Today I Give Up Trying 1399-1400

 Chapter 1399


        Hearing these words, it was as if the crowd had been struck by lightning, each one dumbfounded and horrified to death!

        What Lin Zuo lived in, Lin Fan also lived in?

        Lin Fan, to compare himself to Lin Zuo?

        What a madman!

        This guy, he's a madman!

        He and Lin Zuo are so different, but he has the audacity to compare himself to Lin Zuo?

        Has this guy lost his mind?

        Everyone's eyes were filled with horror and they couldn't believe their ears.


        Hearing Lin Fan's death-seeking words, Zhu Yiqun laughed even louder, his face completely distorted in madness: "Good!

        "Good! Bravo! Lin Fan, how dare you insult the Lin Seat, you simply deserve to die!"

        "Today, you will surely die!"

        With that, he and the other villainous youngsters planned to join hands to capture Lin Fan!


        "The banquet has begun, all guests, please enter one after another, without waiting!"

        An announcement sounded in their ears at that moment, causing them all to freeze.

        Zhao Ningxia frowned at once and said.

        "Let's get down to business! After the banquet is over, you can all clean up whatever you want, don't let him delay your meeting with Lin Za!"

        At these words!

        Zhu Yiqun then grunted with extreme reluctance and looked at Lin Fan sorrowfully.

        "Bastard, you're lucky! I'll settle the score with you after I've finished attending the banquet!"

        And then!

        The group of people headed towards the main venue.

        At that moment, Zhao Jujian was looking at Lin Fan with a playful expression.

        "Lin Fan, I hope that in a moment, you can show me where you have the courage to think you're so noble!"

        And Lin Fan responded with a smile.

        "Don't worry, you won't be disappointed! On the contrary, you will despair!"


        Only, to Lin Fan's conceited words, Zhao Jiazia responded with a contemptuous sneer.

        As soon as they left, Bai Yi looked worried.

        "Lin Fan, are you really going to deal with them? I'm, I'm really scared!"


        Lin Fan sighed, knowing that she was worried about herself.

        So, he stretched out his hand and gently caressed her cheek.

        "Don't worry, when have I ever lied to you? I promise you, in a moment, all of them, will respect you like a god!"


        At this moment!

        The banquet hall was already full of guests!

        Everyone who could stand here was one of the biggest names in China!

        Even Zhao Jujiania and the others had never seen such a magnificent scene, so it could be said that more than the usual big names in China were all here!

        "Crap! That's the old director of Xunteng Technology, my dad was begging him to cooperate!"

        "The president of Liquid Petrochemical, monopolizing half of China's natural gas business, my dad invited him to dinner at first, but he refused!"

        "Oh my god! That man is the CEO of Tian Yu Financial, the valuable person who led my Song family to cross over into the financial industry in the first place!"

        Wang Yun and the others, in awe!

        The status of these people in front of them was nothing less than those of them, the big giants of the capital!

        And now, they were all gathered together just to gain the favour of the Lin seat!

        It was like a dream!

        And Zhao Ju Gardenia said with a bitter smile on her face.

        "Is this the rallying power of the Lin Clan? It's really quite frightening!"

        I'm afraid that even the Lin family would not be able to match such a terrifying appeal.

        And at that moment, she happened to see Lin Fan and Bai Yi, walking in hand in hand.

        This scene made her burn with jealousy!

        After all, Lin Fan was her former fiancĂ©, and even though she had abandoned him, she was still annoyed to see Lin Fan with another woman now.

        That was the kind of person she was, what she discarded, even if it was destroyed, would never be cheap for someone else!

        "Still really dare to come, huh?"

        Wang Yun said with a fierce smile, really not expecting Lin Fan to be so bold.

        Zhao Ju Gardenia, on the other hand, smiled contemptuously, a look of resentment surfacing in her eyes.

        "Yes! I've come to die!"

Chapter 1400


        But at that very moment, a call came from behind her.

        When Zhao Ningxia turned around, she saw a magnificent man walking towards her.

        And Wang Yun and the others were instantly startled and surprised, saying.

        "Mu Lingshan, what brings you here? Aren't you serving in Blood Prison?"

        They all knew that the burly man in front of them had gone to the Blood Prison for training three years ago, and had been serving in the Blood Prison ever since.

