Today I Give Up Trying 1407-1408

 Chapter 1407



        Wang Yun and the others, at this moment, also fell to the ground one after another, and their faces were all deadly grey.

        Their eyes, dumbfounded, looked towards Lin Fan, already shocked beyond words at this instant.

        Lin Fan, it was really Lin Zuo!

        It was the supreme being who had overwhelmed the three armies and had millions of troops!

        How the hell... How is this possible?


        Tick, tick, tick!

        Drops of cold sweat continued to trickle down from their foreheads.

        All of them had a feeling of great distress and were extremely uneasy.

        The Lin Fan they had never looked at before had now become the Lin Zuo they could not look at!

        They finally knew why Lin Fan had dared to be so condescending since the beginning, because he hadn't put them in his eyes at all.

        It was estimated that in Lin Fan's eyes, they were nothing more than a bunch of jumping clowns.

        At that moment!

        All of them, their faces as white as paper, sat down on the ground one by one, trembling in fear.

        They, how dare they insult Lin Zhaoge?

        This was seeking death!

        Especially Wang Yun!

        By this time, he was on the verge of becoming paralyzed with fear, his legs trembling uncontrollably, his eyes filled with fear.

        Isn't Lin Zuo, that's his top boss?

        Right now!

        Even the Dragon Tiger War God was kneeling down for Lin Fan!

        But he, as one of the Dragon Tiger Legion, dared to insult Lin Zhaoge again and again?

        At that moment, his heart was pounding so violently that he was almost about to faint!


        The shock had only just begun!

        At that moment, Long Jiu shouted in a deep voice.

        "Please, Lin, lead us and protect the peace of Jiangnan! We will be guided by Lin!"

        When he said that he was defending Jiangnan, he was actually asking Lin Fan to rule Jiangnan!

        "Please, Lord Lin, lead us and defend Jiangnan!"

        At this instant, all the bigwigs roared in unison!


        When this unanimous roar rang out, it was like a bomb that completely detonated the entire room!

        At this time!

        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth tugged as he looked towards Zhao Jiazia, who was already stunned not far away.

        "I... didn't let you down, did I?"

        The words were thick with mockery!

        Zhao Jiazia's face turned even paler and paler!

        At that moment!

        She was stunned, Lin Fan hadn't let her down, and now she was even desperate!

        When she thought of the humiliation she had inflicted on Lin Fan!

        She was in a state of panic. If she had offended Lin Fan, even Lin Tian Patrol would not be able to save her!

        Immediately afterwards!

        She then looked towards Mu Lingshan with a wisp of pleading in her eyes.

        "Ling Shan, save me! You are the Dark Lord's security officer, please ask the Dark Lord for mercy!"

        In an instant!

        Wang Yun and the others also looked as if they had grabbed the straw that saved their lives, and they all pleaded to Mu Lingshan, saying.

        "Old Mu, we've grown up as hairy children, you can't just see death and not save us!"

        "Old Mu, please help us! We don't want to die!"

        One by one, the villains couldn't smile anymore, their faces were streaked with tears!


        At the corner of that Mu Lingshan's mouth, a sneer of mockery surfaced.

        "I have warned you all before to leave, or he will kill you."

        "But you all ignored my words, and now I can't save you."


        Mu Lingshan was going to die without saving her!

        Zhao Ju Gardenia and the others became even more desperate, and immediately thought that Mu Lingshan was planning to stand by and watch indifferently.

        "Ling Shan, we already know we're wrong, so give us a chance and help us!"

        But unexpectedly, Mu Lingshan shook his head, and a bitter smile appeared on his face.

        "I can't save you, not because I don't want to, but because I can't."

        But Zhao Jiazia didn't believe him at all, and said anxiously, "How could that be? If you ask the Dark Lord, he will not ignore you!"

        At these words, Mu Lingshan's face grew ugly and his expression stiffened as he said.

        "Then what if I tell you that he is the Dark Emperor?"

Chapter 1408

Wha... What?

        The moment the words came out, the whole room was in a state of shock!

        Everyone's scalp was tingling and their eyes were wide open at this instant!

        They were completely shocked!

        Lin Fan, the Dark Emperor?

        With this simple statement, Zhao Jiazia and the others, who were already horrified to death, went completely mad!

        The Dark Lord?

        Wasn't Lin Fan the Lin Za?

        How had he become the Dark Lord again?

        At this moment, their faces turned white as they suddenly remembered that Lin Fan had just said that the Dark Lord and the Lin Throne were worthless in his eyes.

        Now, he was the Lin Zuo, so naturally, he did not put the Lin Zuo as a threat in his eyes.

        Did that mean...

        Just think of it!

        Zhao Juanyuania and the others' bodies trembled even more.

        That cold sweat was like a faucet, pouring out.

        As for Zhao Juanyuania, she even gulped viciously and asked Mu Lingshan in horror.

        "Ling Shan, you're joking, right? Quickly tell me that you are joking!"

        At this time, she was even a little hysterical, and even her voice was tinged with tears.

        If Lin Fan wasn't just Lin Zhan, but also the Dark Emperor, then she might have completely freaked out!


        Mu Lingshan, however, had a complicated expression and smiled bitterly as he said

        "I wish it was a fake too, but the one who just called was the Blood Hell Mad God!"


        When those words were spoken, the whole room fell into complete silence!

        Zhao Jujuania and the others, including the guests present, were all completely dumbfounded!

        Lin Fan, not only was it Lin Zuo, but it was also the Dark Lord?

        Is it Lin Fan? Or was it Lin Fan again?

        They simply couldn't believe that those two supreme kings were the same person!

        This, what a joke!

        "I... I get it! I understand it all!"

        And at that moment, a terrified scream rang out!

        Everyone looked in horror and saw that the person who was screaming was Zhu Yiqun!

        At this moment, Zhu Yiqun looked like he had seen a ghost, and his eyes were filled with a strong sense of panic.

        "Zhu Yiqun, what did you understand?"

        Wang Yun and the others asked uneasily.

        "I finally understand why this guy, who dares not to put us in his eyes, why he would say that his wife is Lin Zuo's woman, and why he dares to strut to tonight's banquet!"

        Zhu Yiqun's forehead was already covered with fine beads of sweat, and his back was completely wet with cold sweat!

        "Again, it's no wonder that Lin Zhaoge and the Dark Emperor, would appear here at the same time, because they are simply the same person!"

        This statement was made!

        The crowd reacted as well, while Zhao Jiazia and the others were practically in despair.

        At first, when Lin Fan said that Bai Yi was Lin Zha's woman, they thought that Lin Fan was being cuckolded.

        But at the moment it seemed...

        It was they who hadn't understood the meaning of Lin Fan's words!

        There was complete despair!

        At this point they had to believe that Lin Fan was Lin Zha!

        And when they came to their senses, she was going completely mad!

        Lin Fan, the trash she had abandoned, had become the youngest and most promising military commander in China?

        What's more, he was the most powerful being in the world, at the helm of the Blood Prison?

        Such a turn of events was driving her crazy!

        What kind of a man had she missed out on?

        If she married Lin Tianzuan, she would only be the second youngest grandmother, but if she married Lin Fan, she would be the Queen of Blood Prison!

        At this moment, a strong sense of remorse surfaced in her heart!

        She had never dreamed that that unpromising trash would, in just ten years, rise to the top of the world!


        No one can stop her!