Today I Give Up Trying 1375-1376

 Chapter 1375

Hearing these words, Lin Fan sneered and stared straight at Li Kaoran: "You really want to humiliate yourself?

        "Do you really want to humiliate yourself?"


        Li Kaoran was instantly on fire and angrily rebuked.

        "Whether I'm making a fool of myself or whether Divine Doctor Lin is less skilled than others, we still don't know yet?"

        "If I find out that that divine Doctor Lin is a fake, I guarantee that your New White Clan will end up extremely miserable!"

        The words were already dense with threats!

        "Good! Then I'll take you to see Divine Doctor Lin!"

        Lin Fan smiled faintly before leading the way directly in front.

        Li Kaoran's face sank as he also followed Lin Fan's footsteps.


        As soon as they left on their front feet, everyone coefficiently laughed coldly and cast an unkind smile at Bai Yi.

        "Bai Yi, don't struggle to die, no matter what tricks you play, you will only die."

        "When Miss Li returns, you'll be waiting to be transferred to the authorities and sent to jail!"

        A voice of ridicule kept ringing out!

        Causing Bai Yi, at this moment, to despair to the extreme!

        "It's me you're targeting, please let Lin Fan go!"

        Immediately after, she was crying and begging to them, she already knew she was finished, but she didn't want to drag Lin Fan down with her.

        At these words!

        Elder Bai then smiled wistfully.

        "Yes, as long as you hand over the patent for that formula, I can consider sparing Lin Fan's life!"

        As long as the patent was in hand, it was only a matter of his words whether he would let Lin Fan go or not?


        Bai Yi knew that the other party might be lying to her, but she still nodded her head in tears.

        "Fine, I'll give you the patent, I'll give you everything, I just beg you to spare Lin Fan's life!"

        At this time!

        She was so utterly desperate that she actually wanted to keep Lin Fan despite everything.

        "Hahahaha, Bai Yi, you have your day too?"

        Bai Yifan also laughed sorrowfully:.

        "Knowing the times, very good! Someone, prepare the contract!"

        In no time at all!

        A copy of the contract was brought up and placed in front of Bai Yi.

        Seeing this, Bai Yi only felt a chill in her heart, so Master Bai had already prepared everything.

        He was just waiting for this moment to force her to give in!

        And at that moment!

        Bai Yi then trembled as she picked up the pen, before signing her name on those contracts and having her fingerprints printed on them.

        "This way, Bai's Medicine, is back in the hands of my Bai family!"

        Elder Bai looked at those contracts and burst out laughing wildly.

        Not only was it Bai's Medicine, but even the formula patents, too, had come into their hands.

        In this way, they would no longer have to be subject to the Lin Fan duo!

        At this moment!

        Bai Yi then looked at Elder Bai and the others with a pleading face.

        "Grandpa, now can you promise me to let Lin Fan go?"


        Elder Bai, however, smiled sinisterly.

        "Hold your horses! Now, as long as you admit in front of all the reporters that you stole our Bai family's industry and formula, I will promise to let Lin Fan go!"


        Bai Yi immediately looked at Elder Bai in dismay.

        This, was pushing her to the brink of extinction!


        She then let out a bitter laugh before crying and shouting.

        "I was the one who robbed the Bai family's property, and I was also the one who created the fake medicine to harm people, I did everything, it has nothing to do with Lin Fan, please let Lin Fan go!"


        When they got the answer they wanted, the Bai family burst into wild laughter!

        It was over!

        Bai Yi was completely finished!

        After hearing these words, all of the Bai family members turned to Bai Yi in unison and cast a look of death at him!

        "Bai Yi, you've admitted it yourself, why don't you die this time?"

        "That stupid bastard! How dare you really think we'll let Lin Fan go, what a fantasy! I tell you, you two are destined to be a pair of deadly lovebirds!"

        Bai Yifan laughed wildly, as if Lin Fan and Bai Yi were already dead people in his eyes.

        "You've clearly promised me, and you're not even talking?"

        Bai Yi was completely dumbfounded, she hadn't expected these these people to be so shameless and cold-blooded.

        She had clearly ended up in such a miserable state and they had gotten what they wanted, yet they were still cold-blooded and heartless, unwilling to let Lin Fan go?

        A thick, fierce smile hung at the corners of Elder Bai's mouth.

