Today I Give Up Trying 1381-1382

 Chapter 1381

Seeing Elder Bai like this, all the Bai family members' faces were completely ashen!

        Their faces were filled with trepidation!

        Again... Another failure?

        Then, their Bai family would fall into hell!

        Especially Bai Yifan!

        This time, he had come back to China under tremendous pressure to avenge the deaths of Lin Fan and Bai Yi.

        But now, the conspiracy has been shattered!

        So next, it was questionable whether he could even get out of Jiang City.

        Bai Yi was now the co-owner of Jiangnan, she would never let him go, he was finished!

        But at that very moment!

        Lin Fan pushed the door open and entered.

        "Lin Fan, it's all your fault! You wanted our Bai family to die!"

        Bai Yifan stared at Lin Fan with incomparable resentment, wanting to kill him by a thousand cuts.

        At those words!

        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth then held a sneer of disdain.

        "If your Bai family hadn't acted first, how would you have ended up in this situation?"

        "You all simply deserved it!"

        Deserved? Isn't that what you deserve? A strong bitterness surfaced on the faces of the Bai family. If their Bai family hadn't listened to Bai Yifan's slanderous words, with Bai Yi's character, all they had to do was beg her after a while and they would be able to get her to lift the Bai family's ban.

        But now, it was impossible. Having put Bai Yi to death again and again, even if she was bodhisattva-hearted, there was no way she would let them off again.

        They were the ones who had tried to put them to death again and again.

        And now...

        They were, completely finished!

        And yet!

        Just then!

        It was then that Long Jiu roared in indignation, saying.

        "Divine Doctor Lin has orders! We have forgiven the Bai family many times, but the Bai family is still unrepentant and ungrateful!"

        "From now on, we will concentrate all the forces of the medical community on the Bai family, and uproot them without rest!"


        Hearing these words, everyone in the Bai family instantly sat down on the ground with their faces ashen, extremely terrified.

        Divine Doctor Lin was going to fight them, to the death?


        "It's over, it's over, there's no turning back forever!"

        "Bai Yifan, you've killed us! Didn't you say it was foolproof?"

        At this moment, the Bai family went completely insane!

        Letting out a wailing roar that was as harsh as it could be, all because of Bai Yifan, all because of Old Master Bai.

        This time, they were afraid that they wouldn't even be able to work part-time and would have to beg for food on the streets.

        And aside, a feeling of unease fiercely surfaced on Zhang Miao Ke and Song Yue's faces.

        Jiangnan's Commander-in-Chief, Long Jiu, was an existence no less than the Wang family!

        Now with the addition of the God of Chinese Medicine, Divine Doctor Lin, the situation was already out of control!

        Right at that moment!

        It was then that Lin Fan looked at Zhang Miao Ke and sneered.

        "Now, it's your turn!"

        Zhang Miao Ke's legs went limp and she looked at Lin Fan nervously.

        "You, what do you want?"


        Lin Fan immediately laughed coldly twice and said sorrowfully.

        "You are Bai Yi's secretary, yet you are in cahoots with the Bai family and planted evidence to frame Bai Yi, do you think I will let you off?"


        Before Zhang Miao Ke could say anything, Song Yue at the side laughed coldly straight away.

        "You say you planted evidence? Where's the evidence? Without evidence, what you said would be slander against Miss Zhang, and we still reserve the right to pursue you."

        Although the Bai family was finished, it was unlikely that Lin Fan would want to touch them in the open.

        Upon hearing this, Zhang Miao Ke also looked at Lin Fan with a contemptuous face and sneered.

        "That's right, saying that I planted evidence to frame you, do you have any proof? I have a gold medal barrister to help me in my lawsuit, just by virtue of your wasteful son-in-law, you also want to bring me down?"

        That, was a dream!

        She didn't believe that Lin Fan was capable of that!

        As long as Lin Fan didn't have any evidence, he couldn't do anything to help her, and as long as she took the 100 million, she would immediately emigrate overseas.

        The money would be enough for her to rest easy for the rest of her life.


        Lin Fan's next words were like a heavy hammer that struck Zhang Miao Ke's body.

        Only Lin Fan smiled faintly, revealing an expression of a cat catching a mouse.

