Today I Give Up Trying 141-143

 Chapter 141


        After leaving the Li family, Baisan and Lin Fan wandered the streets.

        To this day, Baisan still feels as if he were dreaming.

        He held the painting in his arms as tightly as if it were a family heirloom and was afraid of losing it.

        "Little Fan, tell me the truth, how exactly do you know Curator Robert?"

        Bai Shan looked at Lin Fan.

        For some reason, he felt that he was becoming more and more unable to understand his son-in-law.

        From a medical prescription that shook the Bai family before.

        To easily solving the loss of a dog with more than twenty people.

        Then to now, selling a painting to the Global Collection for 300 million dollars!

        Every single thing about it was too shocking.

        "Dad, don't think too much about it, I used to be abroad, and Robert and I only met a few times by coincidence!" Lin Fan had a headache, if he told Bai Shan about his identity, he would be unable to accept it for a while.

        But now, he could only take his time.

        When he heard Lin Fan's explanation, Bai Shan was still skeptical, but he didn't ask any further questions.

        Only, when Bai Shan saw a store in front of him, his eyes lit up.

        "Xiaofan, in front of us is the oldest noodle shop in Jiang City, we haven't eaten here for a long time, let's eat here today!"

        Hear this!

        Lin Fan looked up to the front and saw a small, dilapidated noodle shop not far away.

        This small noodle shop seemed to be many years old, with a dirty and broken facade.

        A few old tables and chairs were placed at the entrance, and some migrant workers, who had finished their shifts, were sweating and eating noodles.

        Next to the noodle shop was an upscale Western restaurant, where every customer was dressed in a suit and looked as if they were successful.

        One left, one right, two restaurants!

        But it's as ironic as the two sides of poverty and riches.

        "Let's go, Dad!"

        Lin Fan smiled slightly, naturally he didn't care about the shabbiness of this small noodle shop, and went straight to the front with Bai Shan and ordered two bowls of noodles.

        The aroma of the noodles was extremely strong.

        Unfortunately, after the two bowls of noodles were ready, Lin Fan discovered that the few worn-out tables and chairs at the entrance had already been filled with a naked peasant worker.

        "Dad, why don't we sit on the street teeth and eat!"

        Lin Fan said with a smile.

        "Good! As long as you don't mind!"

        Bai Shan was delighted, so he and Lin Fan walked to the side of the road, sat down and ate.

        I have to say that the noodles tasted extremely delicious, even Lin Fan, who had eaten countless mountain and sea delicacies, felt that the taste was excellent.

        This moment!

        The two men, without any image, gobbled up the noodles and ate.

        Both of them were dressed in extremely plain clothes, plus they were sitting on the street teeth, gulping down noodles.

        This scene looked no different from that of an ordinary migrant worker.

        And just at that moment!

        From within the next upscale restaurant, an obese middle-aged man in a suit, pulling a beautiful, beautiful woman, slowly walked out.

        The two seemed to have just finished their Western meal, and were now holding napkins, gently wiping the corners of their mouths, and then throwing them to the curb!

        It's just that this napkin ball, as if it had grown an eye, flew into Baek San's bowl.


        Bai Shan was confused, and then looked at the paperweight, which had soaked into the soup, and suddenly looked ugly.

        "Sir, your napkin, you threw it in my bowl!"

        The look on Bai Shan's face was somewhat angry.

        He was just having a meal, and the napkins used by this man and woman, where they couldn't be thrown, were thrown into his bowl, which made him angry and furious.

        Hearing this!

        The fat middle-aged man couldn't help but glance at Bai Shan, and then a thick sarcasm appeared on his fat face as he said to the voluptuous woman next to him.

        "See? This is migrant workers, yelling and screaming, how unqualified!"

        "Deserve to eat this shitty food for the rest of your life!"

Chapter 142


        As soon as he said this, the faces of Bai Shan and Lin Fan changed.

        They never expected to meet such an unqualified guy.

        That's not all!

        The voluptuous woman next to her, holding the arm of the obese middle-aged man, covered her mouth and laughed lightly.

        "My dear, what are you doing with a couple of lowlifes? Just give them two dollars to get rid of the beggars!"

        This sentence made Lin Fan's and Bai Shan's faces look more and more ugly.


        They didn't expect to be humiliated in such a way when they were just eating a meal, not bothering or provoking anyone!

        "Well! You are right, but there is no need to meet with two inferior people!" As he said that, the fat man took out his wallet from his pocket, and then took out 200 yuan and actually threw it at Bai Shan.

        "Here! This two hundred yuan is enough for a day's work for you, a migrant worker, and it's a bargain for you today."


        Flurry of bills, scattered from the fat man's hands!

        It fell straight down on the face of the white mountain.

        At that very moment!

        A big hand, an overhanging grasp, but the two hundred dollars, grasping the hand!


        The fat man had planned to watch the scene where 200 dollars hit Bai Shan in the face, but never thought that Lin Fan would make a scene.

        "Kid, are you an idiot? This money is not for you, it's for this migrant worker next to you, who the hell are you!"

        The face next to him, overflowing with anger, stared straight at Lin Fan.

        It was just Lin Fan, but this fat pig in front of him, was completely pissed off.

        "You enjoy hitting people in the face with money?"


        The fat man was stunned, and then a strong sarcasm appeared on his lips.

