Today I Give Up Trying 1389-1390

 Chapter 1389

"Hahahaha, Lin Fan, this is called the sky has no limits, it's not that easy to destroy my Wang family!"

        Wang Shouzheng burst out laughing in triumph, while glaring at Lin Fan viciously.

        "So what if you're the Dark Emperor? You have repeatedly invaded our China without permission, you are completely finished today!"


        However, Lin Fan shook his head and a sarcastic smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

        "You deserve to die for your obstinacy?"

        Deserved to die?

        All of the Wang family laughed coldly at once.

        Could it be that Lin Fan still dared to kill them in front of the Chinese officials?

        Did he really think that he was invincible?

        "Lin Fan, are you talking about yourself?"

        Wang Shouzheng laughed loudly, a thick fierceness surfaced on his face!

        With a glance at the Wang Clan's crowd, they were smug as hell!

        Especially, when they saw the medals on those teams, it was one of them that was completely shocked!

        "It's the Dragon Tiger Legion, it's the legion under Seat Lin! Is it hard to believe that Seat Lin has also come?"

        The moment they saw each other, Wang Shouzheng and the others were all excited badly.

        With Seat Lin coming to their rescue, Lin Fan couldn't help them even if he was the Dark Emperor.

        Even so!

        Once Lin Fan had angered the Chinese officials, it was not impossible for him to stay in China forever!

        As soon as he heard these words!

        An unkind smile also appeared on Wang Shouzheng's face:.

        "Lin Fan, it's our Wang family that underestimated you for not being able to kill your entire family this time!"

        "But next time, you won't be so lucky! Unless you tie them to the waist of your trousers, after you flee overseas, my Wang family will definitely put a heavy bounty on their heads!"

        "And your wife, I will order her to be gang-banged to death, hahaha!"

        But as soon as his words left his lips!

        Two cold laughs were heard in unison as he said.

        "You, don't stand a chance!"


        Two figures, with a group of men, hurriedly approached, with the aura of a rainbow, calm and domineering!


        The moment they saw each other, the Wang Clan crowd froze as well.

        This was actually the Dragon and Tiger War God?

        These two fierce generals were here, so surely Lin Zuo had come too!

        Upon hearing this, Wang Shouzheng first froze, and then laughed loudly, saying

        "Lin Fan, did you hear that? The two fierce generals under Lin's command are saying that you don't stand a chance!"

        "Today, you're dead!"


        Just when Wang Shouzheng and the others thought that Seat Lin intended to clean up Lin Fan.

        Instead, they were shocked to see that the Dragon and Tiger War Gods strided towards Lin Fan, before kneeling down in unison towards him.

        "Lin Zuo, we're here!"


        As the words of the Dragon and Tiger War God fell, all the voices in the room completely disappeared!

        The smiles on the faces of the Wang Clan and the others also completely froze!

        Lin... Lin Fan, Lin Za?


        It's a fake!

        It must be a fake!

        At this time, all the Wang family members' scalps were splitting and they were horrified to death!

        How could Lin Fan, who was clearly the Dark Lord, be the Lin Throne again?

        Hope, completely shattered!

        The Wang Clan, who thought they had seen hope, were completely desperate at this time!

        Each and every one of them was about to faint from fear!

        The extremely mysterious Lin Zuo was actually Lin Fan too?

        Thump, thump, thump!

        Wang Shouzheng, who had just stood up, staggered back a few steps and then sat on his buttocks, feeling his scalp tingling!

        What kind of a terrifying being had he offended?

        And then, he looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.

        "You, are you really Lin Zuo?"


        Lin Fan laughed contemptuously and tilted his head, saying.

        "I am Lin Zuo, but I am more than that?"


        Wang Shouzheng's expression changed violently, this kid had other terrifying identities apart from being the Dark Emperor and Lin Zuo?

        At that moment, he laughed bitterly in despair.

