Today I Give Up Trying 1371-1372

 Chapter 1371

Li Kaoran walked slowly, her expression indifferent, and her body even had a coldness that rejected people, just like an iceberg beauty!


        All of them looked respectfully at Li Kaoran and addressed her as Miss Li!

        At the age of twelve, she was able to treat all kinds of difficult and complicated diseases independently, and at the age of eighteen, she became the dean of a medical school.

        She was by far the youngest famous doctor in the Chinese medical field!

        More than ten times better than the young Medicine Elder!

        "Miss Li, is the new Bai's vaccine formula a fake?"

        Everyone asked nervously in pursuit.

        At these words!

        Li Kaoran then nodded her head.

        "That recipe is indeed fake, I have refined it no less than thirty times based on that recipe, and none of them have succeeded!"


        The whole room was completely abuzz!

        At that moment, everyone's face was filled with anger, even a being like Li Kaoran had refined it more than thirty times, but it was not a fake medicine?

        From this, it was clear that Bai Yi was lying!

        "Bai Yi, what else do you have to say?"

        Old Master Bai snorted coldly, looking at Bai Yi with a look of death.

        "Do you still want to say that Miss Li Kaoran is also falsely accusing you?"

        At these words!

        A thick bitterness surfaced on Bai Yi's face.

        The words spoken by the Pill Elder's disciple were the same as the Pill Elder's speech, if she said it was false, then it must be false.

        The public would only choose to believe what they wanted to believe.

        She, completely finished!

        "It seems to be a default, call the police!"

        Seeing this scene, Bai Yifan, Zhang Miao Ke, Song Yue and the others, their smiles grew thicker and thicker.

        One could only feel that [笔趣阁] that they had won!

        But at that very moment!

        A sneering remark came from the crowd, causing the smug smiles on Bai Yifan and the others' faces to completely freeze!

        "If you can't refine it, it's probably not that the recipe is faulty, but that you've learned your craft poorly!"


        As soon as those words were uttered, all the voices in the room felt as if they had been cut off alive, and there was complete dead silence!

        Swish, swish, swish!

        Astonished and shocked eyes looked towards the place where the voice came from, only to find that the person who spoke was Lin Fan!

        And at that moment!

        Li Kaoran's face instantly turned extremely ugly, and a trace of shame and anger appeared in his eyes.

        "Lin Fan, you dare to slander Miss Li Kaoran!"

        Bai Yifan angrily rebuked, but in his heart, he sneered, "How dare you talk tough when you're on the verge of death?

        What a fantasy!

        "Miss Li, she is Elder Medicine's most favoured disciple, how dare you question her medical skills? You are nothing!"

        "That's right, a son-in-law who doesn't even know who Miss Li Kaoran is, how dare you talk nonsense!"

        "This is a dog jumping to the wall, isn't it? After this pair of dogs were exposed, they've started to stir up nonsense!"

        It wasn't just Bai Yifan!

        All the people in the audience looked at Lin Fan with contempt and ridicule, subconsciously thinking that Lin Fan was being sophomoric.

        After all, Li Kaoran was Elder Medicine's most prized genius and was known as a genius divine doctor, even Elder Medicine said that Li Kaoran was better than blue.

        But how could Lin Fan say that she had not learnt her art well?

        What a joke!

        At this moment!

        Even Li Kaoran gave a cold snort and said angrily.

        "You produce fake medicines to harm people, not to mention that you are now unrepentant and throwing dirty water on me, you New Bai's are truly heartless!"

        "As a result of your slander against me, I will unite the entire pharmaceutical industry to sue your New White Clan, and I will sweep away the scum of your industry!"


        These words immediately caused an uproar!

        Because they knew that Li Kaoran did have the ability to order the entire pharmaceutical industry to join together to deal with the New Bai Clan.

        Old Master Bai and the others were simply about to go crazy with joy.

        This idiot Lin Fan, this was a disaster that would come out of his mouth.


        At that very moment, Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders without a care in the world, and then his next words completely shook the whole room!

        "These are not my words, but those of Divine Doctor Lin!"

Chapter 1372

Lin... The Divine Doctor Lin?


        Hearing these words, all of them felt like their brains were about to explode.

        Drops of cold sweat continued to slide down from their foreheads!

        Divine Doctor Lin?

        How could this matter involve Dr. Lin again?

