning to hold a new wedding for Bai Yi, he wouldn't leave again.

        Lin Fan smiled and said.

        "Yeah, I haven't even given Bai Yi a decent wedding since we entered the house! It's just as well to take this opportunity to make up for it!"


        It was because last time he wanted to tell Bai Yi who he was, but his plans were ruined because of Zhao Jiazia and the others messing up.

        That's why he decided to hold this wedding, so that the whole world would know that Bai Yi was his Lin Zha's woman!

        "Fine, fine, I approve too!"

        Shen Yumei's eyes were full of joy as she looked at Lin Fan with doting eyes.

        "You can do whatever you want then, mum and dad are all for it, we both feel quite guilty for not having a wedding for you two before."

        And at this time, Bai Shan said with some apprehension.

        "That, Little Fan, your grandfather has begged me several times, hoping that you can forgive them, look..."

        As she said that, she also looked at Lin Fan carefully, as if she was afraid that Lin Fan might get angry.

        Lin Fan frowned at once, not expecting the Bai family to be so shameless, knowing that it was impossible for him and Bai Yi to forgive them, he found Bai Shan and asked him to come and beg for mercy.

        And seeing Lin Fan's frown, Bai Shan's expression snapped and he hurriedly changed his tone, saying.

        "It's fine if you're not happy about it, I'll just say it casually... Hehe!"

        Lin Fan sighed and said.

        "Later on, I'll go invite them and attend my wedding with Bai Yi."

        He also knew that the Bai family was Bai Shan's family after all, and Elder Bai was even his real father, so it wasn't something that could just be cut off.

        At those words!

        Bai Shan's eyes instantly reddened and he tightly grabbed Lin Fan's hand.

        "Little Fan, say nothing more! It's dad's fault for making you suffer!"

        The Bai family had repeatedly subjected Lin Fan to humiliation, and had even tried to kill him on several occasions.

        But Lin Fan chose to forgive the Bai family for his sake, which made Bai Shan both touched and guilty.

        And Lin Fan simply smiled.

        "It's alright dad, we're all family, let's not talk about family!"


        The next day, Lin Fan went to arrange everything, but when he was leaving the hotel, he saw a familiar figure.

        "Lin Fan?"

        It was a middle-aged man, and when he saw Lin Fan, he first froze.

        Then, a flash of shock suddenly appeared on his face!

        "Uncle Li?"

        Lin Fan couldn't help but freeze as well, unable to believe that he would meet the other party here.

        This middle-aged man was named Li Xiuyun, and because Lin Fan's master had been kind to him, Lin Fan had lived in Li Xiuyun's home for three years when he was following his master's training.

        After that!

        Lin Fan was the one who went far overseas and began to fight and conquer, slowly becoming the Dark Emperor.

        "You kid, once you left the country, you didn't hear from me for years, where did you go?

        Li Xiu Yun was indignant, he had always liked Lin Fan since he was a child, he felt that this kid had an extraordinary resilience in his bones and would become a great asset in the future.

        Therefore, he gave his all to Lin Fan and treated him as his own son, and even planned to set up a match between Lin Fan and his daughter.

        "Little heartless one, thanks to the fact that I loved you so much back then and left you a mouthful of good food, how dare you come back and not look for me?"

        The more Li Xiu Yun said, the angrier he became, the more he looked like a disgruntled woman who had been abandoned.

        Lin Fan knew he was in the wrong and didn't dare to speak up, and embarrassment was written all over his face.

        "What are you doing here? Do you also want to attend Lin Zuo's wedding?"

        Seeing Lin Fan's look of being a thief, Li Xiu Yun hummed, but did not continue to make things difficult, instead digressing from the topic.

        Lin Fan also couldn't help but freeze, stunned, and said.

        "Uncle Li, you too?"

Chapter 1414

"I'll... I'll take my chances!"

        Li Xiu Yun's old face flushed as he said.

        "After all, a figure like the Lin seat is not something that ordinary people can just want to meet? I don't have much hope either."

