Today I Give Up Trying 1395-1396

 Chapter 1395

After half a day, Long Qianxi was never able to completely shout out Lin Fan's title, and was truly stunned on the spot.

        Lin Zha, had arrived?

        And, to be insulted by these unenlightened idiots in front of him?

        It was over!

        This was the end of himself!

        That cold sweat continued to slide down from above Long Qianxi's forehead in a frenzy.

        His entire body was shivering as if he had been struck by electricity.

        He was in big trouble!

        His grandfather had instructed him never to neglect Lin Zha, but in the end, right here in his Fengqi Courtyard, he had allowed Lin Zha to be humiliated in public?

        This... How could this be?

        Long Qianxi was so frightened that he wanted to kneel down to Lin Fan on the spot.

        But at that moment, Lin Fan gave him a wink, causing Long Qianxi to freeze in his tracks, not knowing what to do.

        "What are you all still standing there for, why don't you break this punk's legs and get him out?"

        Wang Yun ordered Long Qianxi's bodyguards at once.

        A thick, fierce smile spread across his face, as if in his eyes, Lin Fan was already a cripple.

        Those bodyguards then stepped forward as many as they could!

        "I'll see who dares?"

        Long Qianxi instantly roared, these idiots, even if they were looking for death themselves, they still wanted to drag him into trouble?

        "Brother Long, you..."

        Wang Yun was confused, not knowing what Long Qianxi meant by this?


        But what answered him was a fierce slap from Long Qianxi.

        The slap was so powerful that it directly broke several of Wang Yun's teeth.


        Seeing this scene, the crowd was completely stunned.

        Long Qianxi had actually hit Wang Yun with his hands, what was going on?

        A moment ago, Long Qianxi was still fine, but now he had changed his face just like that!


        At this moment, Wang Yun was also covering his face, looking at Long Qianxi in disbelief: "Brother Long, why did you hit him?

        "Brother Long, why did you hit me?"

        Hitting you?

        I hate to kill you!

        Long Qianxi cursed madly in his heart, and his expression also became extremely fierce at this moment, as he angrily rebuked at Wang Yun, saying.

        "How dare you make trouble when the Lin Zuo is about to arrive, are you not putting the Lin Zuo in your eyes? It's you I'm beating up!"

        At those words!

        Wang Yun instantly looked innocent and pointed at Lin Fan, saying.

        "It wasn't me, it was him..."

        But before he could finish, Long Qianxi's eyes glared and his expression became even more fierce as he said.

        "How dare you talk back?"


        Wang Yun's face was completely pale, and he no longer had the courage to speak.

        His face was so gloomy that he felt humiliated to the extreme.

        How could he accept the fact that he had just made a show of his authority in front of Zhao Juanyuania and the others, only to have his face slapped in the process?

        How could he take this?

        Everyone in the room was dumbfounded!

        Long Qianxi's transformation was so unbelievable that they wondered if this man in front of them was unpredictable in his anger.

        And at that moment!

        Long Qianxi was the one who looked towards Lin Fan without leaving a trace.

        This action was noticed by the attentive Zhao Jiazia.

        At once, her pretty face was covered in a layer of extreme fear, as if she could not believe her eyes.

        Long Qianxi was actually asking Lin Fan's opinion?

        This... How was this possible?

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, gestured without leaving a trace.

        "Don't dare make trouble again! Get out of here, all of you!"

        After receiving the command, Long Qianxi then roared viciously and angrily, before leading his men away.

        Only after he had left did Feng Shao Ting and the other gentry finally wake up as if from a dream and hurriedly went to help Wang Yun.

        "All of you get lost!"

        But Wang Yun, who only felt faceless, pushed the crowd away roughly, and then those resentful eyes, crawling with blood, were staring straight at Lin Fan: "It's all you!

        "It's all because of you! It's all because of you, you damned punk!"

        Long Qianxi must have felt that by fooling around here, they would offend that mysterious Lin Zhaoge, which was why he was so furious.

        Now, to think that he was even blamed by Long Qianxi!

        At this time, Wang Yun could not wait to break Lin Fan into pieces.

        Those eyes were flooded with intense hatred.

