Today I Give Up Trying 1403-1404

 Chapter 1403

With these words from Lin Fan, the crowd was no longer shocked!

        Instead, a sneer surfaced on their faces one after another.

        They were already numb to Lin Fan's arrogance and only treated it as a joke!

        Not enough?

        The eldest youngsters from several of the capital's most powerful families combined together, plus a second young grandmother from the Lin family, and they still couldn't deal with a punk like you?

        That's ridiculous!

        "Lin Fan, I haven't seen you for years, you've really opened my eyes!"

        Mu Lingshan playfully stared at Lin Fan as if he was looking at a dead man:.

        "Good! You seek death, then I will fulfill you!"


        Just as Mu Lingshan was about to make his move on Lin Fan, Lin Fan's mobile phone rang abruptly.

        Immediately after, Lin Fan directly ignored the murderous Mu Lingshan and picked up the phone.


        The people who saw this were directly dumbfounded!

        He was planning to kill you, but you ignored the other party and called yourself?

        This is too fucking disrespectful, right?

        You're still pretending to be a pussy when you're on the verge of death?

        The crowd shook their heads at once, they were really convinced!

        At that moment!

        In Mu Lingshan's eyes, a cold aura burst out, and he was also completely enraged.

        A dense killing spirit surfaced in those eyes.

        "Good for you Lin Fan, quickly give your last words and then you can go to your death!"

        But the next scene!

        It left the crowd dumbfounded!

        Lin Fan calmly extended his hand and handed the phone to Mu Lingshan.

        "Someone is looking for you?"


        As soon as they heard that!

        The crowd froze!

        Someone was looking for Mu Lingshan, yet he was calling Lin Fan's number?

        What's wrong with this guy's brain? He can't even lie?

        Mu Lingshan was stunned and then laughed out loud, looking like he had seen through Lin Fan: "Lin Fan, stop pretending!

        "Lin Fan, stop pretending! It's useless even if you also want to stall for time at this time, your end is already predetermined, and that is death!"

        Daring to insult the King of Blood Prison, this was an unforgivable death sentence for Mu Lingshan!

        "Are you sure you don't want to take it? This is your only chance!"

        "The only, chance to live!"

        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth rose in a sinister arc!

        Only for some reason, this instant Mu Lingshan fiercely felt a shocking killing aura.

        He had been in the Blood Prison for so long and had experienced countless bloody battles, and his perception of killing aura was far superior to that of ordinary people.

        And at this time, he had a fierce feeling of unease in his heart!

        Could it be that this call was really coming for him?

        Immediately afterwards, he took the phone with suspicion and asked tentatively.

        "This is Mu Lingshan, who is looking for you?"


        Wang Yun, however, laughed out loud and sneered.

        "Lin Fan, you're almost dead and still dying, someone is looking for Mu Lingshan through you? You can even tell such a lie?"

        "With Mu Lingshan's current status and position, the people around him are people a punk like you can know?"

        Everyone felt the same way, and the eyes they looked at Lin Fan became more and more disgusted.

        As far as they were concerned, Lin Fan was deliberately stalling for time!


        Right at that moment, a frightening scene happened!

        They only saw Mu Lingshan completely shut his mouth after opening his mouth and saying his first sentence.

        And then that arrogant expression, however, was completely frozen!

        The entire face was instantly deadly grey, as terrified as if he had seen a ghost!

        And that's not all!

        Everyone could see that in just under a minute, his forehead was already covered in beads of sweat, and his legs were trembling as if they were stunted.

        Everyone was completely confused!

        What was going on?

        At that moment, Wang Yun also realised that something was wrong and hurriedly asked after him.

        "Old Mu, what's wrong with you?"


        Mu Lingshan instantly sat on his butt on the ground, and Lin Fan's mobile phone also flew off with his hand, a thick bitterness surfaced on his face as he shook his head in a state of confusion.

        "It can't be! This can't be!"

        "I must be dreaming!"

Chapter 1404


        Seeing this, everyone's laughter completely came to a screeching halt!

