Today I Give Up Trying 1383-1384

 Chapter 1383


        As soon as they heard this, everyone's faces were flooded with a strong look of contempt, none of them had expected Zhang Miao Ke to be so shameless.

        She wanted to get Bai Yi killed, and after being exposed, she had the face to ask for help?

        How shameless!

        But Zhang Miao Ke couldn't care less, she was so scared at this time.

        The Wang family had abandoned her, and now only if Bai Yi let her go would she survive, otherwise she would be the one who would end up in jail.

        She had only just graduated and had a great life ahead of her!

        But if she went to jail, her life would be over.

        So at this point she crawled up to Bai Yi, kowtowing as if she were mad, crying and begging her to spare her life.

        She looked like she was in deep pain and repentant!


        Although Bai Yi could not bear it in her heart, this time, she did not show mercy.

        This was because she knew very well that the reason why Zhang Miao Ke was remorseful was not because she really realised that she was wrong, but because she had to die if she didn't admit her mistake.

        Lin Fan also hurriedly gave a wink to Long Jiu.

        This excited Long Jiu, who was worried that he had no chance to please Lin Zuo, but now Lin Zuo had taken the initiative to show it.

        He instantly stepped forward and kicked Long Jiu away, angrily scolding him, saying.

        "Get lost bitch! Miss Bai Yi is Divine Doctor Lin's partner, you and the Bai family have already offended Divine Doctor Lin by coveting his formula, even if Miss Bai Yi lets you off, Divine Doctor Lin will never let you off."


        These words were like a thunderstorm, causing Zhang Miao Ke, who was still lucky, to completely despair.

        Divine Doctor Lin wouldn't let her go?

        Then who else could save her?

        Zhang Miao Ke cried out in utter madness.

        "Song Yue, you and the Wang family, you have caused me so much suffering!"

        "I'm finished! My life is completely over!"

        Upon hearing these words, everyone instantly stared at Song Yue with a questioning gaze.

        Song Yue's face was completely gloomy:.

        "What nonsense are you talking about, I'm clearly meeting you for the first time today, how could I possibly harm you together with the Wang family?"

        At this time, he was completely scared!

        He wanted to kill Zhang Miao Ke, that damned bitch, on the spot!

        This bitch, how dare she plan to drag him along for the funeral!

        The Wang family, they were simply out of their minds, finding the Bai family to work with a brainless fool like Zhang Miao Ke.

        This time, it was hard for him to escape being implicated too!

        "Don't worry Zhang Miao Ke!"

        Lin Fan laughed sorrowfully:.

        "You, I won't let go! He, I won't let go either!"


        With these words, the atmosphere in the entire room completely froze to the core.

        Everyone's faces were filled with shock!

        Was Lin Fan planning to end all of them in one pot?

        To cripple and cripple all those who opposed Bai Yi?

        Immediately, all the people present felt an invisible pressure that completely surrounded them, causing drops of cold sweat to trickle down their foreheads.

        This was because they all had no idea what Lin Fan would do next.

        Now that the Bai family and Zhang Miao Ke were all finished, would Song Yue be able to escape?



        As soon as Lin Fan's words fell, Song Yue instantly laughed wildly as if he had heard a big joke.

        "Not sparing me? Just like you? I'm a gold medal barrister, there's no lawsuit I can't win!"

        "Want me to go to jail, do you think I'm the same as these idiots?"

        Song Yue was so proud!

        Lin Fan, this idiot, thought that with Divine Doctor Lin and Long Jiu backing him up, he could convict him at will?

        Behind him was the Wang family, but behind the Wang family was the Lin family, which was so rich and powerful!

        Plus, he had such a strong team of lawyers, Lin Fan wanted him to go to jail?

        Go ahead and dream about it!

        "Lin Fan, you dare to slander me, just wait! I'll send you the indictment later, I'll let you know what will happen if you offend me, Song Yue!"

        Song Yue looked at Lin Fan wistfully, with a strong look of contempt in his eyes.

        But at that very moment!

