Today I Give Up Trying 1405-1406

 Chapter 1405

Is the Forest Block here?

        And hidden in the crowd?

        They weren't dreaming, were they?


        Everyone was looking around nervously, their faces filled with a strong sense of urgency.

        Here was Lin Zuo, they could finally meet the legend they had been dreaming of!

        "Lin Zuo, where are you? Why don't you go up?"

        Zhao Ju Gardenia sneered wistfully.


        The crowd's expressions changed wildly as they all looked towards Lin Fan in shock.

        This punk, the Lin Zuo?

        Are you kidding me?

        "Big Sister, what are you babbling about?"

        Feng ShaoTing and the others asked with a stunned expression.

        "People said it themselves last night, saying that he was the famous Lin Zuo."

        Zhao Jujuania said with contempt, deliberately making a fool of Lin Fan in the crowd:.

        "No wonder people look down on us, after all, he's the famous Lin Zuo of China!"

        Ha ha ha!

        The crowd burst into laughter, all looking at Lin Fan with a look of contempt.

        "Lin Fan, you're even more shameless than I thought!"

        "If you were Lin Zuo, then I'd be the Dark Emperor!"

        "Oh, I see, that phone call just now must have been from the Dark Emperor, right?"

        Wang Yun and the others burst into laughter, taunting Lin Fan in a sinister manner.

        Clearly none of them believed Lin Fan's bullshit!

        Lin Fan shook his head and sneered.

        "The caller wasn't the Dark Emperor, but the Blood Hell Mad God!"



        The crowd laughed even more uncontrollably, this idiot is also enough, calling you fat and you're still panting?

        You think you can get away with impersonating Lin Zuo?

        How naive can you be?

        Wang Yun and the others all had cold smiles on their faces, not even bothering to be sarcastic, as they suddenly felt that it was a disgrace to compete with such an idiot.

        Zhao Ju Gardenia also shook his head and laughed with extreme disdain, saying.

        "You're simply not even worthy of carrying his shoes compared to Lin Tian patrol, no wonder the Lin family expelled you in the first place, because trash like you were born to be stepped on!"

        "Born to be a disgrace!"

        It wasn't just them!

        Bai Yi, at this time, was completely in tears too!

        Lin Fan, what a load of nonsense!

        How dare you even pretend to be Lin Zuo?

        How dare you even pretend to be Lin Zuo? This is like seeking death!

        Immediately, she shouted to Lin Fan in anger.

        "Lin Fan, either leave with me now, or you will suffer the consequences and I will never care about you again!"

        She instantly turned her head and walked away, clearly broken-hearted by Lin Fan.

        She had risked coming to this party, and not only was she insulted and despised, but Lin Fan was still unaware of his fate and posing as Lin Zuo, she was too disappointed.

        "Bai Yi..."

        Lin Fan shouted, but Bai Yi didn't even turn her head back, covering her mouth and running out crying.

        See this!

        The faces of Long Jiu and the others on that stage were also completely gloomy!

        Zhao Jujiazia and his group, were they looking for death?

        "Yo, your wife has abandoned you, Lin Fan! Are you destined to be a Heavenly Fate orphan? Were you born to be abandoned?"

        Zhao Jujuania scoffed grimly, the Lin family had abandoned him, he himself had abandoned him, and even now Bai Yi had abandoned him.

        Lin Fan was like a big joke, born to be abused!


        In an instant, Lin Fan's eyes were littered with bone-chilling cold as he said, word for word.

        "Now, all of you, it's time to bear my wrath!"

        Bai Yi had already left!

        So now, he no longer had to hide his identity!

        But his words only provoked disdain and insults from the crowd, no one took him seriously at all!

        But at that moment!


        Lin Fan took a step forward and walked towards the stage step by step!


        Everyone in the room exploded, and they all looked at Lin Fan with an incredulous look.

        This guy, was he really planning to go up on stage and speak?

        Did he really think he was Lin Zuo?

        "Lin Fan, are you looking for death?"

        Wang Yun snorted angrily, not used to seeing Lin Fan in this staged manner.

        "Let him die if he wants to, what's the point of stopping him?"

        The corners of Zhao Jujuania's mouth lifted in a malicious smile.

        At that moment!

        Everyone looked at Lin Fan with utmost contempt as if he was an idiot, the corners of their mouths lifting in gloating smiles.

        It was as if they could already foresee that this would be a dead man!

        But Lin Fan ignored the questions and scolding around him, and continued to keep his pace steadily.