        What had happened that had scared Mu Lingshan into such a state?

        In an instant!

        Everyone just felt incredible!

        They couldn't be dreaming, could they?

        That phone call was really for Mu Lingshan?

        Moreover, just one phone call had left his personal guard, the Dark Emperor, completely paralyzed with fear?

        "Old Mu, what is wrong with you?"

        Seeing this, Wang Yun and the others also realised that something was wrong, and that voice was trembling over it.

        They knew Mu Lingshan very well, when one person had gone to the Blood Prison single-handedly, and had even experienced life and death in it.

        From this, it was clear that Mu Lingshan was a tough man with a strong iron backbone!

        But now, for the first time, they saw Mu Lingshan, who was not afraid of the sky and the earth, so scared!

        What the hell was going on here?

        On the spot, the atmosphere became extremely depressing!

        Everyone had an ominous feeling in their hearts!


        Instead of explaining, Mu Lingshan looked at them in horror: "Go!

        "Go! You should all leave now! Or else it will be too late! He will kill you all!"


        These words caused the already uneasy crowd to be completely shocked!

        Lin Fan, killing them?

        How could that be possible?

        Just with this punk?

        Mu Lingshan was scared out of his wits, right? He had started talking nonsense!


        Instead, Wang Yun and the others were not nervous anymore, and they all cried out in laughter, as if they had heard a joke.

        "Old Mu, when did you become so timid, one piece of trash has scared you, tell me what was said on that phone call?"

        They didn't believe that this nonsense of Lin Fan's could be so capable!

        Guess it was Mu Lingshan who was bluffed by this pretender Lin Fan!


        Without waiting for Mu Lingshan to answer, a clamour rang out at that entrance!

        One by one, the bigwigs entered one after another!

        Each and every one of them looked solemn, their auras majestic, and that terrifying aura immediately pressed down on the crowd present.

        "Dragon Nine, the Four Family Masters, the Dragon and Tiger War Gods, Lord Blood Lord, oh my! The bigwigs are about to enter, make way for them all!"

        Everyone was horrified and made a way!

        And then, they were staring at the group of bigwigs with bated breath, unable to hide their excitement, wanting to see if Lin Zhaoge was mixed up among them.


        After a look around, they were all disappointed!

        "Why isn't Lin Zuo here yet?"

        At this time, everyone ignored Lin Fan, the jumping clown, because for them, getting to know Seat Lin was the main purpose of the day.

        Wang Yun's face instantly turned ugly as he coldly glared at Lin Fan.

        "Dog, your luck isn't really good, you've been allowed to live for a while again."

        At that moment!

        Lin Fan also smiled in response.

        "Just each other."

        At these words, Wang Yun was instantly enraged, but with the bigwigs descending in unison, he didn't dare to continue to act rudely.

        And at that moment!

        Long Jiu then headed straight for the podium and then turned around to face the guests present.

        Before he could say anything, the guests could not hold back and asked.

        "Master Long, where is Lin Zuo? Did he not come with you?"

        "Master Long, it's not possible that Seat Lin isn't coming, is it?"

        "I've flown for more than twenty hours to come back from overseas just to see Seat Lin, don't fool me!"

        See this!

        Zhao Jujuania suddenly giggled and looked at Lin Fan with gloating pleasure.

        "Lin Fan, Long Jiu has already arrived, and you dare to stay in Room No. 1 in the Sky, can you bear Long Jiu's wrath?"

        In a moment, she was going to report this matter to Long Jiu, once Long Jiu found out, he definitely wouldn't let Lin Fan off the hook.

        Smell that!

        Wang Yun and the others also laughed out loud, this time Lin Fan would have to fend for himself.


        Lin Fan only smiled and said nothing.

        Taking on the wrath of Long Jiu? It was Long Jiu who had to think about whether he could bear his wrath!

        Long Jiu smiled faintly and said.

        "Seat Lin, has arrived and is within the venue!"

        "Next, let's invite Seat Lin to meet with everyone!"


        The atmosphere in the room, completely exploded!