Today I Give Up Trying 1367-1368

 Chapter 1367

The words have just fallen!


        There was then a sound of footsteps.

        And then Lin Fan and Bai Yi, they saw a man, slowly walking out from behind Old Master Bai.

        There was an icy smile on his face, and his eyes were tinged with resentment!

        The whole person's aura was sinister to the extreme, like a poisonous snake.

        At this time, as if he had a blood feud with Lin Fan and the two of them, he stared at them both with a deadly stare.

        "Dog man and woman, it's been a long time!"

        At this instant, Bai Yi instantly lost his blossom!

        "Bai Yifan!"

        This person they had driven out of China was back?

        In her heart, she fiercely had an ominous feeling that Bai Yifan's purpose in coming back this time was only the same as Bai Yan's glance, that he had come to seek revenge on them.

        And this time, will he also bring a horrible crisis to their family, just like Bai Yan?


        Lin Fan frowned, seeing that Bai Yifan had even dared to come back couldn't help but be a little surprised, but very quickly, he laughed coldly.

        "Letting your family go, yet you are ungrateful, I shouldn't have paid attention to your pleas and spared your dog's lives in the first place."


        The moment these words were uttered, they caused Bai Yifan to go completely mad, and the hatred that was in his heart came out in a frenzy.

        "That's right! Lin Fan, you should never have let us leave alive in the first place! It's already too late for you to regret!"

        "I'm coming back today to cut you two dogs into pieces! To avenge the humiliation!"

        Speaking of this!

        As if he thought of something, Bai Yifan's expression grew more and more fierce: "Tell you what, I've already told you.

        "Let me tell you, I've already contacted Elder Medicine's personal disciple, he will arrive in Jiang City in three days and publicly point out that your vaccine is fake!"

        "You're all dead! Hahahaha!"


        Upon hearing these words, the entire audience lost their voices!

        Everyone had a shocked look on their faces!

        Pill... Medicine Master?

        Did they hear that right?

        That was the Sage of Medicine of China, and no one in the entire Chinese medical community knew about him!

        Forty years into his medical career, he had overcome countless medical hurdles, developed hundreds of life-saving remedies, and won the Lifetime Achievement Award in Chinese medicine.

        His disciples are all renowned doctors, deans of major medical schools and leaders of the pharmaceutical sector.

        In the entire Chinese medical profession, Elder Pill is an authority!

        If his disciples were to publicly point out that the New Bai's vaccine was fake, then Bai Yi's New Bai's would truly never turn over a new leaf.

        "Hahahaha! Bravo! Yi Fan, with you in my Bai family, it's like a tiger with wings, this time this pair of dogs will be completely finished!"

        "In three days' time, Lin Fan Bai Yi will lose his reputation! Great! That's great! This is what happens when you offend our Bai family!"

        All the Bai family members clapped their hands and laughed with glee as resentment flooded their eyes.

        It was as if they could already anticipate the miserable fate of Lin Fan and Bai Yi after the Pill Elder disciple issued his statement.

        It wasn't just them!

        At this time, even Bai Yi's face was fiercely white!

        How... How could this happen!

        Bai Yifan had actually invited Pill Elder's personal disciple and was planning to throw dirty water on them, so they would really be unable to return this time.

        That desperate emotion was raging in her heart at this very moment!

        It caused her to panic to the extreme!


        Lin Fan laughed and shook his head before a cold aura fiercely exploded in his eyes, glaring angrily at Bai Yifan and the others.

        "As you wish!"

        "In three days, at the New Bai's press conference, only one of the Bai family and the New Bai can remain!"


        Hearing these words, the faces of all the Bai family members instantly turned ugly to the extreme.

        How dare he threaten?

        This scumbag, he really deserved to die!

        However, Lin Fan no longer paid attention to the Bai family members, picked up Bai Yi and left directly towards the outside of the Bai family.

        At this moment, for some reason, a feeling of unease suddenly surfaced in Elder Bai's heart, and his face turned gloomy to the extreme.

        "Yifan, are you sure that everything is foolproof this time?"

        It seemed!

        Every time when they, the Bai family, had thought they had a victory in hand, Lin Fan had been able to deal them a sinking blow.

