Today I Give Up Trying 1369-1370

 Chapter 1369

She never thought that Zhang Miao Ke had betrayed her, yet she didn't even feel the slightest bit of guilt.

        She acted as if she deserved it!

        She treated her as her sister, but she had never treated herself as her sister!

        Thinking of this, Bai Yi was suddenly filled with bitterness, and her delicate body couldn't help but shake a little.

        At that moment!

        Lin Fan hurriedly held the shaking Bai Yi, his face instantly turned gloomy as he stared coldly at Zhang Miao Ke: "How much did you take from the Wang family?

        "How much money did you take from the Wang family!"


        Zhang Miao Ke's face changed drastically, she had indeed taken a hundred million from the Wang family, which was why she had decided to betray Bai Yi.

        But how did Lin Fan know?


        Immediately after, Zhang Miao Ke laughed coldly and looked at Lin Fan with a contemptuous look.

        "What are you talking about, I don't know anything about the Wang family! Not to mention that I didn't take their money!"

        So what if Lin Fan knew?

        As long as he had no evidence, he couldn't do anything to himself!

        As long as she bit the bullet that Bai Yi was selling fake medicine, then it wouldn't be long before she could get away with the 100 million that the Wang family had given her for the rest of her life.

        Seeing this!

        Lin Fan shook his head and completely lost his patience:.

        "I'll give you one more chance for the sake of your youthful ignorance, as long as you return Bai Yi's innocence, I guarantee that I'll give you double the amount the Wang family gave you!"

        This was the last chance Lin Fan gave Zhang Miao Ke!


        Zhang Miao Ke, who heard these words, had a disdainful expression :

        "How much money can you have for such a loser? Are you fooling the devil?"

        "You two don't have to waste your efforts, you'll be charged with selling fake medicine, wait until you're behind bars!"


        Lin Fan also sighed.

        "Bai Yi sponsored your studies, and this is how you repay her? Well, since you don't know how to behave, you'll have to pay us back for the losses you've caused us..."

        "Repay a hundred times!"

        However, just then!

        "Lin Fan, may I assume that you are intimidating my client?"

        Song Yue, who had a fierce smile on his face, then came through the door and came to Zhang Miao Ke's side:

        "Miss Zhang, is he threatening you?"

        Seeing Song Yue arrive, Zhang Miao Ke's face grew more and more smug as she said with resentment.

        "Not bad, Mr. Song, when today's press conference is over, I'm going to sue him!"

        As soon as she heard that!

        Song Yue instantly laughed out loud.

        "Good, please don't worry, Miss Zhang, I'll make sure he'll be in jail by then!"

        The faces of both of them were filled with a strong sense of triumph!

        It was as if Lin Fan was already a fish on their pallet, at their mercy.


        Lin Fan's expression, however, remained indifferent as he smiled and said.

        "Then what are you waiting for, let the good show begin!"

        After saying that!

        He then directly pushed open the doors of the venue, pulling Bai Yi in with him and striding in!

        Seeing this!

        Zhang Miao Ke and Song Yue were stunned for a moment, but then they both laughed coldly one after another.

        This trash, can't wait to find death already?

        "President Bai is here!"

        All the reporters there, at once, aimed their cameras at Bai Yi.

        "President Bai, what is your response to the matter of your new Bai's producing fake drugs that caused people to die?"

        "President Bai, even your relatives and secretary have come forward to identify you, what do you think about this?"

        "Is the New Bai's really producing fake drugs to make a fortune in national disasters, as they say?"

        When she heard the aggressive questioning, Bai Yi felt a cold chill run through her body.

        Immediately afterwards, she said angrily.

        "These are all malicious accusations, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the vaccines produced by our new Bai Clan!"

        But as soon as Bai Yi's words left her mouth, the Bai family members who couldn't wait to get Bai Yi killed, came forward!

        "Bai Yi, I didn't expect you to be unrepentant even after all this, I'm very disappointed in you!"


        These words, revealed to be too sensational, caused the reporters present to look at each other in unison!

        Surprisingly, they found that the person who spoke was actually Old Master Bai!

        And seeing Old Master Bai, Bai Yi's heart was fiercely filled with a sense of foreboding.

