Today I Give Up Trying 1365-1366

 Chapter 1365


        This statement caused Bai Yi's face to instantly change and she looked at Lin Fan with a look of disbelief.

        Now that the other party was willing to let them off the hook, she was already begging for it.

        But Lin Fan, to his surprise, was saying that he would give them one last chance?

        Where did he get such an arrogant tone?

        Especially, when she heard that Lin Fan was going to go to the Bai family to ask for punishment, her face became completely gloomy.

        "Forget it Lin Fan, I don't want to go and make a fool of myself!"

        In her opinion, this was simply whimsical of Lin Fan.


        Lin Fan, however, grabbed Bai Yi's hand without any further ado, and a sinister look then appeared at the corner of his mouth.

        "Whether we humiliate ourselves or they seek their own death depends on whether they can grasp this opportunity!"


        At the same time!

        Within the White Family, all the core senior members were gathered together at this time.

        All of them had gloating smiles on their faces, because they all knew that it wouldn't be long before they would get their Bai Medicine back.

        And their thorn in the side, Bai Yi and Lin Fan, would soon be in jail, and possibly shot!

        They, the Bai family, would finally be able to wipe out their shame!

        Thinking of this!

        The entire Bai family was overjoyed and kept cheering and clinking their glasses.

        However, just then!

        "Bai Yi and Lin Fan request an audience!"

        Outside, a voice came from outside!


        The entire Bai family fell silent as all the Bai family's coefficients revealed hideous expressions.

        Lin Fan and Bai Yi had caused their Bai family so much misery, and they still dared to appear before them?

        "That pair of dogs know that they're dead, so they've come to our Bai Family to beg for mercy, right?"

        "Hahahaha! That pair of dogs have their day too? Let them in and humiliate them properly!"

        "This is called the turn of the tide, you dare to offend our Bai family, and now you're getting your comeuppance, right?"

        At that moment, all the people of the Bai family had a thick hatred in their eyes, as if they wanted to eat someone.

        It was because of Lin Fan and Bai Yi that their Bai family had to be slaves for eternity!

        They hated Bai Yi and Lin Fan to the bone!

        In the arena, invective and humiliation resounded one after another, all harbouring a strong hatred.

        "Family Head, you mustn't be soft-hearted!"

        These words were uttered!

        Everyone instantly looked towards Elder Bai in unison.

        Only to see that a thick, sinister look surfaced on Old Master Bai's face as he laughed fiercely and said.

        "Soft-hearted? I've waited for this day for an unknown period of time, how could I possibly be soft-hearted?"

        "Let them in! I want them to kneel before me like dogs and beg me!"

        He couldn't wait, he wanted to trample Lin Fan and Bai Yi underfoot fiercely.

        It didn't take long!

        Lin Fan and Bai Yi, walked in one after another!


        In an instant, everyone's anger was ignited at this very moment.

        Those pairs of eyes stared at Lin Fan and the two of them with a deadly stare, as if they were looking at their enemies.

        Elder Bai looked at the two of them from above, the corners of his mouth raised in a thick sneer.

        "I really didn't expect you two, husband and wife, to be so daring as to peddle fake vaccines, how unconscionable!"

        "I guess you're not far from going to jail, are you?"


        Upon hearing these words, a steaming rage surfaced on Bai Yi's face, his fists clenched together in a deadly manner.

        Master Bai, more than anyone else, knew exactly what was going on!

        He had deliberately planted evidence to frame her, but now he was acting as if he was "cynical and vindictive".

        "Tell me, what do you want from me?"

        Master Bai asked contemptuously, while smiling wryly.

        "If you are here to beg me, then you can now kneel down!"


        The entire crowd, at this instant, cast a playful and taunting glance at Lin Fan and Bai Yi.


        The corners of Lin Fan's mouth curled up in a sarcastic smile.

        "Let's come and let your Bai family live!"

Chapter 1366


        The Bai family was completely dumbfounded, all of them doubted if they had heard something out of the blue, and looked at Lin Fan with unbelievable faces!

