Today I Give Up Trying 1379-1380

 Chapter 1379


        At this moment, the air was completely silent!

        Elder Bai's breathing seemed to stagnate as his body continued to tremble madly, looking at Lin Fan in panic.

        "Divine Doctor Lin, it's really here!"

        All the reporters were dumbfounded, originally they thought that Lin Fan was lying, how could Divine Doctor Lin expose himself for a small New Bai's?

        But now!

        He was actually here!

        And, he had even defeated Li Kaoran, the disciple of the Medicine Elder!

        This was unbelievable!

        Li Kaoran was Elder Pill's most outstanding disciple, unrivalled since her rise to fame, and in just half an hour, she had admitted defeat in disgrace?

        It was horrible!

        How terrifying was that divine Doctor Lin?

        In just half an hour, he had easily defeated Pill Elder's most illustrious disciple!

        "That Divine Doctor Lin is only more skilled in medicine than Elder Pill, right?"

        "Looking at his back earlier, I guess he was under thirty years old, to have such superb medical skills at such an age is simply astonishing!"

        "Is this really a self-inflicted humiliation?"

        Everyone was shocked and appalled, all looking at Li Huoran in disbelief, completely shocked.

        None of them had expected that Divine Doctor Lin was actually here and had easily defeated Li Kaoran!

        Tick tock!


        Drops of cold sweat continued to trickle down from the foreheads of the Bai family members.

        Each and every one of them felt terrified!

        This scene was so familiar!

        Every time, when their Bai family was about to face a great calamity, it seemed to take a turn like this, and their hearts were already extremely frightened and uneasy.

        Lin Fan!

        It was Lin Fan again, this murderer!

        This time, it was going to victimise their Bai family again!

        "Since Divine Doctor Lin is here, that means the formula is really his, so how can there be a fake formula created by Divine Doctor Lin?"

        As soon as they heard the catch, the crowd all spotted what was wrong and cast suspicious glances at the Bai family members.

        It couldn't be that it was really a plant!

        Seeing the suspicious gazes of the crowd, the Bai family members completely exploded!

        There was a look of panic in their eyes!

        Old Master Bai, too, looked as if he had lost his soul, his body shaking, his face pale as he shook his head.

        "This punk, how could he have invited Divine Doctor Lin? There's no reason, there's no reason!"

        Immediately after!

        He then looked angrily at Li Huoran and rebuked.

        "Miss Li, I never imagined that you, as a disciple of the Medicine Elder, would be bribed by the New Bai!"

        "You've simply tarnished Elder Pill's reputation!"

        At this time, the Bai family could not admit that the formula belonged to Divine Doctor Lin no matter what, otherwise it would truly be as Lin Fan had said, and the Bai family would be ten times more miserable than they were now.


        One word stirred up a thousand waves!

        Everyone was shocked and turned to Li Kaoran, casting an incredulous gaze.

        A disciple of the Medicine Elder, bought by the New Bai Clan?

        If this were to get out, it would be a big news story that would shake the entire pharmaceutical world!

        It would be a hundred times more shocking than the production of fake drugs!

        "Yes, Li Kaoran must have been bribed, that Lin Fan deliberately called her away, so he must have given her an advantage to go. She is now a trustee!"

        Bai Yifan also hurriedly chimed in, an impish smile appearing on his face as he did so.

        "How can a waste of a son-in-law invite the divine Doctor Lin? Don't let them fool you, people!"

        At this time!

        She didn't expect that she would help the Bai family with good intentions, but the Bai family would turn around and throw dirty water on her?

        "You're all spitting blood!"

        At that moment!

        She was furiously reprimanded, even though she had been insulted, she had even brought her master with her.

        These people from the Bai family were so shameless!

        She finally understood that she had been tricked!

        That it was not the New Bai Clan that was truly wolfish, but these scum of the Bai Family.

        "Blood spitting? Then get Divine Doctor Lin to come out and clarify!"

        Elder Bai laughed coldly, anticipating that Divine Doctor Lin would not show up.


        Li Kaoran was also at a loss for words, wouldn't calling out Divine Doctor Lin at this time be tantamount to exposing Lin Fan?

