Today I Give Up Trying 1373-1374

 Chapter 1373

We think?

        I think, for fuck's sake!

        At this moment, do we dare to think?

        The divine Doctor Lin is an existence that even the official newspapers in the capital have praised, so they dare to report it indiscriminately?

        If they dared to say that Dr. Lin was a quack, wouldn't that be a slap in the face of the official Chinese government?

        If Lin Fan asked this, he was trying to kill them!

        The whole room!

        There was dead silence!

        Everyone felt like they were being choked, not daring to say a single word.

        At this moment!

        Even Bai Yi was completely dumbfounded, looking at Lin Fan with an expression of disbelief.

        She had never imagined that her man would be so resourceful, that a few simple words would completely dismantle the Bai family's conspiracy!

        Was this, still Lin Fan?

        Seeing that the situation was getting out of hand, Elder Bai knew he had to stand up for himself and immediately snorted coldly.

        "Do you say it is? What evidence do you have to say that this formula was given by Divine Doctor Lin?"

        Bai Yifan also snapped to attention and hurriedly said.

        "Right, right, words have no proof, show us the evidence!"

        Those reporters were once again staring at Lin Fan, if the New Bai's wanted to clear their name, not just a few words would suffice.

        Lin Fan had to show some evidence, otherwise they still wouldn't be able to get away with the charge of manufacturing fake drugs.

        Bai Yi also looked at Lin Fan nervously, also hoping that Lin Fan could produce strong evidence.

        It was a pity, but Lin Fan shook his head.

        "Sorry, I don't have any evidence!"


        As soon as they heard this, everyone's faces suddenly turned gloomy.

        No evidence?

        Wasn't that just farting?


        And it was at this moment that Bai Yifan burst into wild laughter.

        "I knew you punk had no evidence, Lin Fan, I have to say that I'm really impressed by your acting skills!"

        "Trying to clear your name just by moving your mouth, do you think you're the divine doctor Lin? Oh yes, you said that the prescription was given to you by Divine Doctor Lin, so let Divine Doctor Lin come out and explain to everyone?"

        Bai Yifan was laughing from ear to ear, in his eyes Lin Fan was a big joke.

        It wasn't just him!

        All the people in the room also revealed a smattering of ridicule, looking at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a fool.

        "I don't think this was said by Divine Doctor Lin, but by you, right?"

        "Don't think that just because Divine Doctor Lin has worked with your New White Clan, that he can be involved in everything, an existence like him is something that your little New White Clan can climb high on? Don't dream!"

        "How dare you use Dr. Lin as an example, how shameless! This couple, one is better at sophistry than the other!"

        Instantly, the jeers and insults around them were like a tidal wave, wantonly drowning the two Lin Fan.

        Bai Yi's face turned pale and she laughed bitterly.

        Sure enough, Lin Fan had no evidence, she had actually expected this from the start.


        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth next, however, curled up in a playful arc: "Good.

        "Good, then as you wish!"


        As soon as he heard those words, the sneers were once again forced to be contained!

        As we wish?

        What does that mean?

        Hearing these words, Elder Bai's face sank, and he cried out as if he had seen a ghost.

        "Impossible! This is impossible! You, you must be lying!"

        His old body trembled incessantly.

        If it wasn't for someone holding him up, he would have fallen to the ground in shock.


        Everyone looked at Elder Bai in disbelief, wondering what Elder Bai had discovered that he was so panicked?

        And just then!

        A shocking scene arrived!

        Lin Fan smiled faintly and said loudly.

        "Then let Divine Doctor Lin, come and explain it to you!"

Chapter 1374


        When Lin Fan's words fell!

        The sneer on Elder Bai's face, as well as the faces of the people around him, froze completely!

        One by one, as if they had seen a ghost, they looked at Lin Fan in disbelief, unable to believe their ears.


        The divine Doctor Lin was even here?

        What a joke!

        How could he possibly show his face for a mere Bai family when he had ignored several invitations from the capital?

        Lin Fan was simply crazy!

        At that moment, all of them had disdainful faces, not believing Lin Fan's words at all, only feeling that Lin Fan was talking nonsense.

        It wasn't just them!

        Even Bai Yi was confused!

        Divine Doctor Lin was here? How could this be possible, even she had never met God Doctor Lin, and Lin Fan, a home-cooked man, could be connected to God Doctor Lin?

        She too thought Lin Fan was talking nonsense!


        Bai Yifan also completely reacted, and then he burst into laughter, his face flushed with a thick sneer.

        "I almost let you fool me, you punk... You can call in the divine doctor Lin? I don't even think your wife has the ability to do that!"


        Fabricating lies?

        You think you can fool me?

        Only, Lin Fan shrugged indifferently and laughed, saying.

        "Nowadays, Divine Doctor Lin, who is treating an important patient right at the back, can come out to meet you anytime!"


        Upon hearing these words, the pupils of the crowd suddenly shrank fiercely, and an incredible expression surfaced on their faces.

        They were already completely shocked!

        This guy, he wasn't lying?

        Divine Doctor Lin was actually here?

        And visible at all times?


        At that moment, everyone swallowed hard, wondering if they were dreaming.

        That meant that today, they would be able to meet the mysterious Divine Doctor Lin?

        Thinking of this, there wasn't a single person present who wasn't excited!

        If this were to be reported, it would definitely be a big news story that would rock the nation!

        Even the Bai family and the others were disturbed to the core after hearing this.

        Could it be that Divine Doctor Lin was really planning to save Bai Yi?

        This bitch, really had such tricks up her sleeve that she had even hooked up with Divine Doctor Lin?

        If that was the case!

        Their Bai family would really be finished!


        At that moment, Li Huaran snorted coldly.

        "Divine Doctor Lin is here? Then I'd like to see how much he has, take me to see him!"

        Even her master had praised that divine doctor Lin and was ashamed of himself.

        But Li Kaoran never believed it, in her eyes her master was the number one divine doctor in China, how could he possibly lose to that mysterious Lin divine doctor?

        In her opinion, Dr. Lin was just over-mythologised and was actually no match for her master.

        Today, was the best chance to prove it!


        Hearing Li Kaoran's hostile words, the crowd was all shocked.

        Li Kaoran, was planning to challenge Divine Doctor Lin?

        This, too, left Lin Fan stunned!

        Immediately, he smiled and asked.

        "You, want to challenge Divine Doctor Lin?"

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Li Kaoran said in a tit-for-tat manner.

        "That's right! There are rumours in the world that the Divine Doctor Lin has great abilities, but I, Li Kaoran, don't believe them, so let's fight today!"

        "What, you don't dare? Or is the divine doctor you call Lin simply an impostor, afraid of being recognized if you lose a match with me?"

        As soon as they heard those words!

        The faces of all the people were shocked!

        At that moment, they looked at Lin Fan suspiciously, and it occurred to them that the divine Doctor Lin was most likely a fake.

        They all thought that it was likely that Lin Fan was a fake, that he was using it to trick them!

        Only after Li Kaoran had tried it would he know whether it was real or not!

        "Hahahaha, right! Winning over Miss Li will only show that Divine Doctor Lin is real, otherwise that's a fake!"

        Elder Bai also laughed coldly and looked at Lin Fan sorrowfully:.

        "Dog, I don't believe that you can really invite Divine Doctor Lin!"

        "It's useless for you to try to stall for time! You and your wife are destined to lose your reputation today!"