Today I Give Up Trying 137-138

 Chapter 137

Ding ding ding ding!

        This phone ringing, ringing abruptly, instantly made the crowd stunned.

        Immediately, Li Zhenghui picked up the phone and looked at it, and couldn't help but smile.

        "It's our chairman!"


        Hearing these three words, the crowd around them all felt refreshed.

        They naturally knew that the chairman of the Tianlong Group was the famous Xu Tianlong, one of the top leaders of Jiang City.

        At this moment, everyone almost didn't have to think about it, they knew that Xu Tianlong was calling to congratulate Li Zhenghui on his 50th birthday.


        Li Zhenghui took a deep breath, and then picked up the phone, and then heard Xu Tianlong's kind and gentle voice.

        "Hahahaha ...... Zhenghui ah, congratulations!"


        Hearing this enthusiastic voice, Li Zhenghui could not help but smile.

        Xu Tianlong's fame was so great that even he, the second-in-command, had been trembling with fear and caution in front of Xu Tianlong.

        It was definitely the first time that Xu Tianlong spoke to him so kindly and gently.

        "Mr. Xu, you're too polite, it's just a birthday, but you're still surprised to call me personally, I'm really flattered."

        Li Zhenghui's face was a little red with excitement at this moment.


        Xu Tianlong, who was on the phone, said in a profound voice.

        "Zhenghui, what I want to congratulate you on is not a birthday!"


        Li Zhenghui was slightly stunned.

        Today is his 50th birthday, what else can Xu Tianlong congratulate himself on if not his own birthday?

        "Mr. Xu, I don't quite understand what you're saying, huh?" Li Zhenghui asked, confused.

        The voice of Xu Tianlong, who was on the phone, became even more complex and meaningful.

        "Zhenghui, didn't you have a mysterious special guest for your birthday today? That special guest is going to give you a promotion and a raise, and even make you soar!

        Xu Tianlong's voice was filled with envy.

        After all, that mysterious guest, he, Xu Tianlong, was not even qualified to meet him.

        But the other party attended Li Zhenghui's birthday banquet, which was definitely a blessing that Li Zhenghui had cultivated in his eight lifetimes.

        A mysterious special guest?

        Let yourself soar?

        When Li Zhenghui heard this, he was even more confused.

        If there is a special, naturally, it is Lin Fan and Bai Shan.

        Thinking of this, Li Zhenghui thought Xu Tianlong was joking with himself, and said with a smile.

        "Mr. Xu, don't joke about it! There are special people today, but two particular idiots are here!"

        "These two men, who were purely here to cause trouble, were just chased away by me!"


        Xu Tianlong, who was on the phone, was silent for a moment, and then his voice trembled slightly and said.

        "What's going on?"

        Li Zhenghui didn't even notice Xu Tianlong's voice, something was wrong.

        On the contrary, he said with an arrogant face.

        "Mr. Xu, you don't know, just now Bai Shan from the Bai Group and his wasteful son-in-law came, and as a result, his wasteful son-in-law had the audacity to threaten me!"

        "It's not just me, he even threatened us at the Dragon Group! What do you mean, if I don't finish today, within three days, Tian Long Group will be finished? Hahaha ......"

        "This guy, obviously a son-in-law at the door, but his breath is even worse than his feet!"


        When Li Zhenghui said this, the voice inside the phone disappeared completely.

        Everything became dead silent.

        "Mr. Xu, Mr. Xu!" Li Zhenghui's heart thudded.

        He had an inkling that something was wrong.

        Not only that!

        Li Zhenghui actually heard a sharp gasp from the phone, as if Xu Tianlong, on the other side of the phone, was dying to suppress his anger.

Chapter 138

What's going on here at ......?

        Li Zhenghui completely panicked.

        "Mr. Xu, what happened? Say something!" At this moment, Li Zhenghui's face was white with fear.

        And after a long time!

        The breathless voice on the other side of the phone slowly calmed down, and then came Xu Tianlong's chillingly cold voice.

        "Li Zhenghui! You've caused trouble, not only for your Li family, but also for my Tianlong Group!"


        These words caused Li Zhenghui's body to tremble.

        He could clearly sense the fear in Xu Tianlong's voice on the other side of the phone.

        It was as if he, himself, had made an unforgivable misfortune.

        "Mr. Xu, no ...... won't it? I, I didn't do anything! I just chased away two idiots!" Li Zhenghui was almost scared to tears.

        Just the words he spoke!

        His eyes suddenly opened round.

        In his mind, the words of Lin Fan before he left unconsciously surfaced.

        If you, Li Zhenghui, are not finished today, then the Tianlong Group will be finished within three days!

        No ...... not possible!

        Li Zhenghui shuddered, and a look like he had seen a ghost appeared on his face.

        "How is it? Do you understand now?"

        Xu Tianlong's cold, bone-chilling voice continued to come from the microphone.

        "Exactly! That loser son-in-law, that idiot you chased away, that raving idiot, is that mysterious and special guest!"

        "He's our biggest boss at Universal!"


        It was as if one sentence drained all the strength from Li Zhenghui's body, causing him to fall on his buttocks in front of the stunned crowd.

        Not only that!

        Lin Guangyao and the others were shocked to see a trace of urine flowing out from Li Zhenghui's crotch.

        Scared ...... of peeing?

        Lin Guangyao and the others beside him were all dumbfounded.

        They had seen with their own eyes that when he first answered the phone, Li Zhenghui was so proud of himself, and then, as if in shock, he began to look pale and panicked!

        And now!

        You were so scared that you fell to the floor and peed on ......?

        What's going on?

        Lin Guangyao and the others had no idea what was going on. What kind of person, what kind of thing, could scare the second-in-command of the Heavenly Dragon Group into peeing his pants.

        This is simply unbelievable.

        At this moment, Li Zhenghui forgot about everything around him.

        He said to the phone with a pale face.

        "Mr. Xu ...... Xu, you are not kidding, right? How could it be a BOSS?"


        Li Zhenghui feels that his worldview has been turned upside down.

        Lin Fan, who was ridiculed for three years in the Bai family, how could he suddenly become a global boss?

        This fucking ......


        Xu Tianlong's voice, once again, came out.

        "Who the hell do you think the China Forest Seat is? Who the hell do you think Global Boss is? Who the hell do you think the infamous Doctor Lin is?"

        "It's all him! Our Biggest Boss!"

        "You had the opportunity to follow the BOSS and become the envy of millions of international barons around the world! Unfortunately, you're screwed!"


        The impact of this sentence was absolutely fatal to Li Zhenghui.

        He only felt that his own nerves were in disarray.

        Huaxia Lin Zhai!

        Global Boss!

        Dr. Lin!

        It's a fucking person, and it's a person who is laughing at himself!

        How did this happen!

        Li Zhenghui's nerves were instantly hit, and his eyes turned from frightened to confused, and then from confusion to dumbfounded.

        After that, the corner of his mouth slightly twitched, and a hint of a foolish smile actually appeared.

        "Hahaha ......BOSS came to see me, I saw BOSS and missed my chance!"

        "Hahahaha ...... I'm finished, Li Zhenghui is finished ......hahahaha ......"

        At this moment, Li Zhenghui went completely insane.

        He was laughing and rolling all over the floor, as if his spirit had received a serious stimulus and had completely fallen into a mad state.

        Not even Xu Tianlong's sighs on the phone were heard.

        "Li Zhenghui, you are fired from the Tianlong Group and will never be hired!"

        Hang up the phone!

        Man has gone mad!