Today I Give Up Trying 1393-1394

 Chapter 1393


        Upon hearing these words, the villains present finally understood why Zhao Jinya was so shocked.

        Everyone, covering their mouths, was stunned!

        Long Jiu, the real power in Jiangnan, could not be called an emperor of the land, and his disciples were all over the place!

        His influence in Jiangnan was terrifying!

        Even their families could not compete with him!

        Even their fathers, as soon as they set foot in Jiangnan, had to pay a visit to Long Jiu's home.

        This Fengqi Courtyard was actually related to Long Jiu?

        "Wang Yun, bull! As expected of someone who came out of the Dragon Tiger Legion, it allows us to experience a treatment that only our fathers are entitled to."

        "I've only heard of this place from my father but never had the chance to see it, Wang Yun, thanks a lot!"

        The crowd was immediately overjoyed, and they were all respectful and ingratiating to Wang Yun.

        Even Zhao Juanyuania could not help but nod his head.

        "This place is indeed not a good place to book a room, even I don't have the face for it, how did you manage to book a room, Wang Yun?"

        Hearing the crowd's praise, Wang Yun also felt fluttering, and then looked at Lin Fan and Bai Yi with a contemptuous expression.

        "I have some friends with the owner of the Phoenix Court, so they gave me face, so I was able to book a few rooms, if it was anyone else, I wouldn't have been able to do it.

        At these words!

        The crowd also laughed coldly and looked at Lin Fan and the two of them wistfully.

        "A slut and a tortoise slave, how dare she want to come and book a room at the Fengqi Courtyard, crazy, right?"

        In their opinion, Bai Yi was so shameless, how could someone, Lin Zuo, possibly look at her?

        At most, they would just play with her!

        This woman, who probably wasn't even a mistress, was at most a fast food, and had no qualifications to come to this Fengqi Courtyard.

        Bai Yi was so angry that her delicate body trembled, and tears of anger and humiliation were already welling up in her eyes.

        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan's expression, too, was gradually turning cold!

        Wang Yun, from the Dragon Tiger Legion?

        Under his command?

        At that moment, his smile revealed a touch of gloom, serving under his command, yet he still dared to humiliate him and his wife in public, what a way to seek death!

        He was looking forward to seeing what kind of expression Wang Yun would have when he found out his true identity.


        Just at that moment, a man walked out of that Fengqi courtyard with big strides.

        The moment he saw him, Wang Yun instantly greeted him with a face full of ecstasy.

        "Brother Long, why are you here in person?"

        Long Qianxi, the eldest grandson of Long Jiu, was also the owner of the Fengqi Courtyard, specialising in entertaining the superbosses from all walks of life in China in place of Long Jiu.

        After that, Wang Yun was the one who introduced Long Qianxi to Zhao Jiazia and the others one by one, but Long Qianxi only nodded indifferently and did not even take the initiative to shake hands.

        He was so arrogant!

        When they saw this, all the villains were displeased, but they could only bury their grievances in their hearts, knowing that this man in front of them was not someone they could offend.

        Even a strong dragon could not suppress a snake on the ground, let alone the fact that they were not strong dragons yet.

        Even Wang Yun, if he didn't have the backing of the Dragon Tiger Legion and the Wang Family, Long Qianxi wouldn't even have bothered to look at him.

        And at that moment, Wang Yun then excitedly pursued the question.

        "Brother Long, I heard that bigwigs from all walks of life in China, have gathered here just to meet that mysterious Lin Zuo, I want to ask that Lin Zuo if he's finished yet?"

        "Yes, yes, just reveal some news about the Lin seat to us, we'll be grateful!"

        "Young Long, when the time comes, can you arrange a place for us, so that we can meet Lin Zuo, even if it's just to have a glance from afar!"

        These villains were staring at Long Qianxi with anticipation, desperate to learn more about the Lin Zuo.

        Even Zhao Jiazia, who couldn't help but have her beautiful eyes flooded with a touch of admiration, eagerly asked.

        "Young Long, you should have met Lin Zuo, right? What kind of a man is he?"

        They all knew that the Dragon Family was responsible for the banquet, so the Dragon Family definitely knew the inside story.

        Lin Zuo's name was so powerful that it shook China!

        But there were only a handful of people who had met him, so they could not hide their excitement and anticipation at this point.