        At this time, Long Jiu was also striding towards Lin Fan, his face gloomy to the extreme.

        It was a dereliction of his duty to cause the Lin seat to be humiliated!

        When they saw that Long Jiu's expression was not right, the fierce smiles on the faces of the crowd grew thicker and thicker, all of them thinking that Long Jiu was planning to go and find trouble with Lin Fan.

        But just when everyone thought that Lin Fan was about to be in great trouble.

        Instead, they saw an extremely frightening scene!

        Long Jiu knelt down straight towards Lin Fan and said in a deep voice.

        "Long Jiu, meet Seat Lin!"

Chapter 1406


        When this shocking voice rang out, everyone was stunned!

        There were expressions of horror written on their faces!

        Their hearts sank to the bottom of their lungs in a flash!

        What did they hear?

        What did they see?

        Long Jiu had actually fallen to his knees and addressed Lin Fan as Lin Zuo?

        Lin Fan, it really was Lin Zuo!

        These words were like a shocking thunderstorm that ruthlessly exploded in the minds of Zhao Juanyuan and the others!

        They couldn't believe their ears or eyes at this time!

        They were going completely mad!

        How could this be!

        How could one of China's four most prestigious military leaders be this outcast of the Lin family?


        Every single one of them was dumbfounded, his eyes seemed like they were about to crack!

        "Impossible, how can this trash be the Lin seat? Master Long, what nonsense are you talking about!"

        Zhao Ju Gardenia screamed in horror, utterly dumbfounded!

        Lin Fan was really Lin Zuo? I thought that was just a lie that Lin Fan had fabricated to save his life, but now...

        It was true!

        She couldn't accept this result!

        It wasn't just her, even Wang Yun and the others were completely dumbfounded!

        The person they had worked so hard to bend over backwards to be the invalid they once despised?

        All along, Lin Fan had been nothing more than an ant-like waste in their eyes, to be stepped on whenever they wanted!

        But now...

        He had actually become an unattainable existence for all of them!

        Seeing this, they were simply going mad!


        Long Jiu, however, didn't explain and remained in a respectful stance, kneeling in front of Lin Fan!

        Not even daring to breathe a single breath!

        And yet!

        Something even more unbelievable happened to the people present!

        The few super-duper bigwigs who had been waiting for a long time were following Long Jiu, each one of them scrambling towards Lin Fan.

        Their faces were filled with excitement and ecstasy!

        When they reached Lin Fan's front...


        They, moving in unison, all bowed towards Lin Fan:.

        "Four great family masters, meet Seat Lin!"

        "Dragon and Tiger War Gods, meet Seat Lin!"

        "King of the North, meet Seat Lin!"

        "Mike, meet Seat Lin!"


        Respectful voices were heard one after another, one after another.

        This group of bigwigs, who had long been renowned in all walks of life, were begging to kneel down towards Lin Fan at this instant.


        When the last of the bigwigs knelt down, the entire banquet hall was instantly plunged into an eerie silence.

        Zhao Jujiania and the others, as well as the guests present, were all dumbfounded!

        They could see that all the bigwigs from all walks of life were kneeling down on one knee towards this one man!

        They addressed him as Lin Zuo!


        Zhao's face turned as white as paper and her legs went completely limp as she fell to the ground in fear.

        Her pretty face was pale, filled with shock and fear!

        But more than that, it was unbelievable!

        As the old saying goes, a tiger's father does not have a dog's son, but she had always felt that among all the male members of the Lin family, Lin Fan was the only loser who was worse than a dog and deserved to be called a stinkbug!

        She had just said that Lin Fan was not even worthy to carry Lin Tian patrol's shoes!

        This was because she did feel that a punk like Lin Fan would never be able to catch up with a genius like Lin Tiancao even if he worked hard for the rest of his life.

        But now...

        Lin Fan had slapped her fiercely with the truth.


        It wasn't that Lin Fan wasn't worthy to carry Lin Tiancao's shoes, but that Lin Tiancao wasn't qualified to stand shoulder to shoulder with Lin Fan!

        Lin Tiancao relied on the Lin family to achieve the social status he had today!

        But what about Lin Fan?

        He was a complete outcast of his family!

        In just ten years, he had risen to a position that could rival the entire Lin family!

        What a horror!

        This man in front of him was simply a monster!

        At that moment!

        She then looked at Lin Fan with complicated eyes!

        She finally knew why Lin Fan was able to live in the Heavenly Number One Room.

        She also finally knew why Mu Lingshan had been paralysed with fear on the spot.

        It was because he, was the titular Lin Zuo!