        He wanted to try and see if he could get a good future, although he knew that his hopes were slim.

        At those words!

        Lin Fan burst into tears, wanting to tell Li Xiuyun that he was the Lin Seat, and that with a word from him, he could become the Lin Seat's guest.

        But I was only afraid that Li Xiu Yun would take himself for a nutcase, right?

        A whirlwind!

        Lin Fan then smiled and said.

        "Don't worry Uncle Li, as an amends, I'll arrange a place for you at the Lin Seat's wedding banquet!"


        Li Xiu Yun's expression changed drastically as he stared at Lin Fan like he was seeing a ghost.

        "You have a solution?"

        You know!

        That was Lin Zuo's wedding banquet of the century, and all the powerful people in China would break their heads to grab a spot, but those who were invited were all prestigious and dominant figures!

        Originally, Li Xiu Yun had come here today with the idea of taking his chances, not thinking that he would really be able to qualify for the banquet.

        For a small man like him, it would be a privilege to even have a glance from afar, not to mention entering the banquet!

        But now Lin Fan was blithely saying that he could get him into the Lin Zuo's wedding banquet?

        He wasn't dreaming, was he?

        Lin Fan smiled and explained.

        "I have someone inside who can arrange it!"

        Upon hearing this, Li Xiu Yun was instantly ecstatic: "Bull!

        "Bull! My son is capable! Seeing you today and gaining entrance to the Lin Zuo's wedding banquet, this is double happiness!"

        "Let's go! Let's have a drink, we won't return until we're drunk today!"

        He said!

        Without any further ado, he wrapped his arm around Lin Fan's shoulders and forcibly dragged him away.

        In a short while, they arrived at Li Xiu Yun's place!

        Looking at the familiar hutong, Lin Fan instantly revealed a nostalgic feeling, after all, the time he lived here was one of the few happy times he had.

        And just then!

        An untimely chattering sounded one after another!

        "Isn't that Lin Fan? Why has he come back?"

        "Tsk, tsk, tsk, dressed in such rags, it looks like he's not doing well, good thing that girl Li Xian didn't fall for him, otherwise he'd be in trouble!"

        "Li Xian has found a rich boy, his family has a conglomerate and he's very rich! How can this loser compare with him? I'm afraid he's not even worthy of his shoes!"

        The neighbours recognised Lin Fan, but there were smiles of contempt on their faces.

        This was because they all knew very well that since they were young, Li Xiu Yun had been messing around and had always wanted to set up his daughter and Lin Fan.

        Now Lin Fan was in such a miserable situation, but Li Xian had long since found a golden tortoise son-in-law, and the two of them were no longer from the same world.

        It's a good thing that Li Xian didn't listen to her confused father, otherwise she would have been married to such a worthless loser and would have had to work hard for the rest of her life.


        When he heard the neighbours chewing on each other, Li Xiu Yun became furious and roared.

        "Shut up! If anyone dares to say one more word against my son, I will fight him to the end, even if I have to risk my life.

        In his eyes, although Lin Fan was not related to him by blood, the many years of living together had long made him treat this different child as his own son.

        Hearing others insult his own son, how could he put up with it?


        The crowd scoffed at his threat!

        "A piece of trash, and you still treat him as a treasure?"

        "What an old fool, so anxious about a dead poor man, but cold to his own golden son-in-law, sick in the head!"

        "Are you looking for death?"

        Li Xiu Yun was instantly enraged, grabbed the hoe by the door of the room, and was about to go forward to fight for his life.

        But at that moment!

        Lin Fan, however, stopped him with one hand and said with an apologetic smile.

        "Uncle Li, forget it! It's important to drink, don't let some inconsequential people spoil your mood!"

        Only then did Li Xiuyun put down his hoe indignantly and glared viciously at the neighbours.

        "If you dare to talk nonsense again, see if I don't tear your mouths out!"

        With that!

        Then he walked into the courtyard in anger!

        At that moment, Lin Fan looked at the neighbours, but a chill appeared in the depths of his eyes.