Today I Give Up Trying 1397-1398

 Chapter 1397

After exchanging pleasantries with Lin Fan, Long Qianxi left.

        But as he left, he was seen by Zhao Juanshi, who happened to be out for a walk.


        Her pretty eyes shrank and she looked at Lin Fan with an incredulous expression.

        Lin Fan had actually met Long Qianxi late at night?

        They really did know each other!

        When she thought of what had happened today, everything became clear to Zhao Jiazia at once.

        But what she couldn't figure out was, what qualifications did a wastrel like Lin Fan have to know Long Qianxi?

        "Come out!"


        Lin Fan's icy voice rang out, causing Zhao Juanyuan's delicate body to tremble.

        And then, she stepped out of the shadows, giving Lin Fan a complicated look.

        "How do you know Long Qianxi?"

        At those words!

        Lin Fan then smiled.

        "How come I can't know him?"

        "Is there a question? You're a son-in-law, a soft-earner, and frankly not even qualified to carry someone's shoes!"

        Zhao Ningxia sneered.

        "It's not because of your wife again, is it?"

        In her opinion, Lin Fan himself alone was not qualified to befriend Long Qianxi.

        It was probably because of Bai Yi again!

        After all, Lin Fan himself had said that his wife was the lover of Lin Zuo.


        But Lin Fan, however, smiled contemptuously and looked at Zhao Jiazia disdainfully.

        "Do I need to explain to you?"

        He didn't have a good feeling about this woman in front of him.

        Although she acted knowingly and coldly, only Lin Fan knew that this woman was a poisonous bitch with a scorpion's heart!

        After saying that, Lin Fan intended to leave.


        Zhao Evening Gardenia was completely dumbfounded!

        How dare this trash ignore her?


        A dense resentment surfaced in her eyes as she angrily shouted.

        "Lin Fan, stop right there!"

        She stepped in front of Lin Fan and said in a nonsensical manner.

        "If you don't tell me the truth today, you won't be able to leave!"

        Immediately afterwards, she sneered and said shamelessly.

        "Lin Fan, do you think you won't be able to see Lin Zuo tomorrow if I shout molestation in the middle of the night?"


        Upon hearing these words, Lin Fan's eyes instantly showed a horrifying murderous intent as he stared at Zhao Evening Gardenia with a deadly stare.

        He hadn't expected that this woman would be so shameless as to go this far!

        Seeing Lin Fan's anger, Zhao Evening Gardenia, however, still wore contempt on her face as she coldly said.

        "Dog, no one has ever dared to reject me, Zhao Evening Gardenia, tell me what I want to know, or I will let you lose your reputation now."

        "Fine, then I'll tell you!"

        Lin Fan smiled sinisterly and said.

        "The reason why I know Long Qianxi is because I am Seat Lin!"

        "Not only am I Seat Lin, I am also the Dark Emperor who controls the Blood Prison!"

        "And even more so, the Lord of Zaibatsu who dominates a Zaibatsu!"

        Lin Fan looked coldly at Zhao Jiazia.

        "Is this answer still satisfactory to you?"

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Zhao Evening Gardenia was completely frozen.

        After a long time, a strong look of shame appeared on her face and she angrily rebuked

        "Lin Fan, are you playing a trick on me?"

        Lin Zuo?

        The Dark Emperor?

        The Lord of the Zaibatsu?

        What a load of bullshit!

        "A punk like you dares to call himself Lin Zuo? You don't even bother to take a look at yourself!"

        Zhao Evening Gardenia's face was filled with contempt.

        Thinking that just because your surname is also Lin, you dare to call yourself the Lin Seat?

        How can you, Lin Fan, deserve that?

        "Lin Fan, I can see that you're scared, so you're making up such a ridiculous lie, right? Trying to use it to bluff us?"

        Zhao Evening Gardenia laughed coldly.

        It was because Lin Fan's words were just too ridiculous, one moment Lin Zuo, the next the King of Blood Hell, as if he was omnipotent.

        It was simply ridiculous!


        Lin Fan, however, had a clear and arrogant stance:.

        "Is my depth something that you guys can speculate on? When tomorrow arrives, you won't even have the qualifications to kneel down!"

        By that time, they would naturally know that Lin Fan was now unattainable!

        "Kneel down? Just you? Don't laugh me to death!"

        Zhao Evening Gardenia coldly snorted, looking at Lin Fan with a look of disgust.

        "Fine! Then I'll see how you'll die tomorrow!"