        But at that very moment!

        An old and majestic voice of shock and anger resounded violently from the doorway

        "So, I'm a trust too?"

Chapter 1380


        Everyone's expressions changed in unison, and then they looked at the place where the voice came from, and saw Long Jiu slowly walking in with the support of a group of people.

        "Chief Commander Jiangnan?"

        The moment they saw him, all the people in the room shivered, and a strong look of shock surfaced on their faces.

        In China, this was a major minister!

        With a majestic army at his fingertips!

        The Bai family also felt their nerves, after seeing this scene, completely misplaced.

        Jiangnan Commander-in-Chief Long Jiu, how could he want to be here?

        And, what did he mean by his words just now?


        Before the crowd could recover from that shock, it was they who saw Long Jiu glaring coldly at Old Master Bai:.

        "Old immortal, I'm asking you a question!"

        In his words, there was a strong sense of hostility!


        Old Master Bai was completely dumbfounded, his face was terrified, his face was completely white as he looked at Long Jiu in disbelief.

        He and Long Jiu were obviously meeting for the first time, so why would Long Jiu target him?

        At that moment!

        He was trembling all over, and knelt down in unbelievable panic.

        "Chief Commander, old man... I don't understand the meaning of your words!"

        At once, Long Jiu snorted coldly and rebuked.

        "The person that Divine Doctor Lin treated just now was me, and I also saw Miss Li defeated at the hands of Divine Doctor Lin, you say that Miss Li is a trust, so I ask you if I am a trust?"


        With a single sentence, the whole room was completely shocked!

        Everyone's eyes were flooded with thick bitterness and trepidation, and they were already about to piss themselves in fear at this point in time.

        Long Jiu, the chief commander of Jiangnan, a truly high ranking and powerful figure.

        And the one who had just received medical treatment, even brain death, was actually him?

        Oh my God!

        After everyone heard Long Jiu's statement, they all shivered uncontrollably like they had been struck by electricity.

        With Long Jiu's noble status and background, how could he possibly be a trustee for someone?

        No one expected that Long Jiu would be involved in this matter!

        He was actually the patient of Divine Doctor Lin!

        Then how could this Divine Doctor Lin be a fake?


        The moment he heard Long Jiu's words, Old Master Bai fell to the ground in complete shock.

        He had never dreamed that Lin Fan would actually be able to bring in the divine Doctor Lin.

        Now, their Bai family would be completely finished!

        Sure enough!

        The next moment, after the crowd reacted, they were chanting at the Bai family.

        "The chief commander has said that that person is Divine Doctor Lin, how dare you still try to slyly argue?"

        "How dare you say that Divine Doctor Lin's formula is a fake medicine, you Bai family! Are you planning to make an enemy of the entire TCM community?"

        "Indeed, your Bai family is using us as a sword, trying to use the pressure of public opinion to bring down the New Bai Clan and snatch that formula!"

        "To even laugh so coldly at your own granddaughter, the Bai family is truly heartless and cold-blooded!"

        Everyone in the Bai family was panicked and in complete despair in the face of the insults.

        How could this be?

        Just now, it was clear that they had the upper hand!

        Originally, they all thought that they, the Bai Family, could get Lin Fan Bai Yi killed and snatch back Bai's Medicine, as well as keep the formula for themselves.

        But now, to their surprise, they were overjoyed!

        They had never dreamed that the divine Doctor Lin, who was invisible to the gods, was really here!

        And the recipe in Lin Fan's hand was actually given by the divine Doctor Lin as well?

        This, this was incredible!

        The Bai family, once again, had been defeated!

        Hearing those reporters' angry tirades, they all knew how these reporters would report on them when they returned.

        From now on!

        From now on, the Bai family was like a rat in Jiangcheng City, and this was indeed what Lin Fan had said, that the Bai family's future would be ten times more miserable than now!

        It was over!

        The Bai family was completely finished!


        At this instant, Elder Bai also laughed insanely loudly, shaking his head one after another.

        "White Family, the heart of a thief never dies, it deserves what it gets!"