Today I Give Up Trying 1411-1412

 Chapter 1411


        Surprisingly, Lin Fan smiled faintly.

        "I'm not going to punish you because you've already received your due punishment!"


        Hearing those words!

        Zhao Jujiazia's face turned pale as she felt like she had been stabbed in the chest so hard that she could hardly breathe.

        She had indeed received the punishment she deserved!

        One could even say that she was the one who suffered the most and regretted the most among Wang Yun and the others, for she had lost more than all of them put together!

        She, who had missed out on a born king!

        Lost a great opportunity to become a queen!

        It was like, a poor man, knowing that he had won $50 million in the lottery, only to find that he had lost the ticket.

        That kind of pain is enough to drive a person mad for life!

        So, every time he thought of Lin Fan's status now, and the thought that he had missed her, it was enough to make Zhao Juanshiya unable to let go of her life.

        "Next, you handle it! This is the end of the banquet today!"

        Lin Fan said to Long Jiu with an indifferent expression.

        And then, it was without looking back that he chased after him, intending to go and find Bai Yi.


        Seeing this, the crowd present all wailed, their faces flooded with a thick sense of resentment.

        They had travelled thousands of miles for the sake of Lin Zuo, but before they could even get to pay their respects, Lin Zuo was leaving in anger.

        It made them all feel doubly lost!

        At that moment!

        All of them looked at Zhao and the others in unison, their eyes filled with intense hatred.

        In their eyes, it was because these fools had offended Lin Zuo that they had been angered by him, and had missed a great opportunity to befriend him.

        Now, Lin Zuo had already left.

        It would be a long time before they could see him again, and they might not even be able to see him again in their lifetime.

        How could they not hate it?

        "Hahahaha, I'm too good! I actually turned down both Lin Za and the Dark Emperor, I'm the real First Lady!"

        At this moment, however, Zhao Jujiania laughed maniacally as if she had gone mad.

        Only in the midst of the smile, there were tears of remorse.

        "No one in the world is worthy of me, not even the Lin Zuo or the Dark Emperor, hahaha!"

        Everyone looked in horror at this Zhao Jiazia, this woman...

        Is this woman crazy?

        It was no wonder that any woman who had the chance to become First Lady and live a lifetime of supremacy would have gone mad if she had missed out on such an opportunity because of her own stupidity.

        "Get her out of here, don't be a disgrace to me!"

        Long Jiu said with a disgusted expression, without the slightest sympathy.

        As far as he was concerned, Zhao Jiazia was purely asking for it!

        At the same time, Long Jiu then looked at the people present and said in an indifferent tone.

        "Gentlemen! I won't say any more, but if the Lin Za learns that someone has leaked out about today's incident!"

        "I think I don't need to tell you the consequences, do I?"

        A threat!

        A naked threat!

        It made all the people present smile bitterly.

        Since Lin Zuo dared to break the legs of a few young masters here and let them leave alive, he had already said everything.

        He wasn't afraid at all that Wang Yun and the others would say anything, and for Blood Prison anyway, killing a few people was just an easy task.

        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan had already arrived outside, just in time to see Bai Yi squatting in a corner, constantly wiping her tears and crying profusely.

        Seeing this, Lin Fan couldn't help but feel a little heartbroken, and slowly walked up.

        When she saw Lin Fan walking up, Bai Yi gamely turned her head away, as if she didn't see him.

        Obviously still sulking!

        And Lin Fan laughed bitterly and said.

        "Lin Zuo is here and you're not going to take a look?"

        Bai Yi ignored him.

        "He found out what just happened and ruthlessly cleaned up Wang Yun and the others, and several of them had their legs broken."


        Bai Yi's expression finally changed as he looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.

        "What you said is true?"

Chapter 1412

She couldn't believe her ears.

        How was this possible?

        Lin Fan had clearly impersonated Lin Za in public, but why did Lin Za only punish Zhao Jiazia and the others, but spared Lin Fan alone?