        "The Lin family, they've really forced out a monster!"

        And then!

        His tears filled his eyes, and he hissed.

        "At this point, all is lost! God will kill my Wang family!"

Chapter 1390


        Just one step away!

        Just one step away, the Wang family could have gone away and rested in peace, but they had offended such a monster!

        The Wang family had understood completely!

        Lin Fan had come for revenge!

        This devil wanted to kill all the people who had abused his mother and son in the past!

        This was retribution!

        Immediately, each and every one of the Wang family members sat down on the ground, their eyes dull, and they wanted to cry.

        For they all knew what would happen to them!


        Seeing Wang Shouzheng's miserable face, Lin Fan's heart did not feel a bit of pity.

        In the next instant, a brutal smile appeared on his face.

        "It's not that the heavens will kill your Wang family, but that I will kill your Wang family!"

        "No one will be left behind! Today, I want the entire Wang family to be exterminated!"



        The muzzle of the gun was aimed and the fire was sprayed!



        All of them appeared!

        While looking at the Wang family members who kept wailing, Lin Fan's expression was chillingly cold.

        For a long time, when everything fell silent!

        He finally let out a long sigh like a monarch.

        "I just want a home, why can't you all accommodate me here?"

        "If that's the case, then I'll have to try and see if the so-called Lin family is really... Invincible!"

        Lin Fan turned around resolutely and looked around at the crowd.

        "Pass the order down, tell them that in a week's time, the Lin Clan will be holding a banquet in Jiangnan City, gathering all the world's brave men!"

        Recruit troops!

        Buy horses!

        Destroy the Lin family!


        This piece of news!

        It instantly stirred the whole of Jiangnan!

        Is that extremely mysterious Lin Zuo finally going to show his face?

        This, is too incredible, right?

        Everyone, all of them, couldn't believe it!

        At that moment!

        The whole of Jiangnan was abuzz with excitement, and all the powerful people were rushing to the banquet venue in Jiangnan as fast as they could!

        They had booked their hotels a week in advance, fearing that they would miss the opportunity to meet with Lin.

        And it wasn't just Jiangnan!

        All over China, all the powerful people were also flocking to Jiangcheng like crazy, like wild bees and butterflies.

        They all had high hopes that if they could win the favour of Lin, their families would rise to great heights and be promoted to high rank!

        So they all wanted to go to Jiangcheng to try their luck!


        Even in the capital, all the major gentry had sent their young men to Jiangcheng, asking them to go to Jiangcheng to work with Lin Zhaosi no matter what.

        Because this was also a great opportunity for them, the gentry!

        Whether or not they could go to the next level depended on whether or not they could get the favour of the Lin seat!


        At the same time!

        Bai Yi also dragged Lin Fan and rushed to the location where the banquet was being held, ready to greet Seat Lin's grand entrance!

        "After helping our family so much, Seat Lin has finally shown up! I must thank him properly!"

        Bai Yi said with gratitude, her pretty face covered in joy.

        To her, Lin Zha was their life-saver, having saved them more than once.

        Yet he had never asked for anything in return, let alone asked her to do anything!

        It made her feel so guilty!

        "Yeah, you'll get to meet him soon!"

        Lin Fan said with a smile too, today he was going to show his cards!

        Let Bai Yi know that her man was the powerful Lin Zuo!

        Fengqi Courtyard!

        The most prestigious private club in Jiang City, this place might not be affordable even if one had money, only some dignitaries were qualified to travel to and from it.


        Lin Fan and Bai Yi had just walked into it when a mean laugh rang out behind them.

        "Yo, isn't this the wasteful outcast youngster Lin Fan?"


        Lin Fan and Bai Yi looked back in unison and saw a group of gentry walking towards them with large strides.

        There was a strong look of taunting and disdain on their faces!

        And when Lin Fan saw the woman at the head of the group, his eyes contracted viciously.

        "Zhao Jijia?"