        She knew that the Bai family was about to start making bad moves!

        Sure enough!

        Elder Bai then put on an angry face and angrily rebuked.

        "Bai Yi, when you used illegal means to snatch Bai's Medicine and the vaccine formula from us, I thought you would benefit society, but I didn't expect you to produce fake medicine!"

        "You simply lost your conscience, my Bai family is ashamed to have a granddaughter like you!"

Chapter 1370


        The moment those words fell, the whole room was in complete uproar!

        Everyone in the audience did not believe their ears?

        The vaccine formula was actually taken away from the Bai family by Bai Yi?


        This was too much, wasn't it?

        At that moment!

        All eyes were fixed on Elder Bai, followed by the long guns and short cannons aimed at him.

        "Master Bai, do you mean to say that the new Bai Clan today was snatched from you by the president?"

        Seeing this scene, a sinister glint appeared at the bottom of Elder Bai's eyes before he nodded faintly.


        Seeing Elder Bai's admission, the whole room completely exploded.

        It was true!

        This was actually true!

        Even if Bai Yi had produced fake medicines to victimise the people, how dare he even spare his own grandfather?

        This was outrageous!

        At this moment, everyone's gaze towards Bai Yi had completely changed.

        They were filled with contempt and disgust, as they saw Bai Yi as a beast, a scum of the earth!

        And at that moment!

        Bai Yifan also laughed wickedly and added viciously.

        "Originally, this matter, the family scandal should not be publicized, we are not willing to bring it to the public, as long as she can produce the vaccine for the benefit of the society, it is fine for our Bai family to suffer a bit."

        "But she even produced fake medicine to harm people, then our Bai family will not tolerate it!"

        With a single sentence, the Bai family instantly became the victims, while Bai Yi was the inferior perpetrator of that pig and dog!



        A cry of insults resounded throughout the room!

        In the eyes of all the journalists, disgust and contempt surfaced, and they stared at Bai Yi angrily.

        At this moment, in their eyes, Bai Yi was a poisonous bitch like a snake and scorpion!

        Seeing this!

        Zhang Miao Ke and Song Yue both laughed gleefully, in their eyes, Lin Fan was completely finished this time.

        The rest of his life would have to be spent in jail!

        "No, it's not like that! That Bai's Medicine was given to me by them, that formula for the vaccine, was given to me by my husband!"

        Bai Yi lost her voice and cried out in pain, arguing anxiously.


        As soon as her words fell, Bai Yifan was already ready to say.

        "Gentlemen! That husband of hers is just a door-to-door son-in-law who eats soft food, how could he have developed such a precious formula? She is simply talking nonsense!"

        Once they heard this!

        All the reporters also laughed coldly, how could Bai Yi still want to lie to them?

        Who didn't know that the Bai family had a wasteful son-in-law in the entire Jiang City?

        How could this nonsense be able to produce the formula for the new pneumonia vaccine?

        It was nonsense!

        "I don't have to say anything, call the police!"

        "This kind of snake and poisonous woman won't even spare her own family, saying anything else is just sophistry, she must be severely punished!"

        "Yes, shoot her! Give justice to the victims!"

        Everyone was in an uproar!

        Seeing this, Bai Yi's face was ashen, and she only felt a chill that swept through her heart.

        This instant, complete despair!

        "I'm not sophomoric... I really didn't weasel!"

        She sat helplessly on the ground and sobbed extremely helplessly.

        "Still don't admit it? Then I'll let you, die for good!"

        Seeing Bai Yi like this, Bai Yifan was simply mad with joy and immediately said.

        "Dear journalists, in order to prove this matter, our Bai family has specially invited an expert to conduct an appraisal, next, we have Miss Li Kaoran!"


        Hearing this name, which often appeared in major newspapers, all the journalists were completely confused.

        They were all stunned and couldn't believe their ears!

        Li Kaoran!

        Wasn't that, like, Elder Pill's disciple?

        And the most outstanding disciple of all!

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        Immediately afterwards, a delicate figure emerged from the crowd, plain-faced and natural in appearance, but unable to conceal its dignified beauty.

        The moment they saw this stunning beauty, the whole crowd was in complete uproar!

        "It's really Li Kaoran!"