        And every time, they had treated Lin Fan's warning as a joke, resulting in a tragic disaster, and he was afraid that this time would be the same.


        On the side, Bai Yifan had a disdainful look on his face and confidently said.

        "Don't worry grandpa, I have all the arrangements in place!"

        "As soon as Pill Elder's disciples arrive, I guarantee that Lin Fan and Bai Yi, shall not be allowed to die!"

Chapter 1368

And at that moment!

        Lin Fan then sent Bai Yi back home, but suddenly received a call from Ye Shihao:.

        "King, the matter has been checked out, the Lin family is leading it and the Wang family is executing it on their behalf, once the Queen sits on the scolding of selling fake drugs, then the Lin family will do whatever it takes to put her in jail!"

        Upon hearing these words, Lin Fan's face was completely gloomy: "I understand!

        "I know!"

        At that time, he was only afraid that he would have to solve the problem by force.


        Just as Lin Fan was about to hang up the phone, Ye Shihao said.

        "Right, Wang, Long Jiu has been dismissed because he offended you, so he has fainted from a cerebral hemorrhage, and the doctor said he might not last much longer than this week."

        "His family found me, hoping that I could refer them to Dr. Lin, do you think..."

        Long Jiu?

        Lin Fan was visibly stunned, but it was as if he thought of something and said, "Heaven help me.

        "Tell them to come to the launch of the new Bai's in three days' time, and I will be there to treat Long Jiu then!"

        When she hung up the phone, Bai Yi immediately looked at Lin Fan in shock:.

        "Husband, what are you babbling about? You don't know anything about medicine, how can you help people heal?"

        At those words!

        Lin Fan smiled faintly.

        "I don't know the art of healing, but someone else does! And that person, will help me, the New White Clan, get through this!"


        Upon hearing those words!

        Bai Yi was completely shocked!

        He could help the New White Clan get through this crisis?

        Who could be so powerful?

        One had to know that the situation they were facing today was something that could not be resolved by force, and even the King of Blood Hell could not help them.

        But Lin Fan actually said that someone could help them?

        This was incredible!

        Immediately, Bai Yi was in a frenzy, asking after him.

        "Who is it, exactly, that you're talking about?"


        Instead of explaining, Lin Fan sold a story and said.

        "Don't be in a hurry wife, you'll know when the time comes!"

        By that time, everyone would know that his Lin Fan's woman, must not be offended!


        The three day period passed in a flash!

        Bai Yi, under Lin Fan's constant encouragement, finally held the launch.

        And she arrived at the launch venue with a nervous heart.


        On the way, she suddenly saw a familiar figure, and her face instantly turned gloomy afterwards.

        Walking towards the other party with quick steps, she angrily grabbed the other party's collar:.

        "Zhang Miao Ke, I have treated you well, why did you betray me!"

        As the words fell, Bai Yi was already in tears because she had never expected Zhang Miao Ke to betray her, and even tried to kill her.

        She had always treated Zhang Miao Ke as her sister!

        There was no reason for Zhang Miao Ke to not feel anything!

        As soon as he heard this, Lin Fan next to her frowned, so this woman was Bai Yi's secretary!

        Lin Fan had heard Bai Yi say that Zhang Miao Ke was originally a university student from a poor family who couldn't afford to go to university, but met Bai Yi by chance and begged her for financial support to go to university.

        Over the years, Bai Yi had treated her almost like her own sister, not only paying for her tuition fees, but also giving her pocket money to spend and helping her buy clothes and bags.


        This woman had betrayed Bai Yi in less than three months after becoming his secretary!

        Zhang Miao Ke was first shocked, but when she saw that it was Bai Yi, a strong disdain surfaced on her face.

        "I thought who is it, it's President Bai! What betrayal are you talking about, I don't understand?"

        "I only know that you are selling fake drugs and are so unscrupulous that I, as your secretary, can't stand it anymore.

        Bai Yi was completely stunned, her expression misplaced to the extreme.

        She had never imagined that a person could be so righteous as to speak with his eyes open against his conscience.

        This was more than shameless!

        This was, simply, cold-blooded!