        She wanted to see what kind of surprise Lin Fan, this punk, could bring to her tomorrow.

Chapter 1398

With that!

        Zhao Ju Gardenia then left straight away, at this time she only felt that even saying one more word to Lin Fan seemed disgusting.

        This kind of person was so shameless!

        He had the audacity to pretend to be Lin Fan, even though he was a tortoise slave.

        If he was Lin Zuo, then why would he need to be a son-in-law to someone?

        In her eyes, Lin Fan was already a dead man. Did this fool think that knowing Long Qianxi made him great?

        After leaving this Fengqi courtyard, he would still find it hard to escape death!

        Wang Yun and the others would never let him go!

        And at that time, she wanted Lin Fan to kneel in front of her like a dog and personally admit that he was a waste.


        The next night!

        The banquet officially began!

        One after another, luxury cars of all colours drove in, the lowest grade were Porsches, BBAs didn't even come close to being ranked.

        What's more, there were even people who came directly in helicopters.

        In an instant, all sorts of bigwigs rushed to the Phoenix Courtyard and entered the main venue, waiting for the mysterious Lin's car to arrive.

        Everyone's faces were filled with excitement and frenzy, vaguely anticipating something.

        Zhao Juanyuan and the others were also ready, and were planning to rush to the venue in pairs.

        But at this moment!

        Instead, they saw that Lin Fan and Bai Yi had walked out of a single villa.


        In an instant, all of those villains exploded, each of them staring at Lin Fan and the two of them as if they had seen a ghost, unbelievable.

        "They... They're actually staying in the Heavenly Number One Room!"


        As soon as these words were spoken, all the villains present, all of them felt their scalps tingle and were filled with unbelievable faces.

        An illusion!

        This was a fucking hallucination!

        Even their fathers were not qualified to stay in that room, so how could these two losers be qualified to stay in it?

        What the... What the hell was going on here?

        "Lin Fan, a guest of the Heavenly Number One Room? I... This isn't a dream, is it?"

        "Has Long Qianxi gone mad? To reserve the best room, for the most wasteful person?"

        They couldn't believe their eyes!

        "Only Lin Zuo, is qualified to enjoy the Heavenly Number One room, could it be that Lin Fan he is..."

        Feng Shao Ting said in shock, looking at Lin Fan and his wife with a shocked expression.


        Right at that moment, Zhao Jiazia was laughing coldly.

        "He's Lin Zuo? Feng Shao Ting, if Lin Zuo knew that you were comparing him to a piece of trash, you'd lose your life!"

        At these words, Feng Shao Ting shivered, but still looked complicated as he muttered.


        "There's nothing to but, this guy only has some connection with Long Qianxi, there's no way this trash is the Lin Zuo."

        Zhao Ju Gardenia laughed coldly and said.

        "Long Qianxi really has a lot of nerve to give the Heavenly Number One room to such a punk... If Long Jiu finds out, he'll have his work cut out for him!"

        In her opinion, it must have been Long Qianxi who took matters into his own hands and let the Tian Zi No. 1 room to Lin Fan and the two of them, thinking that no one else knew about it.

        But instead, by a stroke of luck, they had found out.

        This time, she would definitely report it to Long Jiu, so that he could ruthlessly clean up this unworthy son.


        It was Long Qianxi who took matters into her own hands?

        Wang Yun and the others' expressions changed wildly!

        They had already learned from Zhao Jiazia's mouth that Lin Fan and Long Qianxi knew each other.

        But none of them had expected that Long Qianxi would be so bold as to dare to give the Heavenly Number One room prepared for the Lin Zuo to this idiot Lin Fan to stay in.

        If the Lin Zuo found out, he would be absolutely furious!

        Not only would Long Qianxi be finished, but even the entire Long Family might be implicated.


        Zhu Yiqun then smiled fiercely and stared at Lin Fan with hatred.

        "Lin Fan, how dare you, how dare you even hijack the residence of the Lin Seat, you're dead!"

        "Let's go together! Cripple this punk Lin Fan and then leave him to be disposed of by Seat Lin!"

        As soon as they heard that!

        Wang Yun and the others, one after another, also revealed unkind smiles as they gazed intently at the two Lin Fan.

        Step by step, they pressed on!

        "Lin Fan, what is this room number one in the sky they speak of?"

        At this time, Bai Yi was also panicking.

        They had actually occupied Lin Zuo's residence?

        How could this be?


        Lin Fan, however, spoke in a shocking manner and said.

        "This place, if Seat Lin lives in it, I live in it too!"