        "Good, then I'll tell you all about it!"

        Long Qianxi smiled faintly before saying with a look of awe.

        "To be honest, up until now, I can't believe that Lin Zhaoge would be so young, just in his early twenties!"


        With this simple statement, the atmosphere in the room completely exploded!

Chapter 1394


        Zhao Ningxia and the other villains only felt their brains roar!

        Those words were like a thunderstorm, as if they were about to tear their brains apart, causing them to be instantly petrified!

        Lin... Lin Zuo, only in his early twenties?

        Wouldn't that be the same age as them?

        Oh my God!

        How unbelievable was this?

        They had heard before that Lin Zuo was very young, but according to their guesses, he should be 30 or 40 years old.

        Yet they hadn't expected that it was only in his twenties!

        At just in his early twenties, he was sitting in the fourth most powerful chair in the military world, what kind of monster was this?

        At this moment, they were completely dumbfounded by this shocking news, and they were all silent, unable to utter a single sound!

        Their minds were blank!

        The impact of these four words was so terrifying that they could not believe it.

        And then!

        Zhao Juanyuania and the others all revealed a bitter smile.

        Although they were the youngest members of a powerful family and stood at the top of the power hierarchy, they were no better than Lin Zuo, who was sitting on the throne of China.

        "I really want to meet that Lin, I wish I could be friends with him."

        A girl said with a face full of admiration.

        Wang Yun shook his head with a bitter smile.

        "I'm afraid that in our lifetime, we'll never be able to catch up with Lin Zuo with all our might, will we?"

        Even the arrogant Zhao Jujuania looked moved, and there was a little more of a different light in her eyes.

        Such a man was probably a hundred times better than her current fiancĂ©, the second youngest of the Lin family, Lin Tian patrol, right?

        The originally high and mighty villains all lowered their proud heads at this moment and were completely struck down.

        It felt like the difference between them and Lin Zuo was heaven and earth!

        Some people, indeed, were born to be kings!

        "Alright, I'll give you guys a slow talk about Seat Lin, let's go in first!"

        Long Qianxi said to the crowd.


        Hearing this, Zhao Juanshiya, however, had second thoughts and laughed fiercely, saying.

        "Mr. Long, I'm afraid we can't leave just yet, but there are some idle people mixed in with your Fengqi Courtyard, so I strongly urge you to kick him out!"

        "So as not to cause trouble and make the Lin Zuo unhappy!"


        His grandfather had warned him that it was the Lin Za who was entertaining him, and that if he made a mistake and displeased him, he would be expelled from the Lin family.

        If what Zhao Jujiania said was true, that would be a dereliction of his duty!

        As soon as he heard this, Wang Yun also snapped to attention and said wistfully.

        "Brother Long, there was that person who not only trespassed into your Fengqi Courtyard, but just injured my brother, look..."

        There really was?

        Long Qianxi's face instantly turned extremely ugly as he angrily rebuked.

        "Where is he? How dare he spill his guts in my Fengqi Courtyard, I think he wants to die!"


        When everyone saw this, they all smiled fiercely, all knowing that Lin Fan was going to be completely finished.

        At this moment!

        Bai Yi's pretty face also changed, and then she hurriedly grabbed Lin Fan's hand, so anxious that her voice changed its tone: "Go!

        "Go! Lin Fan, let's go!"

        If we didn't run at this moment, it would be completely over!


        Lin Fan, however, acted as if he hadn't heard, his mouth still holding a cold smile of disdain at the corners.

        "That's him!"

        Zhao Jujuania fiercely pointed at Lin Fan, a strong sneer in his eyes as he looked forward to seeing this trash Lin Fan on his knees and being humiliated!

        Wang Yun and the others all did the same, as far as they were concerned, a loser had to look like a loser and only deserved to kneel!


        Following the direction Zhao Jujuania was pointing, Long Qianxi cast a glance in Lin Fan's direction.

        And then...


        His expression froze, and his brain felt like a bolt of lightning had ripped through it, leaving him completely dumbfounded.

        The last time he had intercepted Lin Fan, it had caused him to carve the appearance of the man in front of him deep into his mind.

        It was impossible to forget!

        And now, seeing this great god standing right in front of him, he was completely dumbfounded!

        "Lin... Lin..."

        Lin Fan smiled faintly and said.

        "Who did you say wanted to die?"