        Something unexpected happened!

        A recording that shouldn't have appeared rang out across the room!

        "If you don't let your wife sleep with me today, I'll have you all thrown in jail!"

        "Because in the judicial world, I, Song Yue, am the sky!"

Chapter 1384

The crowd was completely stunned by these words!

        The man who spoke was despicable and shameless, to the extent of asking Lin Fan's wife to sleep with him, or else he would have to put Lin Fan to death.

        And the voice of the speaker was clearly Song Yue!

        Song Yue was as white as a frosted aubergine, his face was white and he shouted angrily with incomparable fear.

        "Impossible! I've clearly installed a jammer in my office, how could you have managed to record!"


        As soon as the words left his mouth, Song Yue regretted them completely!

        In the heat of the moment, he had said something that he shouldn't have said!

        Wasn't that like admitting that Lin Fan and Bai Yi had come to his office and that he had shamelessly asked Bai Yi to sleep with him?

        In this way, his current behaviour became a case of being annoyed at not getting Bai Yi and then victimising her.

        Especially, in front of so many media, he was lifting a stone to smash his own feet.

        "Lin Fan, you... You dare to trap me!"

        Song Yue instantly roared like thunder, wanting to break Lin Fan into pieces.

        Originally, he thought he had a solid victory and was in control of the whole situation, but now it seemed he had let Lin Fan completely fool him.

        It was over!

        He was just as completely finished as Zhang Miao Ke and the others!

        Lin Fan put his arm around Bai Yi and said with a cold and stern expression.

        "All of you, I've already given you a chance, and since you don't know any better and insist on marrying my couple's lives, how can we possibly spare you?"


        When everyone present heard these words, they all looked at Lin Fan with a ghost-like look of disbelief.

        The Bai family and the others, all of them lost their voices and cried out in pain!

        It was true that Lin Fan had given them a chance, but they had only taken it as a big joke!

        They thought that Lin Fan was trying to scare them!

        Little did they know that this was Lin Fan's last chance for them to repent.

        A chance to live!

        Now, it was all too late!

        "Bai Yi, Bai Yi save us! Give us one more chance!"

        Elder Bai begged bitterly, hoping that Bai Yi would spare them this time, just like he did before.

        Only a pity!

        When Bai Yi heard this, a sneer surfaced on his face instead:

        "If it were you guys, would you give my couple another chance?"

        As soon as they heard those words!

        A look of shame surfaced on the faces of Elder Bai and the others.

        If they were in their place, they would definitely not give Bai Yi and his couple a single chance, and would definitely put them to death.

        Only now, Bai Yi understood this too!

        Then their nightmare, here it comes!

        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan, however, smiled.

        "Don't worry, I won't kill your Bai family members!"


        When the Bai family heard this, they froze, unable to believe their ears.

        Lin Fan was actually planning to spare them?

        They weren't dreaming, were they?


        Lin Fan's next words caused them to completely despair!

        Only to see Lin Fan's stern face as he coldly said.

        "Your Bai family has done such a disgraceful thing, wouldn't it be too cheap to just kill you?"

        "I want your Bai family to suffer for generations and live worse than death!"


        The faces of the Bai family were completely white as they were struck by lightning.

        They could never have dreamed that their Bai family would be thwarted, or even destroyed, by a mere son-in-law!

        Lin Fan, he had ruined his Bai family!

        And Long Jiu also stepped forward and angrily rebuked.

        "Someone, arrest this little secretary, and Song Yue as well! Transfer them to the authorities and tell them that they must be fair and never let a bad person go!"

        The last sentence was a gnashing of teeth!

        It made Zhang Miao Ke and Song Yue's faces completely ashen!

        Their bodies were trembling violently and they were terrified to the core!

        Originally, they both had great prospects, but because of a moment of greed, they ended up destroying their own prospects and losing their reputations.

        One was greedy for money, the other lustful!

        It was a mistake!

        As they watched the soldiers approaching, they gave up their resistance and waited for the prison sentence that would follow.