        "Who said, I have no proof?"

Chapter 1382


        Zhang Miao Ke's expression froze, this punk, with proof?


        That day, she personally met with the Wang family head and the conversation was only known to the two of them, how could Lin Fan possibly know?

        Bluffing me?

        Right then!

        Her face then burst into a harsh laugh as she said with a disdainful expression.

        "Is that so? Then why don't you show me the proof! I'd like to see what you can do to me, you punk!"

        "Even your wife is being played with by me, what are you?"

        The words were full of disdain and taunting.

        It seemed that he didn't think Lin Fan had such skills at all.

        Even the Bai family and Song Yue had sneers on their faces, Zhang Miao Ke was backed by the Wang family, just by virtue of Lin Fan, this punk could get evidence from the Wang family?

        What a fool's dream!

        But at that moment, Lin Fan took out his mobile phone and sneered as he played a video from his phone in front of them.

        "Zhang Miao Ke, the two people in this, are you still familiar with them?"

        A man and a woman, two voices suddenly rang out!

        "As long as you can plant evidence against Bai Yi and put her in jail, that 100 million will be credited to your account immediately! Think about betraying the benefactor who funded your university education!"

        "If you don't do it for yourself, don't worry! For that one hundred million, I will definitely make Bai Yi's life unrecoverable!"

        Hearing that voice, Zhang Miao Ke's smile froze and her face turned completely pale.

        Lin Fan, to have a video of her talking to the Wang family head, this was enough to prove her guilt of framing!

        She was going to jail!

        Zhang Miaoke could no longer be arrogant.

        She could no longer be arrogant, nor could she be complacent!

        At once, she cried out in disbelief, saying.

        "Impossible! You... Where did you, a loser, get this video from?"

        Little did she know that the trash she was talking about was the powerful Lin Zuo, who had all the power in the world.

        Not to mention a video, even if it were to directly take the dog's life of the Wang family head, it would only take a snap of his fingers.

        It wasn't just her!

        The Bai family and Song Yue also looked as if they had seen a ghost.

        They couldn't believe their eyes!

        This trash, before they were ready to strike at Bai Yi, had secretly taken the video?

        Was he, by any chance, unpredictable?

        They were all about to be scared silly!

        The way everyone looked at Lin Fan changed completely, as if they were looking at a monster.

        And at that moment, Lin Fan then sneered.

        "You don't need to care where I got the video from, all you need to know is..."

        "You, are dead!"


        Zhang Miao Ke was instantly struck by electricity!

        With this video, she was indeed dead!

        "Mud, President Bai sponsored you to go to university, and you're returning the favour... you're worse than a beast!"

        "The Bai family is not a good thing either, even their own blood relatives can do this to them, I will definitely report this and give justice to President Bai!

        "Call the police! Call the police immediately! Arrest all of these pig and dog-like creatures!"

        This move by the Bai family and Zhang Miao Ke directly caused public anger.

        All the reporters directly picked up their cameras and snapped at the Bai family and Zhang Miao Ke.

        "Don't film me, don't film!"

        Zhang Miao Ke cried out in fear, she didn't expect to be happy, she was completely finished at this time.

        Immediately after!

        She thought of something and hurriedly hugged Song Yue's thigh in tears, begging.

        "Save me, Mr. Song! Save me, help me get my phone back, or I'll be dead!"

        Only Song Yue could save him now.


        Song Yue, however, kicked Zhang Miao Ke away and said with a cold face.

        "Miss Zhang, I didn't expect you to be such a shameless person either, and I, Song Yue, was almost hoodwinked by you."

        "From now on, I won't be covering for you anymore, you can wait for jail!"

        In just three words, he had completely written himself off.

        Shameless to the extreme!


        Zhang Miao Ke suddenly felt cold all over, she had understood by this time, Song Yue and the Wang family were planning to discard her, a useless pawn, completely!

        It was over!

        She was completely finished!

        She was so greedy that the snake swallowed the elephant, and had accidentally burst her belly.

        Now she didn't even have the money to spend.

        She shouldn't have been greedy!

        She shouldn't have trusted these animals!

        And then she cried out and looked at Bai Yi.

        "Sister, please spare my life!"