        "You two have lost your conscience, tarnished the reputation of our Bai family, and even got someone killed, how can our Bai family possibly spare you lightly?"

        "You two, wait until you've served your time in jail!"

Chapter 1376

And at that moment!

        It was then that Lin Fan took Li Kaoran and walked to another room.

        "Where is Divine Doctor Lin?"

        Li Kaoran asked impatiently at once, this room was empty, there was no one in it.

        This guy, was he lying to himself?

        Lin Fan smiled faintly and said in a shocking manner.

        "I am Divine Doctor Lin!"


        Li Kaoran's expression changed wildly, a shocked look immediately surfaced on her pretty face as she looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.

        What had she just heard?

        Lin Fan, was the Divine Doctor Lin?


        Very quickly, a thick sneer surfaced on her face as she looked at Lin Fan with contempt.

        "Do you really think I'm an idiot? Lin Fan, I've heard of you, a white boy who lives off women, how can a punk like you be Divine Doctor Lin?"

        "Sure enough, you're lying to me and trying to stall for time! I will now contact the Chinese medicine community and together we will severely punish your New White Clan!"

        With that said!

        She then took out her mobile phone, intending to make a call.

        And after Lin Fan swept a faint glance at her, he directly took out his phone and dialed Ye Shihao's number:.

        "Let them in!"

        It didn't take long for a group of people to carry a stretcher and walk in from outside.

        And the moment they saw Lin Fan, they were crying out to their mothers and kneeling down towards Lin Fan.

        Kowtowing frantically!

        In unison, they pleaded to each other, saying.

        "Divine Doctor Lin, please, please save my grandfather!"


        On the side, Li Huaran, who heard these words, was suddenly struck by lightning and his mind went blank.

        Lin... Divine Doctor Lin?

        Is it really Dr. Lin?


        Li Kaoran's eyes were filled with anxiety and fear, and his finger was shivering as he pointed at Lin Fan: "You...

        "You... You're really Dr. Lin?"

        She was completely confused!

        This guy, wasn't he that useless son-in-law of the Bai family?

        How did he become the Divine Doctor Lin?

        One was the most dazzling star in the Chinese medicine world, while the other was the most humble dust in the world.

        These two, how could they be the same person?

        Immediately, a dense dismay surfaced on Li Kaoran's face.

        In an instant, she understood everything!

        No wonder Lin Fan was so confident that he dared to let Divine Doctor Lin come out for a sighting, and even dared to bet against himself, so he was Divine Doctor Lin!

        But Lin Fan didn't care about her reaction, pointing at the half-dead Long Jiu on the stretcher, he said to Li Huoran.

        "Whoever can cure him will win, how about that?"


        Li Kaoran took one look and then burst into a rage, saying.

        "Are you playing with me? This man is clearly brain dead! How can he be saved?"

        Based on her years of experience in the practice of medicine, she could tell at a glance that Long Jiu was terminally ill and could not be saved by the gods.

        Without a medical miracle, it would have been impossible for him to wake up!

        "Is that so?"

        Lin Fan smiled faintly and said.

        "Then if I save him, you'll have to admit in front of everyone that you lost and help hide my identity, plus..."

        "You'll also have to go to my Ivan's Central and Western Hospital and sweep the floor for a month!"


        Upon hearing this, Li Huoran immediately jumped out like a thunderstorm, asking her, the disciple of a divine doctor, to sweep the floor of the hospital?

        Is this an insult to her?

        Immediately, Li Kaoran snorted and said angrily.

        "Lin Fan, not to mention you, even if my master were here, he wouldn't be able to save him! I don't believe that your medical skills are superior to my master's!"

        "Unknowing thing, if you lose, I want you to kneel in front of everyone and tell them that you're no better than a dog in my master's eyes!"

        Seeing this!

        Lin Fan was completely frozen, this woman was really ruthless!

        "Fine, I promise you!"

        Lin Fan nodded indifferently before taking out his silver needles and walking towards Long Jiu.


        Li Kaoran, however, smiled disdainfully and looked towards Long Jiu's family members.

        "Do you really intend to let him mess around? The old man has died badly enough, and he still has to be destroyed, how can you bear it in your hearts?"

        She thought that her words could make Long Jiu's family members feel the same way.

        But how could she know that, upon hearing these words, all the people of the Long family were utterly furious and roared madly: "Shut up!

        "Shut up! Who are you to insult Divine Doctor Lin?"