        As a Chinese, it was impossible not to know about that national hero who had defeated Western medicine and revitalised Chinese medicine some time ago, and who was hailed as the future of Chinese medicine!

        He came out of nowhere and became an immediate sensation throughout the country!

        A household name!

        All the major Chinese medicine practitioners were worshipping him!

        At this time, all those reporters lost their voices and no longer dared to speak indiscriminately.

        Once they offended him, they would be offending the entire Chinese medicine practitioners.

        What's more, apart from Chinese medicine practitioners, many young people now regarded him as their idol, and a conservative estimate was that he had to have tens of millions of fans.

        Even Li Kaoran could not help but have a gloomy face.

        This was because her master, Elder Medicine, had also said that he was ashamed of himself when compared to Divine Doctor Lin!

        The future of Chinese medicine in China still had to rely on Divine Doctor Lin!

        When Bai Yifan and the others heard these words, they also had a sudden bad feeling in their hearts.

        Could it be that even that Divine Doctor Lin was going to stand up to protect Bai Yi?

        This couldn't be!

        The current Bai Yi was a stinking piece of shit that all walks of life could barely avoid, so how could anyone, of their own accord, pick it up?

        Lin Fan, he must be lying!

        Right away!

        Bai Yifan then grimaced and angrily rebuked, saying.

        "Lin Fan, you dare to falsely pass on the words of Divine Doctor Lin? Divine Doctor Lin and Miss Li don't even know each other, how does he know that Miss Li is incompetent in her art?"

        Instantly, everyone cast a questioning glance at Lin Fan, obviously finding it unlikely as well.


        Lin Fan, however, did not care at all about the crowd's doubts, and smiled lightly as he said.

        "If it were you, and someone questioned that the recipe you created with your own hands was a fake, would you question her for not learning the art well?"


        Everyone just felt that the sky was about to fall!

        Every word Lin Fan spoke was like a booming thunderbolt that exploded wildly in the minds of the crowd!


        Everyone was trembling madly at this instant, as if they had a cold disease.

        The eyes that looked towards Lin Fan were filled with a dense shock, clearly unable to believe their ears.

        "Are you saying that the formula for that new type of pneumonia was given by God Doctor Lin?"

        Those reporters, with panicked faces, looked at Lin Fan, their hearts shocked to the core.

        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth curled up and he nodded, saying.


        The whole room was completely dead silent!

        Each and every one of the journalists' faces were dense with dismay!

        If it was the formula given by Divine Doctor Lin, then how could it be fake?

        At that moment!

        Those reporters took a glance at their transcripts before panicking and tearing them into pieces.

        You can't write nonsense!

        Absolutely not to write nonsense!

        If they were not careful, it would bring about the destruction of their newspaper!

        And at that moment!

        Bai Yifan was simply going crazy, not expecting that it was Lin Fan who had jumped out to stir things up again and had the audacity to compel the journalists present.

        At that moment, he roared.

        "Impossible! That recipe, you clearly said that you got it by chance, how could it have been given by Divine Doctor Lin?"


        Upon hearing this, everyone all looked at Bai Yifan with an unbelievable look.

        What had they heard?

        A recipe that Lin Fan had gotten by chance?

        And Lin Fan sneered.

        "Didn't your Bai family say that the recipe was yours? How come it's something I got by chance?"


        In an instant , Bai Yifan's face suddenly turned white as he snapped awake to the fact that he had said the wrong thing.

        Damn it!

        He had actually lost his tongue out of anger!

        "Stupid bastard, you stupid bastard!"

        Elder Bai instantly slapped a fierce slap on Bai Yifan's face, that was a cry of anger.

        With this, wasn't it like his Bai family was lying?

        What an idiot!

        All the journalists were instantly annoyed and furious, they understood everything, this was the Bai family playing them like a monkey!

        They wanted to use their pen knives to kill the new Bai family!

        Even Zhang Miao Ke and Song Yue were gnashing their teeth, the Wang family should never have approached the Bai family for cooperation in the first place, this family was simply brainless.

        "Gentlemen, I guess it's hard to say who's lying now, isn't it?"

        Lin Fan said with a wry smile.

        "But one thing is for sure, if this formula is fake, then God Doctor Lin, too, is a quack!"

        "What do you guys think?"



        At that moment, each and every one of the reporters fell to the ground in fear, looking like their parents had died.