        This was simply not possible!

        "Lin Fan, tell me, why did Lin Za spare you!"

        Bai Yi stared at Lin Fan with suspicion.

        Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders and said.

        "I just told Lin Za all about what happened, then he got furious when he heard about it, as for the impersonation he didn't bother with me, so I guess he didn't put me in his eyes?"


        Bai Yi finally breathed a long sigh of relief, not knowing what to feel in his heart, was it Lin Fan's incompetence that saved him this time?

        Guess it was because Lin Zuo thought it looked degrading for him to get angry with a waste of a son-in-law, so he didn't give Lin Fan a hard time, right?

        And then!

        She suddenly thought of something.

        Then, she looked at Lin Fan with some suspicion and questioned.

        "Lin Fan, you keep asking me to meet with the Lin Block, are you trying to give me to the Lin Block?"

        "To use this to exchange for glory and wealth?"

        She suddenly remembered what Lin Fan had said earlier when facing Zhao Jiazia and the others, and instantly assumed that Lin Fan didn't want him.


        Lin Fan was dumbfounded and said.

        "What makes you think that?"

        The reason he had encouraged Bai Yi to meet Lin Za was because Lin Za was him, so how could he possibly give his wife away?

        Wouldn't that really make him a tortoise slave?

        Bai Yi was weeping, and at this moment, she was in tears of anguish.

        "You give me the impression that you are! Even when you were talking nonsense like that at the banquet, I thought you wanted to lose me to Lin Zuo, that's why you dared to be so bold!"

        Lin Fan laughed dumbly, amused by this woman's magical brain circuit, and comforted him by saying.

        "Wife, don't worry! Even if I sold myself, I wouldn't sell you out!"

        Hearing these words!

        Bai Yi finally couldn't hold back and immediately jumped into Lin Fan's arms, sobbing uncontrollably as she said.

        "Lin Fan, you're the only man I've ever known in my life, no matter how rich or poor you are, you can't abandon me!"

        "Otherwise, how can I live?"


        At this instant, Lin Fan's body shook violently, as if he had been struck by lightning, and his face wore a thick sense of dismay.

        All over his body!

        Completely tense and stiff!

        At this moment, he only felt a warmth rampantly gushing out from his heart, causing his nose to tingle.

        "Why don't you say anything? Aren't you willing to grow old with me?"

        Seeing Lin Fan not say anything, Bai Yi immediately panicked.

        Raising his head, he looked at Lin Fan nervously, with the look of a young lover who was afraid of being abandoned by a man.


        Just then, Lin Fan, however, said in a hoarse voice.

        "Bai Yi, let's have a wedding?"


        The following day!

        The news that Lin Zuo was going to hold a wedding went viral and exploded all over the city.

        All the people of Jiang City couldn't believe their eyes!

        How could the dazzling Lin Zuo be holding a wedding in their city?

        What an honour!

        It was unbelievable!

        In an instant!

        The whole city of Jiang was in a frenzy!

        The whole city was decorated with lights and colours, the news was broadcasted by all the major media outlets, and all the citizens took to the streets to celebrate.

        They were all overjoyed to be seen by such a great man, it was like a dream!

        They had never imagined that the place where such a being would hold his wedding would not be in the capital city, but in the small city of Jiang!

        This was flattering to them.

        "I've heard that the woman that Lin Zuo is going to marry is someone from our Jiang City!"

        "What! How can a woman from Jiang City have such luck to win the favour of Lin Zuo?"

        "Whose girl is it that can become a good match for a legend? It's really making people jealous!"

        "This is definitely the wedding of the century, the woman who married Seat Lin is so lucky, she has done what all the women in the whole of China wanted to do but couldn't."

        "Forget it, fellow women, those who can marry Lin Zuo must not be ordinary women either, our dreams are shattered! From now on, we will never have a chance with Lin!"

        The forums were in shock!

        But there were also many women who wailed.

        They were not happy!