        "What? You see $200 and you want it too?"

        "Yes! I will give it to you today!"


        The fat man's mouth was thick with sadism, and then he took out 200 from his bag again, and this time threw it at Lin Fan's face.


        The red-colored bills, flying in the air, drifted down towards Lin Fan's face.

        Only, the moment it was about to hit Lin Fan's face, a large hand once again probed and grabbed the two hundred dollars, once again in its hand!

        However, unlike before!

        At this moment, Lin Fan's face was cold and sinister.


        "You like hitting people in the face with money, then I'll make you eat it!"


        The fat man was slightly stunned.

        Just when he didn't understand what Lin Fan meant, he suddenly saw that Lin Fan stepped out, like lightning, in front of him.

        And then, before the fat man could react, Lin Fan kicked the fat man's knee!


        The fat man only felt his knee, almost as if it was going to be kicked off, and the sudden pain caused him to involuntarily kneel down on one knee.

        Only, that wasn't all!

        Just after the fat man got down on one knee, Lin Fan's big hand grabbed his chubby chin.

        With the other hand, he put the four hundred dollar bill in his hand, towards the fat man's mouth, and shoved it down hard!

        "Oooooh ......"

        The fat man was filled with fear, he could never have imagined that Lin Fan would be so violent, and without saying a word, he just did it.

        What was especially unbelievable to him was!

        Lin Fan's hands were like two iron pincers, and no matter how hard he struggled, it was hard to break them off.

        He could only watch as Lin Fan squeezed his mouth and stuffed the bills into his own mouth.

        When all the bills were stuffed into the fat man's mouth!

        Lin Fan's palm, fiercely covering the fat man's mouth and nose!

        "Well ......"

        The fear on the fat man's face grew so thick that he just felt unable to breathe and swallowed hard!

        And after!


        He swallowed all of the four hundred dollar bill!

Chapter 143

Until the fat man, swallowed all the money, all the money into his throat, Lin Fan this hand!


        The fat man fell to the ground.

        Vomit ......

        He just felt his stomach churning, and he was about to dry heave, his whole fat face turning red.

        That look was unbearable in the extreme.


        Beside them, the demure woman and Bai Shan were all dumbfounded.

        They also didn't expect that Lin Fan would take action without saying a word, and even more so, he didn't leave any room for the fat man to eat all four hundred dollars.

        "Mr. Yang ...... Yang! Are you okay?"

        The voluptuous woman reacted with a scream, and then quickly ran forward to check on the fat man.

        She was sweating profusely as she stared at Lin Fan with great anger and shouted.

        "Why are you so violent, you redneck! Do you know who Yang is? He is the chairman of Shanda Group - Yang Jinshui!"

        "How dare you treat General Manager Yang like this, you're finished! Your family is finished!"


        When he heard the words of the voluptuous woman, Bai Shan, who was next to him, brushed his face white.

        Shanda Group!

        He naturally knew that this company, which was a first-class group in Jiang City, was also a first-class group.

        Although it was incomparable to a giant like the Sky Dragon Group, it was by no means a second-rate group that the Bai Group could provoke!


        Bai Shan knew that Shanda Group had close cooperation with Bai Clan, and that every year, Shanda Group accounted for as much as one-third of Bai Clan's business orders.

        Unfortunately, Bai Shan's status in the group is very low, and he has never met the chairman of Shanda Group - Yang Jinshui.

        And now!

        Broken ......

        "Fanny, you're so impulsive!" Bai Shan was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot.

        At this moment, he hurriedly went forward and said anxiously to Yang Jinshui, who was constantly dry-heaving.

        "Mr. Yang ......, are you okay? I hope that you will be generous to him and not make a fuss over his young age!"

        Bai Shan panicked.

        But his comforting words, which fell on Yang Jinshui's ears, made him even more furious.

        "Bastard! You old thing, and you little country bumpkin! How dare you touch me? Okay, that's great!

        "You're done, wait, I'll call someone now! In a minute, I'm going to make you eat all the bills in my wallet!"

        "If you drop one, I'll kill you!"

        Yang Jinshui's voice was incomparably cold, and his deadly stare at Lin Fan was filled with resentment!

        Not only that!

        As he took out his cell phone, he started calling people.

        He took out all the bills in his wallet, a full stack of red ones, and waved them arrogantly at Lin Fan.

        The way he looked, it seemed that if Lin Fan didn't eat all the bills today, this matter would never end!


        When Bai Shan heard Yang Jinshui's fierce words, his face was scared white!

        If you eat this wad of bills!

        No one should be admitted to the hospital.

        What to do?

        What now?

        Bai Shan was in a state of confusion, but he was shocked to find that Lin Fan's appearance was not tremendous.

        On the contrary, Lin Fan stared at Yang Jinshui with a piercing coldness at the corner of his mouth.

        "Are you sure, let me eat all these bills?"


        Yang Jinshui was startled, he didn't expect that this little hick would be so relaxed and indifferent when he knew his identity, it was simply damned.

        "That's right! Just wait, I've already called my people, and my people will be here soon!"

        "When the time comes, I'll see what you kid is still arrogant about!"

        Yang Jinshui's face was filled with fierceness!

        Only, he just finished his sentence!


        I saw one car after another, coming towards this place!