        This guy, he actually said that he would let their Bai family live?

        Immediately, each and every member of the Bai family revealed an expression of disbelief, Lin Fan and the two of them were about to be shot, yet they still dared to come to their Bai family and make a big speech?

        This was... Is he crazy?

        Even Bai Yi couldn't help but blush at this time.

        He only felt that shame was unbearable!

        Half a long time later!

        Only then did Elder Bai snapped back from that shock, and a thick anger suddenly surfaced in his eyes as he stared at Lin Fan with resentment.

        "Dog, just you dare to threaten us? Do you think that just because your wife is the common lord of Jiangnan, you can do whatever you want? The one you killed this time is the third young master of the Lin family, you are dead!"

        How dare a dying man threaten them?

        In the past, they would have obediently obeyed!

        But now, Lin Fan still wanted to pretend?

        What an idiot!


        But Lin Fan shook his head with a scornful smile and said in a cold tone.

        "Old immortal, I don't want to talk nonsense to you! Return Bai Yi's innocence and I will spare your Bai family, otherwise... Your Bai family's fate will be ten times more miserable than it is now!"


        With these words, Lin Fan couldn't help but cause Elder Bai to freeze, and all of the Bai family members beside him were also confused.

        Making the downfall of the Bai Family, ten times more miserable?

        What a joke!

        Without Bai Yi, you are just a waste of time, and now that Bai Yi has already fallen, how dare you still pretend to be a tiger?

        Immediately, all the Bai family members looked ridiculed, as if they had heard a big joke, and burst out laughing!

        "Hahahaha, what's wrong with this kid's brain? How dare he threaten our Bai family when he's on the verge of death?"

        "How dare you put up a stink? Now you're just two cheap dogs in the eyes of our Bai Family! You can only live if the Bai Family wants you to live, and you will die if the Bai Family wants you to die!"

        "Dogs, my White Family will not go out and clarify, not only will we not clarify, we will intensify our efforts to smear your wife, I'd like to see what you trash can do to us!"

        A chorus of contemptuous taunts rose and fell!

        The faces of all the Bai family members were all wearing a sneer of contempt as they looked at Lin Fan with a look of idiocy.

        Even Old Master Bai sneered in disdain as he said.

        "Lin Fan, stop pretending! If you weren't desperate, you wouldn't have come to us, so you can see that you are out of options."

        "How about this! As long as you are willing to hand over the right to use the vaccine patent and the New White's, then we will give you a wide berth and beg for mercy on your behalf!"

        And hearing these words!

        The Bai family members present were visibly stunned, and then they all revealed unkind smiles, and the eyes that looked at Lin Fan were filled with a strong sense of playfulness.

        They all knew that it was impossible for Elder Bai to help Lin Fan and the two of them, this was just an opportunity to cheat Bai Yi out of his fortune.

        When he got what he wanted, he would not hesitate to kick Bai Yi and the two of them out of the way!

        Only, hearing these words!

        But a thick sneer appeared at the corner of Lin Fan's mouth, and he said to Elder Bai with deep meaning.

        "Your Bai family, you really can't learn how to behave!"

        At this time, Lin Fan was already completely disappointed with the Bai family!

        Chances are, it had been misplaced!


        His warning had caused the entire Bai family to scoff, and not a single person took it to heart!

        And when Old Master Bai saw how insensitive Lin Fan was, a thick resentment surfaced on his face.

        "Dog, since you are insensitive, then don't blame my Bai family for being ruthless!"

        Speaking of this!

        A sinister look then appeared on Elder Bai's face as he stared wistfully at Lin Fan.

        "In order to ensure that you two die without a burial place, my Bai Family has also prepared a great killing weapon!"

        A great killing weapon?

        Hearing those words!

        A dense unease surfaced on Bai Yi's face!

        Even Lin Fan couldn't help but frown.

        And it was at this moment that Elder Bai roared with a fierce smile and said.

        "You can come out now!"