        "Lin Fan, you wait for me! When I'm done meeting Lin Zuo, I'll make sure your life is worse than death!"

Chapter 1396

Having said that!

        Wang Yun, who felt ashamed, then glared at Lin Fan with resentment and left first.

        The other villains all laughed coldly one after another, offending Zhu Yiqun and Wang Yun one after another, as soon as the banquet was over, Lin Feng was afraid that he would be crippled without dying.


        Before leaving, Zhao Juanyuania however gave Lin Fan a complicated look, always feeling that something was not right.

        "Lin Fan, shall we go? We won't be attending the banquet at the Lin seat."

        At this time, Bai Yi turned to Lin Fan and pleaded.

        Lin Fan smiled faintly and said.

        "What's wrong? Don't you still want to see Seat Lin?"

        "Not anymore, I'm more worried about you than I am about meeting Lin Zuo! They won't let you go!"

        Bai Yi had a strong worry on her face, she could also see that those people were not a good deal.

        And with their strong backgrounds, she really couldn't bear to watch Lin Fan continue to be humiliated.

        "Now it's not that they won't let me go, it's that I won't let them go!"

        Lin Fan sneered, no one could insult his wife and still be unharmed afterwards.

        But Bai Yi didn't believe it at all, instead she was angry with Lin Fan and cried.

        "Lin Fan, don't talk nonsense, okay? Those are all the big boys from the capital, how can you possibly deal with them?"

        "I'm begging you, as long as you're alive, what's a little bit of aggravation for me?"

        She didn't ask for glory and wealth, she only asked for peace for her family.

        She only wanted to be with Lin Fan, to grow old together!


        Lin Fan, however, held her hand tightly and said with a smile.

        "Don't worry wife, I'm not trying to be brave! Tomorrow, I will make you the most prominent woman in the whole of China!"


        And late into the night, Wang Yun and the others had settled in one after another!

        However, they were placed in the lowest class room!

        "This Long Qianxi is really not mean enough to give us the worst room, who are you looking down on?"

        Feng Shao Ting, Zhu Yiqun and the other villains were all very dissatisfied.

        They were the first time they had ever been insulted like this as the youngest of the magnates.

        And at this moment, Wang Yun's face was gloomy to the core as he angrily grunted.

        "This must be Lin Fan's fault, causing us to be relocated, which is why Long Qianxi is deliberately neglecting us."

        Upon hearing this, Zhu Yiqun, whose face was pale, a flash of hatred surfaced under his eyes.

        "When we befriend Lin Zha, we will definitely make Long Qianxi, pay the price for today's neglect!"

        "And Lin Fan, if I don't kill him, my name won't be Zhu Yiqun!"

        At those words!

        The villains present also nodded their heads, their hearts already looking forward to befriending Lin Za and then teaching Long Qianxi and Lin Fan a fierce lesson.

        Only, Zhao Jujuania, for some reason, looked worried: "I'm going to take a breather!

        "I'm going to take a breather!"

        Unlike these fools, she always felt that Long Qianxi was acting too abnormally.

        Why did Lin Fan also cause trouble, but Long Qianxi only cleaned up after them and ignored Lin Fan alone?

        Could it be that that punk knew someone like Long Qianxi?

        This uneasy feeling made her uncomfortable and made her suffer as if she had missed something.

        Immediately, she wanted to go get some air and reassure herself of this depressed mood!

        And at the same time!

        The anxious Long Qianxi had quietly arrived in the backyard and knelt directly behind Lin Fan.

        "Sir Lin, I am... I am guilty!"

        His voice was trembling, obviously terrified.

        And at that moment, there was an additional slap mark on his face, and it went without saying that it was a reward from Long Jiu.

        "Those who don't know are not guilty, get up!"

        Lin Fan slowly turned around to look at him.

        "Thank you Lin Zuo for being so kind!"

        Long Qianxi was overjoyed and hurriedly stood up, respectfully saying.

        "Seat Lin, those idiots dared to insult you, do you want me to finish them off?"

        The words were dense with killing intent!


        However, Lin Fan shook his head with a cold smile.

        "There's no need, when tomorrow arrives, they will not only regret, but also despair!"