        And now in Blood Prison, it was said that he was still doing well and had become a small chief.

        They hadn't seen Mu Lingshan for three years either, but they never imagined that Mu Lingshan would be here.

        And at this time, with a mysterious smile, Mu Lingshan then said in a surprising way.

        "That's because tonight, the Dark Emperor will also appear here, and the Blood Hell Mad God has specially ordered me to preside over the security!"


        Hearing these words, the entire hall burst into an uproar!

        Everyone instantly looked at Mu Lingshan with a shocked expression.

        The Dark Emperor, too, would be appearing at this banquet?

        Oh my god!

        Could this be a group king banquet?

        At that instant!

        Everyone's faces were found to be thick with excitement and ecstasy!

        So, not only did they have the honour of meeting Lin Zuo tonight, they would also have the chance to meet the King of Blood Hell?

        Two supreme kings, about to appear before them?

        Even Wang Yun and the others were completely stunned, looking at Mu Lingshan in disbelief.

        "Old Mu, you can actually be in charge of security for the Dark Emperor, you're too much of an ox, aren't you?"

        This statement was made!

        Everyone instantly looked at Mu Lingshan in unison, envy and jealousy in each of their eyes.

        To be in charge of security for the Dark Emperor, wouldn't that be a chance to make a face?

        In the future, it could simply be called a promising future!

        And upon hearing this, Mu Lingshan also smiled smugly.

        "It's thanks to the Blood Hell Mad God's favor that I have such an opportunity!"


        He was also excited because today he would finally get to meet the supreme existence of the Blood Prison.

        "Old Mu, you're the best in our group now, so you'll have to take care of the brothers when the time comes, right?"

        Feng Shao Ting and the others said in a coquettish manner.

        Since Mu Lingshan had been common knowledge by the Blood Hell Mad God, then becoming a member of the Dark Emperor's banner was just around the corner.

        "We're all brothers, what's the point of talking about this?"

        Mu Lingshan didn't have a good temper, but the smug smile at the corner of his lips couldn't be hidden.

        At this point, Mu Lingshan looked at Zhao Jiazia with a grin on his face.

        "Sister-in-law, why are you alone, is Brother Lin not here?"

        When she heard this, Zhao Ningxia was suddenly annoyed and said.

        "Don't shout nonsense, it's not even a matter of eight words yet!"


        A touch of pride appeared between her eyebrows, expecting Mu Lingshan to reveal her identity.

        And indeed, Mu Lingshan did not disappoint her, laughing loudly and saying.

        "Come on, who doesn't know that you are the heart of the Lin family's second youngest, Lin Tian patrol, this sister-in-law is just a matter of time!"


        Everyone was shocked once again!

        Those present were all upper class people, so naturally they knew how distinguished that Lin Tian patrol was.

        And now...

        They all looked at Zhao Evening Gardenia in shock, all feeling somewhat unbelievable that this woman was actually Lin Tianzhu's woman?

        It wasn't just them!

        Even Bai Yi could not help but turn pale at this moment!

        At the age of fifteen, he had made his first fortune, a hundred million dollars, by speculating in stocks!

        Today, more than half of the Lin family's assets are personally managed by him, and the profits have been rising steadily every year.


        In the capital, Lin Tian patrol has always had the title of the public's lover, and there are many famous ladies who are attracted to him and want to climb into his bed.

        This woman, surprisingly, could win the favour of the Lin family's second young master?

        Does that mean that she is likely to be the future second youngest grandmother of the Lin family?

        Even more, it was possible for her to become the Lin family's matriarch!

        Her heart immediately sank to the bottom, and she was already disturbed to the extreme at this time.

        Immediately, the eyes of the crowd looked towards Zhao Juanyuania with a strong sense of awe and envy.

        The women in the audience, in particular, were all burning with jealousy and wanted to eat Zhao Yanjia alive.

        Sensing the envious and jealous gazes of the crowd, Zhao Yanjiania's vanity swelled to the breaking point and she said proudly.

        "Since you call me sister-in-law, she has a favour to ask of you, will you help her?"

        "That must be helped! Otherwise Brother Lin will have to beat me up!"

        Mu Lingshan gave a heated smile.


        Zhao Jujuania smiled ruthlessly before fiercely pointing at Lin Fan.

        "I want you to help me and waste him!"